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  • Anonymous

    Only a frat boy would put that on their license plate.

    • stinkbot13

      Yes, but he’s a $exxx(y)!!!, ice cold frat boy, so I think he gets a pass…

    • Anonymous

      i would never. ever. ever. do anyone with that license plate.

    • Vinnie

      Alpha Phi Alpha, Inc. is the oldest black Greek fraternity. I am surprised the State of North Carolina issue this type of vanity tag.

      • ah

        Maybe a guy from Alpha Phi Alpha works at the NC DMV.

  • Anonymous

    The best ever was the VA, Kids First license plate “Eat The”

  • steve

    totally fake plate.

  • Stunta
  • New

    I am pretty sure that the guy who owns this car works at a DC Charter school. My girlfriend was appalled when she saw the plate in the school parking lot. As you can guess he was not the best professionally

  • Gabriela

    if that first photo was taken at any one of the Smithsonian institutions I am counting the seconds for the Republicans to come and cover the so said nipples – 3,2,1

    • saf

      It looks like the Botanic Gardens – not a Smithsonian, controlled by the Architect of the Capitol.


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