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  • greent

    Rant: DCist keeps “fixing” their site yet screws the pooch every time.

    Rave: Had a great weekend, heat and all.

    • Anonymous

      i feel like i’m too dumb to figure out how to navigate it.

  • Denizen of Tenallytown

    Rave #1 – had a great Memorial Day weekend and caught up on a bunch of stuff.

    Rave #2 – treating myself today to a clean apartment courtesy of an 8 month old Groupon.

    Rant #1 – Metro escalators are broken on ALL THREE LEVELS at the Tenleytown station; this is after their extensive months-long “modernization” efforts. I get that they run all the time and are probably abused, but come on.

    Rant #2 – In customary DC tration, our 2 week spring appears to be over. It is friggin’ H-O-T outside.

    • Stavros

      Rant: the “DC doesn’t have a spring” cliché. March, April, and May have all been lovely. June = summer = hot.

      Rant: Um, I don’t know, short work week?

      • Anonymous

        I agree with your rant. I grew up three hours north of here and used to hate spring until I moved to DC. Yes, there is rain, and allergies, but spring is absolutely gorgeous here and pretty pleasant for the most part.

        Unfortunately, the trade-off is that our autumn is kind of crappy.

  • Chili

    Rave–The Cafe St Ex Chili cookoff on T St yesterday!!!

    Rant–Seriously? A VIP tent on T St for a chili cookoff?

    • anonymous

      rant: was not impressed by the chili. not to mention the price of $20 for 8 mini cups of it that didn’t include any bread, chips, or anything to supplement it. rip off. should’ve gone across the street to the beer and crab fest instead.

      rave: I generally eat really well so for this to be my complain of the weekend puts things in perspective.

      • snob

        rave: i liked the chili cook off.

        rent: people who bitched to the MPD about not having enough notice that the street would be closed.

  • Dominique Strauss-Kahn

    Rant: The heat. Crime. Death in the family over the weekend.

    Rave: Celebrating anniversary.

  • Anon

    Rave: Meridian Pint Homebrew contest tonight. Free beer!

    Double rave: Half a Bobbie from Capriottis in the fridge waiting for lunch after a weekend at the beach. Best sandwich ever.

    • MtP

      What is the homebrew contest… details?

      • Anon

        Meridian Pint hosts a homebrew contest every other month. Judges taste from 5-6 and the public gets to taste from 6-8. They are also tapping two casks of DC Brau Public.

    • MsNesbitt

      Rant: I don’t have half a Bobbie, muchless a whole Bobbie. So jealous. I miss Capriotti’s

  • MaxwellTheCat

    Rave: My ductless a/c is awesome and cheap as hell.
    2: Dyed my hair over the weekend and it looks fantastic.
    3: Shaved my dog, too. Also fantastic.
    Rant: Hate all of my students.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve thought about ductless. How big is your place, how much was it to install? We’re in a 3BR rowhouse, could be happy with it only upstairs.

      • MaxwellTheCat

        Install for three units (one downstairs, 2 in bedrooms upstairs) was $8000 and change. Each floor is 500 sq ft, there are no inside walls downstairs. You need a unit for each room. It’s the best, but the downstairs requires supplemental heating on very cold winter days.

        • thor

          which company did it? Can any contractor do it?

          • Idaho Ave

            There are many companies in the area that deal with ductless systems. Mitsubishi makes the best on the market. There is also Fujitsu, Sanyo, and LG. Mitsubishi was the first on the market with the product and has really pushed the limits and expanded on the technology. They were the first to have the one outdoor AC or HP with multiple Indoor Evaporator heads. You can buy them online fore $1200 or so (maybe less) but if it’s not installed by a licensed dealer ( goes for all brands) the warranty will not be held up by the manufacturer as they are easy to screw up.

  • D

    Rave: No quoting. Anything.

    Rant: It’s fucking hot/no quoting.

    Rant: Office chatter.

    Rave: Noise canceling head phones.

  • A

    Rave- Paycheck got direct deposited miraculously over the weekend. We did not overdraft.

    Rant- The snarky commenter who found my misery entertaining.

  • elcal

    rant: people who walk and read
    rave: when they trip

    • Yes, yes!

      same goes for texters. Love the video of the woman falling into a fountain while texting. Awesome.

  • Dating sucks donkey ballz

    Rant: Stupid guy I had been on several dates with and was starting to crush on cancelled our Sunday date at the last minute. Via text message. Citing “family issues.” Haven’t heard from him since. Sigh.

    Rave: Um…my house is clean.

    • Yes, yes!

      You might want to reserve judgement until you learn what “family issues” means. Don’t go calling him ‘stupid’ (or ‘selfish’ or ‘a pig’ or whatever else you’ve been telling your friends) until you know for sure! It might come back to bite you.

      • Sigh

        I didn’t tell my friends anything about it or call him any names (and I did rethink stupid after I hit submit). Was just disappointed.

  • Rave: My new HVAC works like gangbusters! My house is cool as a white box fan with the setting at 78 degrees and a ceiling fan in my bedroom.

    Rant: My new awning was installed and they put it too low. They are supposed to re-install today.

    • Idaho Ave

      out of curiousity which company did you choose to do the install and why?

    • I ordered the awning from Cannon Copper in Louisiana (great company! talk to Mark if you use them) and the handyman I used installed it with a friend of his on Monday. They installed it too low and came back today to fix. It’s all good now!


      I got a black metal concave awning with a lazy scroll. They made it to spec for me and shipped it.

  • MS

    Rave: Matt Hill is alive and well.

    Rant: Waste of public resources, attention, and concern on a guy who just wanted to get away and didn’t have the common decency to call ANYONE from a pay phone to say so.

    HUGE Rant: Law enforcement officials who violate the First Amendment by forcing journalists and citizens to put away their cameras and video recorders in order to suppress evidence of excessive use of force.

    Rave: Speedy investigation into said use of force by the Park Police. Metro PD, are you taking notes?

  • Kalorini

    Rave: great weekend in Delaware–great brewery tour, fun casino visits, great deals at the outlets, feeling the sand in my toes. People in Delaware were entirely too nice to strangers! A nice change of pace from the bitter twits who live here.

    Rant: The throng of biker guys and gals who felt it necessary to rev their hog engines throughout Saturday evening – weren’t those bikers all suppose to be in DC? Grrr.

    • anonymous

      “A nice change of pace from the bitter twits who live here.”

      you seem like a real gem, neighbor.

      • TaylorStreetMan

        But then, if you’re like most people in DC, you wouldn’t know this neighbor if he lived next door to you and wouldn’t say hi to this or any other person passing you on the street, thereby proving his point.

        I don’t normally agree with Kalorini, but this is one of my biggest pet peeves with DC. I’m not surprised he found people in another city to be more friendly.

        • Anonymous

          that’s funny. dc is the friendliest place i’ve lived. oh well.

        • Anonymous

          I guess you’ve never lived in the suburbs of DC! They are the absolute worst.

      • Kalorini

        Have you read this blog? Commenting trolls on here are mean, with a capital M.

        It is nice to get away from the city and get a little reminder that not everyone is out to steal my iPhone, smash in my car windows, or shout racial slurs at me because I happen to be a white girl walking in Columbia Heights. Jeez.

    • saf

      “A nice change of pace from the bitter twits who live here.”

      You know, every time I see a comment like this, I have to wonder where the person lives and what makes him/her think this.

      Because my experience is the exact opposite. My neighbors are lovely and friendly (except for a few of the newer one. Only ONE of the long-time neighbors is not nice)

      So, do you say hi to your neighbors? Are you friendly to them?

  • Jaynuze

    Rant: My car was tagged … possibly in my backyard

    Rave: the magic eraser my wife bought at Target took it out. Take that “Da Borda”. May DC level the rest of your stupid projects you so love to advertise on people’s hard earned property

    • Yes, yes!

      ah, but haven’t you heard? Graffiti is ART! Vandalism is just the true expression of a creative soul!

  • LisaT

    All rant, no rave: OUR BRAND NEW HVAC UNIT DOES NOT WORK. It’s been 85+ in our house for days. Warranty company sent a moron last week who told me 1) there are too many right angles in our ductwork for the a/c to work and 2) “units in this area aren’t built to work when it’s over 80 degrees.” How stupid do you think I am?? Another company is supposed to show between 10 and 2 today for a second opinion. It’s 1:30. I took a day off work for this.

    • LisaT

      After 3:30 and STILL no word. I understand they’re likely very busy this time of year, but I’m not the one who made the appointment–they are.

      I HATE SUMMER SO SO MUCH. October cannot come soon enough.

      • Idaho Ave

        Don’t go cheap when messing with HVAC. The one biggest mistake is not having a reputable company do the job. YEs it will make it 10-15% more expensive but the training, knowledge, company name, etc really do mean something!!!! There are only a few I would trust ( CroppMetcalfe, Michael & Son, John C Flood, Richard, Harvey Hottle(?))

        Also an AC / HP is only designed to drop the temperature 20 degrees from whatever the outside air is. The right angles have nothing to do with it if the duct design is correct. Which unfortunately many are not bc builders use the cheapest hvac company (read no nate certs, no extra training, etc). Anything more than a 20 degree split is due to physical features of the house.

        • LisaT

          Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, we don’t have a say. We have to go with the company that the warranty company sends out. They were supposed to be here between 10 and 2–they still haven’t arrived.

          • Idaho Ave

            Probably going to be ARS then…. I know home warranties seem like a great deal, and sometimes they really help…but they operate like new construction builders…i.e. cheapest to meet their bottom line. I know some folks have been successful fighting the warranty companies and getting a check then put a little extra out of pocket to go with a nicer company. Good luck I hope things work out.

  • penny

    Rant: My parked car hit for the 4th time in 4 years. No wonder we are listed as the worst drivers in the nation. At least leave a note.
    Rave: Strawberry picking only an hour away, now I have a giant flat of strawberries to eat all week!

    • WDC

      Where did you go for the strawberries?

      I’m hoping that the memorial day crowds left some, and we can go this weekend. If not… where do you go for blueberries? ;)

      • penny

        Rock Hill Orchard. My parents live about 10 mins past there so its convenient. However, Butler’s Orchard is even closer and does both strawberry and blueberry picking. Last year I bought a 10 pound box of just picked blueberries from butler’s because I was too lazy to go out in the fields.

  • Anonymous

    Rant: No one told me before I had kids that once you do you will never watch a full length movie or have time for good sex again.

    Rave: Got to both watch a full movie uninterrupted and get down last night, it’s about freakinnnn’ time!

    • elcal

      ah, but the irony is, good sex can lead to:
      a) another kid
      b) a full length movie

  • pennyworth

    rave: great memorial day weekend at the national harbor

    rant: tuition payments

  • Marcia Marcia Marcia!

    Rant: Yes, as a matter of fact, I do need to be in that meeting!

    Rave: Being in a position to cancel the last meeting of the day.

  • WDC

    Rant: the Memorial Day parade crowd actually cheered Vincent Gray yesterday. Him, and his fully-loaded black-on-black Navigator. Yes, he actually brought the Navigator to the parade. He was in a vintage convertible of some sort, the pimp-ride was rolling on behind.

    • Denizen of Tenallytown

      They see me rollin’, they cheerin’… Used their tax funds so they could watch me ridin’ loaded…

  • Jack5

    Rave: A/C with a dehumidifier. Normal A/C seems trivial to me now…

    Rant: People dancing in the Lincoln Memorial, I mean c’mon, dancing? This is why I think Glee should be canceled.

    • Emmaleigh504

      +1 on cancelling Glee, I think we should burn all the copies while we’re at.

    • MtP

      Airconditioners are more effective in Humid weather. The air cools faster.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: asshat people on motorcycles.
    Rave: Lunch with friends/family.

    • Motorcyclist

      Oh, get over yourself. It’s one lousy weekend in the entire year, and it’s a positive cause.

      • Anonymous

        your asking her to get over people like you, not to get over herself.

        • Anonymous

          I think the latter has to happen before the former can.

  • MnomeNa

    Rave: Spent 7 hours in the sun yesterday (5 at the pool and 2 at Cantina Marina).

    Rant: I’ve been seriously sick since last night – I think I got sun poisioning.

    Rant: Although I have the world to be happy for (excellent friends and boyfriend, great opportunity at work), I have had a sudden feeling of dread today that I can’t shake. Maybe it’s the sun poisoning or a vitamin deficiency?

    • L

      Go to the doctor! Sun poisoning isn’t something you should ignore.

  • L

    Rant: Kitty is in the hospital.
    Rave: Think he’ll be okay, for the time being at least.
    Rant: Emergency vets don’t come cheap. Pretty baffling how much this costs.
    Rave: Good thing I make enough money to have enough in the bank. Not ready to give up on the kitty.

    • DCster

      Not good! What happened to your kitty? Details please.
      Hoping it stays well!

      • L

        He’s had a heart condition most of his life, which lead to fluid building up in his lungs and very labored breathing. Fluid is drained now; hopefully coming home shortly and feeling better.

  • Death to Litterers

    Rant– Rock Creek Taxicab driver at 7:15 am this morning at the intersection of Missouri and 2nd Ave NW throwing his styrofoam Big Gulp cup out the window into the street. If I could have gotten across the intersection to where he was before the light changed, I would have made him eat the damned thing.

  • Claire

    Rant: Didn’t get to spend my Memorial Day weekend quite how I was planning – my boyfriend decided last minute that he wanted us to go up to Pittsburgh for his cousins’ high school graduations.

    Rave: I think I managed to make a pretty good impression on his extended family (and his parents who I’ve only met once before).

    Rave: Since I have Friday off, this is only a three day week for me (and next weekend will be another three day weekend)!

  • Denise

    Rant: CH Plaza fountain — Too many distracted children running dangerously close to the street near cars/distracted drivers at the Park Road stop light.

    Speed bumps or some sort of fountain enclosure would be a step in the right direction.

    I fear this current set up is a fatality waiting to happen.

    Rave: SUMMER!


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