• Anonymous

    Rant: Car was broken into last night. Nothing was stolen except for a radio receiver which was less valuable than the stupid window they broke.

    Rave: It could have been worse and we’re all safe. We have a great insurance company and the window will be replaced before noon!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: My company’s payroll and benefits department can’t seem to get my check right and blame me for their mistakes.

    Rave: My basil plants smell so good.

    Rant: My basil plants aren’t big enough to harvest for pesto.

    Rave: Star Hollow Farm has enough basil for me to make pesto.

    • anon

      I hope they’re not treaing you like Milton in Office Space:

      Bob Porter: I looked into it more deeply and I found that apparently what happened is that he was laid off five years ago and no one ever told him about it; but through some kind of glitch in the payroll department, he still gets a paycheck.

      Bob Slydell: So we just went ahead and fixed the glitch.

      Bill Lumbergh: Great.

      Dom Portwood: So, uh, Milton has been let go?

      Bob Slydell: Well, just a second there, professor. We, uh, we fixed the *glitch*. So he won’t be receiving a paycheck anymore, so it’ll just work itself out naturally.

      • Emmaleigh504

        haha No I’m not Milton, yet.

  • WDC

    I saw a quail running along a sidewalk in Mt. Pleasant this weekend! According to the Rock Creek Park master bird list, we don’t have quail. Which means someone in Mt. Pleasant is raising quail and one escaped. And that made me chuckle a little.

    • victoria

      We do have Bobwhites however – which look like Quail. I’ve even seen what I’m pretty sure was a Ruffed Grouse in Rock Creek park.

      Rave also on the bird front – baby ducklings in the bottom pool in Meridian Hill Park.

      • WDC

        You’re right! It was totally a bobwhite. (Thanks, google images.) I’m not familiar with them, so when I saw the quail-shaped birdie without the little topknot, I just figured it was a juvenile quail.

        • YO YO YO

          Rave on this interaction.

          Also rave: Saw a pileated woodpecker in Rock Creek.
          Rant: Have yet to see an owl despite the fact they’re supposedly there.
          Rave: Owls supposedly thriving in Rock Creek and doing a good job of hiding themselves.

          • dynaryder

            Supposably there’s flying squirrels around here somewhere. Anyone ever see one?

          • victoria

            Also – Mountain Laurel is peak blooming this week in Rock Creek. Really gorgeous. Pulpit Rock trail (actually called Valley Trail)is absolutely best for this. The trail is on the east side of the creek & Beach Drive. If you go to the bottom of Beach Dr. where it is closed off on weekends – near Blagden Ave. – face north – the Pulpit Rock trail is on your right. You can also access it easily from the Police headquarters up near Military Rd.

          • Adams Morgan (not AdMo)

            Have seen (and heard) several owls in the early morning hours in the vicinity of the backside of the zoo and the Ellington Bridge.

          • rjs

            @dynaryder (below)

            There are plenty of flying squirrels around, I see them at my parents in the MD burbs all the time. Actually, there are probably about as many as there are gray squirrels. They are forest animals, so there are probably not all that many in the city, but I’m sure Rock Creek and other wooded areas are crawling with them. They are hard to see because they are nocturnal (they come out when it’s DARK, not dusk or dawn), they are small, and they are very fast.

          • YO YO YO

            Never seen flying squirrels, but I think I’ve seen a flying rat or two on U Street.

  • Da Don Diva

    Still crying everyday over losing my ex.

    Wishes the pain will go way.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m sorry. *hugs*

    • MtP

      Be strong, someone better out there is waiting for you!

    • Kam

      I know it sounds cliche’ but trust me when I tell you that time will heal your wounds. I know it hurts now but over time the pain will become less and less until one day you don’t think of your ex anymore. That can only happen though once you have truly let go and when that happens your open yourself up to somoene else coming in your life. Best of luck.

      • me

        I want to add something to what Kam said- one day a time will come when you can actually think of your ex (because something reminded you of them) and you can smile or have no reaction instead of cry. I promise. It takes a lot of time sometimes, but it will happen.

    • Mike

      One thing that might help is to get outside more, especially in this nice weather. Also, finding a new type of exercise, or sport. Both will make you feel better physically, and enhance your chances of finding the new Ms. Diva.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I agree. And if you can, rearrange your home a bit. After a particularly bad break up I got this advice and it really helped. I ended up changing my curtains and bedspread. Minor changes, big help.

    • bloom

      Very sorry Da Don Diva. Oh life is fleeting. May I suggest the play Cyrano, which is playing right now?

  • Kam

    Rant: I can’t stand the ass clowns that always block the box at 13th and F after work almost everyday. It really pisses me off when Metro buses do it. I mean the light will clearly be yellow and then they will enter the intersection right before it turns red and block all traffic while making the pedistrians walk in the middle of the street. Meanwhile you have some guy 5 cars back pissed off he hasn’t moved in 5-7 minutes (like the rest of us missing 3 lights in a row) and decide to go around everyone by driving on the opposite side of the street. It is only a matter of time until there is a huge accident or someone gets killed.

    Rant: Why are there traffic controllers on 14th st and none on 13th and F? Clearly this intersection is way worse because PA Ave and two back to back lights stop the flow of traffic.

    Rave: Went to a really nice cookout on Saturday and even got a free air show.

    • YO YO YO

      You’ve basically described every intersection downtown. I really hate 11th and Mass after 5. Also, 9th and Mass/NY, 12th and Mass, 14th at Thomas Circle. They all suck.

      Also, I alternate my commute between car and train/foot, and I have to say all of the downtown intersections are especially miserable when you’re a pedestrian with a stroller after picking up a kid from daycare.. Cars block the crosswalks as well as the ramps.

      No fun all around. I wish they would start doing $200+2PTS for blocking the box or crosswalks. There’s really no excuse.

      • Kam

        I don’t think any intersection is as bad as 13th and F on a bad day. I have literally been the first car in line and missed 3 lights because of busses and cars blocking the damn intersection. We should be giving out $200 to these idiots. I bet that after some time of doing this, DC wouldn’t be broke and traffic would be a lot better. I remember living in Boston they would have crosswalk sting operations for 3 days here and there and they brought in so much money it was unbelievable. I am just sick and tired of idiot drivers who think that they wherever they are going is that much more important that others. What really kills me is that they don’t even go anywhere when they do it, they literally move like 10 yards ahead and stop because they can’t go anywhere.


        • Anonymous

          Take the train! Park somewhere north of Mass Ave and walk up to where it’s not so bad. Bike to work sometimes.
          My hubbie used to do a reverse commute from Va. and when he’d come to pick me up downtown he would be so enraged by all the idiot rush hour drivers…I seriously thought he was going to have a heart attack.

          • Kam

            When I was single I took the train/bus everywhere, everyday. My fiancee’ and I live together now and let’s just say she is not fond of Metro so that is out. It is only on the way home that we have this issue. Everyone is trying to get out by using 13th to Penn. But yeah, I know what your husband was going through, it just makes no sense and makes you want to smack some into some people.

        • YO YO YO

          I think alot of people are just really stressed out and oblivious and don’t realize what they’re doing. Or maybe not!

          Anyway, I thought 13th and F had guys directing traffic during evening rush hour? I’ve driven north on 13th many times between 4:30 and 5:30, and I don’t really ever remember its being that bad. Are you headed east/west?

          To me, 11th and Mass. is by far the worst. 7th and H used to be the worst until they got rid of the ability to turn.

  • YO YO YO

    Rave: International Migratory Bird Day was a hit, even on May 21!

    Rant: Vincent Gray is a useless mayor who seemingly is too busy to comment on the fact that officers are getting shot by 12 year olds.

    • anon

      Put a bird on it!

      • houseintherear


      • mv

        YES! why oh why have new episodes not come out…

        • houseintherear

          They just announced the new seaaason!!! It is NOT so over.

          • mv

            YESSSSSS! this just made my day!!!

  • Anonymous

    Rant: Attended the Graduation at a small private liberal arts college up north this weekend. They spent the first hour begging the parents and graduating students for money. They spent the next hour telling students that the drive towards science and technology careers at the expense of /the/ liberal arts was going to ruin the country. They talked about how the community of said college was so very important and would change the world, but then none of the faculty had degrees from said university. They talked about the diversity of their school, how 46% of the school is on some type of need based aid and how their graduates go off and perform all these miracles for poverty eradication. But then the actual composition of said class was >90% wealthy white kids from NYC. Excuse me? If you really want to do something for poverty (instead of just BSing people about it) then accept 90% impoverished people and stop giving ‘need’ based aid to slightly-less-than-disgustingly rich kids from Brooklyn.

    What a friggin waste of time and money. What a bunch of slimy fraudsters. I feel bad for people who buy into that BS. If college is really about just dicking around for 4 years and having your ego stroked for $35k/year, why not dick around somewhere people can really use the money.

    • YO YO YO

      I think I may have gone to that school! Or at least, my graduation sounded similar.

  • Andy(2)

    Rave: The weather on Saturday was wonderful
    Rant: I didn’t put enough sun screen on – a little tender today.

  • dreas

    Rave: finding out that there’s a Rock Creek Park Master Bird List.

    Rave: night out on Saturday with girlfriends, my husband put the baby to bed, said to stay out as late as I wanted to, AND he got the little guy out of the house for most of the day yesterday so I could nurse my hangover on the couch in peace and quiet and without repeated demands to watch Curious George or tantrums when said request was denied for the 50th time.

  • BF

    Rant: The charming people who hopped our 6-foot fence, opened the locked garage door, and proceeded to steal our brand new solid teak patio furniture that I spent about 20 hours finishing and oiling from our back deck – all while we were in the basement watching Grey’s Anatomy last night. Woke up this morning, walked out onto the deck, and noticed something different…

    Rave: They didn’t break in to the house.

    Rant: Now I have to get iron bars on windows and doors.

    Rave: We had company over Saturday night and were able to use the furniture ONCE before getting ripped off.

    • Andy(2)

      That is terrible. I can’t believe what people will steal in this city. I hope karma pays them a nice visit.
      My friend found her bike two years after it got stolen – and was able to recover it the other day. I hope you get the same good fortune – but much sooner.

      • BF

        Yes, we are pretty stunned. It just never occurred to me that someone would take that furniture! But obviously, we are naive and still have a Vermont mindset – that unfortunately is changing rapidly.

        • Annon

          Such an odd thing to steal – must’ve been heavy to lift the furniture over the fence.

          Keep an eye on craigslist as well as decks in your neighborhood.

    • LisaT

      Rant: Five or six rapid fire gunshots on our corner last night at 11pm.

      Rave: Cops showed up. No one was hurt.

      • LisaT

        Oops, I was coming to say I’m so sorry that happened to you!

        And my gunshot post was supposed to be new.

        Rant: IT’S MONDAY and I’m slow? :)

      • photodork

        I think I live right near you…

        • LisaT

          Shots were at 8th and Jefferson–right in front of the church.

          • photodork

            Yup. They sounded closer than that to me, I’m at 13th.

            Rave: Howdy neighbor!

          • housing geek

            Damn, I heard those too. But, as I was home alone, I convinced myself that it was fireworks. I’m at 5th and Jefferson.

            Rave- ability to convince myself of anything
            Rant- I just got out of boring 2 hour meeting and all there was to greet me on PoP was songs for DC? C’mon, LoP!

          • LisaT

            Just heard back from Commander Missouri: “Units checked the area and found evidence of a weapon discharge but no victim. Nor did anyone report being a victim.”

        • LisaT

          Maybe you had your OWN 13th Street gunshots?! These were definitely at 8th and Jeff, the cops were out putting markers down in front of the church and everything. I don’t know why we bother paying for cable when sitting outside yields so much entertainment.

          Hi, neighbor! :)

          • photodork

            It was right at 11pm, and they were rapid fire just as you described…I am sure the same event.

            They were loud. Sounded like rifle rounds to me as opposed to the ‘pop’ of a 9mm pistol round. Did the cops give you any details?

          • LisaT

            We didn’t talk to any cops. I tried posting to the 4D listserv to ask for info, but yahoo groups is stupid and I couldn’t. Or I’m stupid and couldn’t. :p

            The sounds were real “poppy” to us, not dense. Maybe the distance hollowed out the sound? Apparently a lot of people called the cops, because we when we did they said they knew all about it and already had officers en route to that location. I think maybe three cars showed up, I saw at least four cops walking around with flashlights looking at the ground.

            My neighbor said it’s getting bad there again, and they used to shoot up all the time. She’s had stray bullets hit her door, another neighbor too. LOVELY.

    • victoria

      I’m sorry – that really sucks – but honestly, it’s also kind of funny and you will have a great story to tell. Did they actually haul the furniture back over the fence?

      • BF

        No, we made it much easier on them – I’m pretty sure they simply hopped the fence, pressed the button to open the garage door from inside the fence, and then backed their truck or van up to our drieway and loaded it up.

        That furniture was HEAVY! We are just shocked that we didn’t hear them – we think it was still daylight when they did it.

        I agree, there is something a little humorous about it, and as I posted above, it was clearly a lesson for us that we’re not in Vermont anymore!

        • LisaT

          Keep an eye on Craigslist!

        • CE

          I’m really sorry that happened but have to say that I’m seriously impressed by your sense of humor about it!

          Hopefully it will turn up on Craiglist.

          • textdoc


  • PG

    Rave: Excellent birthday weekend with family and friends. And my gf and I updated our FB status to “in a relationship.” Plus, three day weekend coming up!

    • Anonymous

      Happy 12th birthday.

      • CatsterLangston


      • LisaT

        Oh god. This made me spit out my water!

      • PG


    • mv

      While this does sound like a youngster post (good god, did I just use that word? I’m only 26 haha), it’s the little things in life :) changing your fb relationship status is a big thing nowadays!!!

  • Anon

    The kid was 15, but that’s neither here nor there. Personally, I could care less what the Mayor has to say about it, but rather what he’s going to do about it. Maybe it’s just me, but I never felt comforted when Fenty raced to the scene of violent crimes to make sure he had his say before the cameras left. And god knows the most dangerous place in DC is between Jim Graham and a camera whenever someone is shot in Ward 1. In spit of JG’s many, many press conferences though, I don’t see the Ward getting any safer.

    • Anon

      Meant as a reply to YOYOYO’s comment above.

    • Marcus Aurelius

      I don’t recall Fenty as being that much of a camera seeker. One of the many critiques made against him was that he was MIA when serious violent crimes occurred. I can recall a high profile police shooting east of the river where the residents shouted him down when he showed up a couple of days later because they said it was too late.
      Agreed that it’s more important to hear what will be done about crime than to talk about crime that has occurred but ideally the Mayor (and any other councilperson) would use a crime scene appearance to talk about what will be done. There is a growing perception in this community that crime – particularly committed by young people – is moving back to “out of control” levels and Gray needs to address those feelings.

  • DC_Chica

    Rave: lemings in florida
    Rant: I’m at the airport and I miss them already!!!

  • slgdc1433

    Rant: 15 year-olds who go around thinking it is acceptable to shoot police officers. Drugs and medications or a reaction between the two are simply not excuses for that kind of behavior.

    Rant: A justice system that releases that kid back into society because of the paltry excuse above. This will go to trial and the judge will sympathize with the kid and he will go away to some farm somewhere for a couple of years before coming back to DC to continue to wreck havoc.

    Rant: A Chief that doesn’t speak out publicly against it and doesn’t stand up for her officers. And for thinking that All Hand’s on Deck actually accomplishes anything.

  • Anonymous

    Rant: Tenant screwed me out of $3500 in rent!

    Rave: All 3 rental units are finally vacated so now I can convert the place to an antiques hunt and garden club. Can’t wait to hear stories of the big one that got away over beer and bbq.

    • bloom

      One tenant pays $3500 in rent? Just wondering what kind of place is it?

  • WMD

    rant: can’t fly my freak flag high in dc

    Rave : everyone here is a square, so its not hard to freak out the squares

    • Anonymous

      you new here?

    • Kalorini


    • What-EV-er

      I think it might be *YOUR* 12th birthday. Get over yourself.

  • DCster

    My partner did a great paint job this weekend
    My cat did a great job cornering a moth that got into the house

    I did not do a great job weeding this weekend
    They almost broke my back, and they did break my spade!

  • SK

    Rant: Water running down the inside of our cabinets from the ceiling! Cute a hole in the ceiling and think it’s the water pipe?

    Rave: Going to Dewey beach this weekend

    • mv

      ME TOO! love love Dewey Beach! love me some beach fires :)

  • DrewPal

    rave: Skated on the skate park on 11th and Q, next to Rhode Island.
    Awesome park. money well spent.

    rant: people who claimed that the skate park was a waste of money have no idea what they’re talking about when it comes to skate parks.

  • I passed by there the other day and saw some kids having fun, then I thought I should go there some time and take photos of the skaters in action

  • mv

    rave: went to KCП over the weekend (russian camping folk music festival near bloomsburg)… barely any sleep, lotsa vodka, lotsa music, LOTSA MUD!! awesome weekend :)

    rave: dewey beach this glorious 4-day weekend!

    rave: customizing our condo that my boyfriend’s dad is building – 5 unit building, all 5 units are sold to family and friends :)

    rave: LoP is here :)

    I always feel bad having all raves… but I’m pretty damn happy. I miss PoPville, though!

    • Tres

      That’s a pretty awesome idea — having all the condos in a single building. One big happy family. Love it.

      • TaylorStreetMan

        Too close for comfort! :-)

        • mv

          haha I thought it would be as well, but we currently live next door to his brother and sister-in-law, and we see them maybe once a week… the other 3 units are all our friends. best part? every condo has their own roof deck :D

          • CE

            That sounds sweet. He’s not in the adult-adoption market by any chance, is he?

    • WDC

      My husband grew up in a building like this, in a land far, far away. His grandfather built a five-apartment building– one apartment for himself and his wife, and one for each of their four children. So all the cousins grew up running in and out of each others’ apartments, there was always an aunt or a grandma to keep an eye on things, etc. Sounds pretty cool, actually.

  • ess

    rant: gf got really really sick over the weekend. And most of the time I didn’t spend in urgent care was spent packing my apartment. And the cat is all freaked out by the packing and is taking it out by pooping directly IN FRONT OF the litter box.

    revels: gf’s on the mend (thanks to kaiser’s wonderful 24-hr urgent care), moving in with her next week, summer weather.

  • MK

    Rave: Possibility of Wegmans at the Walter Reed site right near my house. I hope it’s true!

  • Rave: Lots of birds making bird noises outside my windows & I’m happy to have a pair of cardinals nesting nearby. Wish I could lure some barn swallows to nest nearby – they’re great at keeping the mosquito population down.

    Rave: Day off to recover from jet lag, plant tomatoes and listen to birds.

    Rant: Mosquitoes and stink bugs

  • Marcus Aurelius

    Rant – After being back in service for a grand total of 2 days, having been replaced with new steps after being out of service for weeks, the down escalator of the East exit at the GA Ave/Petworth station is back out of service.

    Rave – Three cheers for our local stimulus package – the Metro Escalator Repairperson Full Employment Act.

  • Anonymous

    Rave: Explored Sky Meadows State Park in Va. and explored some scenic back roads between Upperville and Delaplane. Such a nice area! Good to get some fresh air. Nice litle general store at Bluemont had snacks and sandwiches, thank goodness.

    • anon

      visited sky meadows this weekend too!! it was so nice. Also drove through Middleburg and got some great roadside bbq.

  • J

    Rant: Shaw station escalator has been out for over a week.

    Rant: Rats are back in full effect in the Florida Ave. alleyways.

    Rant: Something ate my basil plant…(see rant #2)

    Rave: Enjoyed Jazz in Petworth on Saturday.

    • textdoc

      Try calling 311 about the rats in the alleys… or better yet, contact your councilmember, tell them about the rat problem in the alley, and ask them to ask the D.C. government to do a rat abatement.

      I called 311 about the rats in my alley and supposedly an abatement took place about 2-3 weeks later… but I was still seeing lots of rats.

      The next time, I decided to go through my councilmember (Jim Graham). All of the D.C. government people involved were very responsive as a result, and the abatement took place 3 days later (as opposed to the 2-3 _weeks_ it took when I called 311).

  • Treehugher? Not so much!

    Rant: About 2.5 weeks ago, I called 311 to place a request for yard waste pick up from behind my house (we had cut two medium-large tree limbs and just pruned some trees. I explained to the operators that I did not have a vehicle and I wanted to know if DPW would pick up the trash and if so if there was anything I needed to know. It’s now been sitting there for 2.5 weeks, 311 has assured me multiple times it will be picked up and I have no idea what to do. It will cost at least $100+ for those junk people to come get it and at this point with all the rain, I’m afraid of what could be living in the piles of branches! Any ideas on anyone I can call to come get it for cheap–or anything really?

    • Lemon Meringue

      Maybe they’re busy with other requests. In my neighborhood so many branches have broken off trees from the various storms and no one’s come to pick them up yet. Plus everyone’s out doing yardwork when it’s not raining.

    • MP

      Did they give you a date for completion? It often takes a few weeks for pick up.

  • Claire

    Rave: Got a nice raise (definitely above the standard raise) at my first annual evaluation – nice to know that hard work is actually recognized here!

    Rave: Also got to adjust my work schedule so I work longer hours and have every other Friday off!

    Rant: I’m feeling antsy in DC and kind of want to move . . .

    • Mya

      Same RANT: cant stand DC anymore :(

  • ellpeasee

    rave: toledo lounge is back

    rant: everything about it has been epically ruined! no burgers! no nachos! no rainy day special. who wants to eat salmon croquettes outside on 18th street?!?!? not this gal.

    • ellemee

      Big mistake by the new owners. Fancying up a favorite dive bar is not a way to keep customers. My group of friends would hang out there every week and we will NOT be returning.

      Burgers. Nachos. Weekday specials.

      Change the name, because THAT’s the real Toledo.

    • kevinname

      Exactly. Tea lights? IT WAS A DIVE BAR. We don’t need another fancy-pants overpriced not-so-wonderful place in Adams Morgan.

      And while I wish the new owners the best of luck, I would like them to make it a dive bar again. Just saying.


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