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by Eric Nuzum May 25, 2011 at 9:15 am 9 Comments

Microwave Scars

Good morning Popville! And welcome to the third, and final, day of this latest reign of me, the Lord of Petworth. PoP is (supposed to be) back tomorrow.

Another glorious day in the life of a fill-in blogger (read: I am sitting in my underwear in my basement…TMI, I know, but I like to keep it real).


So I’d love some help figuring something out.

Someone once told me that there is a large amount of abandoned marble, columns, etc… inside Rock Creek Park. Supposedly they used to be part of some federal building that was moved, destroyed, rebuilt, or something.

It’s not quite as cool or put together as the old Capitol columns in the Arboretum, but it is supposed to be a cool place to visit, hang out, and take pictures.

Anyone have any clue what I’m talking about? If so, is it as cool to visit as I’ve heard?

  • TG

    I think you’ve been killin’ it this week your lordship. Nice work.

    • Line Judge


  • andy

    When the Ancient Astronauts/Lords of Kobol/Nephites ruled in times of yore, they built their Capitol in Rock Creek Park. What you can find in the Park is all that remains.

  • Bear
    • You are a genius, Bear! Thanks. I’m going to plan a vist.

      Anyone ever been there before?

      • Cuthbert

        Yes go in the back / side entrance. It’s interesting but not 2001 space odyssey epic.

        Approximate location within 50 feet.

        77° 2’53.90″W

  • Ben

    Ha! I saw this truck the other day in DC. Great to see that it made PoP….

  • Hannah

    Here is some more background on the site on Morning Edition in KALW in San Francisco. http://99percentinvisible.org/

  • I do the tiny radio show about design and architecture called 99% Invisible mentioned above. I collaborated with group of radio producers in DC on this story about the mysterious “ruins”:

    Have a listen.


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