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  • Anonymous

    Random comment related to Star Wars — one of my first encounters with violence — I was a little kid in Boston (go Red Sox) and one day I was looking out the window from my house and saw 4 white guys jump out of a car and beat up a black guy. I soon met the black guy, who was a neighbor, and he had me over to his apt and gave me his toy star wars blaster. Not only is the memory of the jumping stuck in my mind (including seeing all the stuff on the sidewalk that fell out of his pocket), but the memory of not knowing what the heck Star Wars was and being curious is just about as strong. (He was likely beaten because he was dating a white girl.) Boy, since 1977 I wish racial harmony enjoyed as much success as the film series!

  • Jeff


    How did you get the lightsaber up there?

    • Love it!

    • Hopefully this is not too technical.
      On Gimp:
      First I created a new layer with that blue color.
      Then I created a mask for that layer so that only the “light saber” of the blue layer can be seen.
      Third I used the gaussian blur on the layer mask to blur the edges.
      And then I created a line on the original layer to be the core of the saber.
      Hope this explains..

      • greent

        Awesomely done, imho.

      • Banksy

        Fantastic! I can’t wait to see what you do with PoP’s wedding photos… :-)

  • dcdude

    Forget about restoring Joan’s boring old sword! NPS should give her a light saber! I’ll start the petitions…

  • mca

    DCist reported that DCRA had gotten into the spirit of things and issued several tweets, see link…super cute


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