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La Carbonara Italian Restaurant Closes at 1926 9th St NW in Shaw

by Prince Of Petworth May 17, 2011 at 10:22 pm 23 Comments

La Carbonara (Italian Restaurant) was located at 1926 9th St NW (south of U St, NW.) We judged them back in April ’09. Their phone has been disconnected and I noticed the for sale sign out front last Sunday. Anyone know when they closed? Will anyone miss them? Were there any fans of their former art event called Spirito di Vino?

I’ll be sure to keep an eye on the space to see who purchases it.

Ed. Note: I recognize that homelessness is still an issue in this corridor and in our city.  It is not my intention to trivialize the seriousness of this problem by including this photo with this post.

  • Totally understand why you did it, but having to add that note certainly says something about the volatility of your commentariat (but also something about how many readers you have, too!).

  • caballero


    You’ve got a beer gut in this photo. I know you don’t have one, but the reflection in the glass gives you one. I salute your lack of vanity.

  • Anonymous

    I think it has been closed for a while now.

    Also, check out the homeless dude’s new kicks. I’ve seen him around and those things are lookin fresh.

  • Mike Jones

    La Carbonara has been closed since the Summer of 2010. It is my understanding that both Expo & La Carbonara held false ABC licenses and were eventually busted for it. Hence, both going out of business at the same time. I like their space and hopefully a cool bar will take it over. The only reason I go to 9th street anymore is their Hiphpo-themed bar, Queen Makeda, which is awesome btw.

    • Mike Jones


      • CaptApollo

        I was all excited about a hippo-themed bar. =(

        • PG

          They could have Hungry, Hungry Hippos games at every table!

          • Mike Jones


  • Mike Jones

    Also, the “homeless” individual in the picture suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. He’s been a staple along the U Street corridor since the early 90s, as far as I can remember. Sometimes, he’s totally fine, the others.. ..well, he’s off, a lot! I do believe however, that he is not homeless and does have a place to go to at the end of the night.

  • DubyaStreet

    That homeless man and my dog have a very good relationship. Mutual appreciation with no expectations, I suppose.

    Also, that Mexican place nearby, El Sol of America or something, is fantastic. The food is great and the margaritas will knock you on the floor and are cheaper than a certain place on 18th Street..

    Go eat in one of these joints on the block..

  • yo yo yo

    I will admit that I have lived nearby (within two blocks) for 3 years, and I never even knew this place was there.

    • Shaw Res

      Agreed. I’m on 9th just a few blocks away and this is the first time I even noticed this place. I guess all the East African joints on the block overshadowed this place.

  • JStreet

    get rid of the homeless and people will be much more likely to patronize restaurants. I do not understand why this city tolerates the homeless.

    • L’anonyme

      If this city can tolerate you, they can tolerate damn near anybody.

  • Jabbo

    JStreet, your comment is cruel. There are homeless in every city in the U.S. It sounds that you like to kick people when they are down.

    • Anonymous

      Before we jump all over JStreet, one way that the city “tolerates” homeless is benign neglect of them. A way to “not tolerate” homelessness, would be to have said homeless come in for daily medication and maybe give them a small job for food money. Letting them sleep on the street, unmedicated, with access to booze is not a noble existence and is NOT A LIBERAL VALUE.

      I’m amazed at the number of people who think giving change to homeless people and volunteering other people’s tax money absolves them of any moral responsibility for the issue.

      Small minds.

      • A

        If JStreet was advocating for assistance to the homeless to help them get back on their feet, his phrasing of “get rid of the homeless” was unfortunate.

  • spookiness

    Is he wearing underwear on the outside?

    • Kenny

      Quail-Man spotted in DC!

  • Anonymous

    It does not surprise me that expo was a sham. Nothing but the shadiest of U / 9th St characters up in there. Good riddance.

    JStreet, do tell us how does one “get rid of the homeless”? Death camps? Prison? Worse than prison mental hospitals that you don’t want to pay for? One way ticket to California? Nice house on “J Street”?…

    • Anonymous

      that’s a good question, but you could ask it of any area that has been “cleaned up” e.g., times square, union station, chinatown, etc. these people ostensibly go somewhere… but, where?

      • Anonymous

        In that case the homeless on 9th St have been gotten rid of several times by now.


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