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  • lanier

    It’s actually at 1754 Lanier Pl (rental office is on Summit)

    Lanier is a fantastic street–don’t know much about the building, but that’s a lovely location.

  • Anonymous

    why $1384? why not $1385 or $1380? who’s going to remember what their rent payment is month to month?

    I’d say it’s worth it. Unless it’s 300 sq. feet and half of that includes the balcony.

    • ess

      It might be rent controlled…starting at a round number and increasing a weird percentage each year…

  • Back in the day

    Ah memories. I lived in an efficiency right near there in the late 90s. I didn’t have a balcony, but it was $700/mo including utilities. The first paycheck of the month paid the rent, the rest went to booze. Those were the days.

  • Anonymous

    Unless it’s very tiny that’s a very good price. Great location since it’s close to bars and restaurants but a quiet street so the fri/sat adams morgan scene wouldn’t be a problem.

  • anon

    I think the picture says the main living space is 13×4. So most likely it is less than 300 sq ft.

    • Anonymous

      Um, I think it says 13’4″, as in 13 feet, 4 inches. I assume this is either the length or width of the room, and they omitted the other dimension. I highly doubt the living space is only 4 feet wide.

  • Laura

    Excellent location, though I know someone who lives in this building for $1150. I’m guessing they took the opportunity of someone leaving to drive up the rent–I pay $1060 for a studio on Lanier one block away, but the person before me paid $890.

    Anyway, decent deal and it’s a good building.

  • CE

    Good deal for the neighborhood. It’s a nice building and that block is fantastic.

  • Emmaleigh504

    I’d take it! I would love to have a balcony.


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