Washington, DC

Good morning everyone!

In case you didn’t notice, the world did not end on Saturday.

Apparently, there has been some confusion.

Let me clarify:

It is, in fact, time to prepare yourselves. Time to prepare for something so awesome that it has been foretold in the Bible.

The return of The Lord.

No, actually, not that other Lord.

Me. The Lord of Petworth.

Though they had the date off by a few days. Instead of Saturday, I’m actually returning today. But no worries, I will be gone by Thursday. And don’t get any ideas. Despite what the bible says, I’m not taking any of you with me when I leave. (You should be happy about this.)

In truth, my name is Eric Nuzum. As my lovely wife will tell you, I spend far too much time writing things. I’ve spent the last few years channeling most of my writing energy into my new book, which, when released next spring, will melt your face off with its incredibleness. (You should be happy about this, too.)

However, in a moment of weakness, our beloved Prince of Petworth has, again, asked me emerge from exile to become the Lord of Petworth to fill in while he is gone. And again, in a complimenting moment of weakness, I accepted.

PoP has left a few items behind that will pop up every day–doors, coffee spots, houses, restaurants…you know the drill. It’s kinda like when Mom leaves on a trip and puts a bunch of frozen lasagnas and left-overs in the fridge for you to eat while she’s gone. But, in truth, you have no interest in Mom’s casseroles. You plan to order pizza every night.

That pizza is me.


Well, I think you get what I mean.

Anyhow, I’ll be in and out over the coming days. If you have anything to share with me directly–or ideas for things to write about–you can reach me at eric (dot) nuzum (at) gmail (dot) com.



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