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Movement on Church at 10th and V St, NW

by Prince Of Petworth May 11, 2011 at 4:00 pm 14 Comments

Thanks to all who’ve been writing in about this.

“Dear PoP,

Thought you might be interested to know that after years of false permits and empty-dumpster theater, SORG Architects have finally begun work cleaning out the church building on 10th and V Streets, NW. Workers have been in there every day for about a week now, throwing away the detritus of decades of crumbling neglect. Although SORG still won’t deign to stoop so low as to respond to community residents’ inquiries about their plans, we are hopeful that this activity–the first in years–means the church structure will be saved and incorporated into whatever new structure is put up. A DC Real Estate blog mentioned recently that ground will be broken in Q1 2012 for a 6-story, 37-unit condo building that will also house SORG’s offices.”

Great to see/hear movement here!

  • DubyaStreet

    “…detritus of decades of crumbling neglect.”

    Someone is quite poetic.

    • DCster

      “… after years of false permits and empty-dumpster theater”

  • KT

    SORG wants to put its offices in a neighborhood that it has shown so little respect for?!? After being such a terrible absentee-neighbor they want to be a real neighbor. Weird.

    • Bloomingdalian

      I think you are being a little rash in your judgement of the firm. First of all, SORG hasn’t had the property for *that* long – they seemed to have aquired it just before the real estate market crash. Now I’m not sure about you, but if you were in their shoes, would you be designing and building in a neighborhood which can’t even sell it’s existing inventory (ie. Floridian)?

      Also, you have to admit, by opening their offices pretty damn low on U Street they were very helpful in stabilizing what was a very sketchy part of the strip. I should know because that was the “bridge” between Bloomingdale and Adams Morgan that was a no-man’s land.

      Bottom line, let’s be a little more optimistic as I’m sure if you’ve seen any of their work around town, you know they do some pretty sweet work!

      • Anonymous

        Actually, I would be wanted to redevelop it as soon as I could. I think you are off base on the Floridian because the sales have actually been incredibly strong considering it is a bright yellow building in an area that, although rapidly developing and super trendy, still has an abandoned building next door. I know someone who lives in the building an apparently they are almost entirely sold out except for about 12 units or so (meaning they’ve sold about 100 in the past year). New real condo developments have broken ground all around this area – down at Vermont a T, basically two blocks away, a new development of high end homes already has two foundations laid (and that developer was very involved with the community – would actually respond to inquiries and worked with them on the design). Sorg’s finances might not be up to par, but I would hardly say their decision not to build is a reflection of the area, as I don’t really no any other area in the city (maybe besides H St) that has been booming as much lately.

      • actually

        1) Sorg has pissed off neighbors not just because of not building, but because of a persistent refusal to talk about their plans with the community and their blantant attempts to avoid paying taxes on the property by pretending to work on it as an active project.

        2) The real estate in this area is actually fetching a pretty penny these days. Smaller buildings sell out quick and even the Floridian has sold pretty quickly. Things are not cheap over here either. If Sorg has any reason for not wanting to break ground here, location is not one of them.

        • Anonymous

          maybe you think the location is fine, but i hear the neighbors are a bit nosey and whiney.

          • Just Sayin’

            “…i hear the neighbors are a bit nosey and whiney.” that’s the funniest damn thing i’ve read on this blog. seriously! but it’s not necessarily accurate. as residents who have lived with the problems caused by the church–including a very real chance of having some or all of it fall on someone–and the fear that it was deliberately being left to crumble even though it is a protected historic structure, it wasn’t nosey for residents to inquire about it. In fact it was a civic responsibility. The owners rebuffed friendly inquiries on countless occasions, so community residents were left with no option but to pursue information elsewhere, and the city government was a logical place to start. They were surprised to find that the owners of the church were skirting laws meant to protect neighborhood residents from precisely this sort of negligent urban blight. And It was subsequently revealed that the owners were not only shirking their obligations, they were paying far lower taxes than required based on falsely registering the building under a residential tax status, not as the abandoned building it was. So they were not only crapping on the neighborhood, they were expropriating much needed tax revenue in the bargain. Sorg chose their much maligned reputation by their actions, so %#@! ’em. They deserve whatever pressure they received to compel them to act responsibly. Still, your comment was hysterical.

  • Justine

    What is the name of the church?

    • Jeff

      Church of the Sorg.

      Sorg is a terrible neighbor and nobody in the neighborhood wants them. They’ll probably be welcomed by a bag of poop on their front door every morning.

  • Anonymous

    This is huge and great news. Sorg blows for doing what they’ve done, but if they’re really moving forward I may be able to forgive.

  • Anon

    I really, REALLY hope they’re letting an architectural salvage firm take a crack at some of what may be going in those dumpsters! Granted, most of it may actually be junk, but I imagine they’ll be pulling some interesting stuff out of there eventually. Would hate to see it go to waste when it could go to Community Forklift.

  • Grentuck

    Supposedly Sorg received permissions for building the 6 story / 37 unit condo around 2005 so there will be no further input from the (drastically changed) community around the new building. I think that is a shame.

    • Anonymous

      FYI, they aren’t building anything there, anytime soon.


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