• Anonymous

    Either of these would make a nice ride to drop off Buffy at Sidwell Friends.

  • Miquel

    Is this an Hearst?

  • BNH

    I love how the hearse has a club on the steering wheel. Big demand for hearses from car thieves?

  • me

    I’d drive an El Camino, especially if it has a mattress in the back, but no way I’d be caught dead (pun intended) in a hearse.

  • Chana

    I’m so tempted to buy it just to make pretend I’m Claire in “Six Feet Under” for a while.

    • Justine

      [email protected]; “Six Feet Under” was one of my favortie HBO series, along with “True Blood”.

  • spookiness

    If I had a place to park it I would love to have a hearse for Home Depot runs. Way cooler and more roomy than a typical SUV, and probably as much as some pickups.


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