• Brian Kraft

    Developed and designed by George S. Cooper in 1899. Intended as an apartment house with no apparent commercial component. Back then this was a German enclave and the Chinese were a few blocks further south. Good eye PoPs.

  • anon

    I must say, someone did a fantastic job cleaning the graffiti off of this building. It looks much better than it has in years past.

  • Mike

    I have always loved this building since moving here in 1995. I would love to see this building turn into something worthy of its natural beauty.

    Thanks for highlighting it!

  • ZZinDC

    I believe this was once the location of the Fleming ID Bureau, which provided fake IDs to high school student in the days of yore, when the drinking age was 18 and a sophomore could pass. (I remember that pretty much the only question the ID-maker asked was, “How old do you want to be?”) Not that I was a coustomer or anything…. Anyhow, this is a lovely bulding and I am happy to see it looking so well-tended. (And if Flemings wasn’t here precisely, it was nearby for sure.)


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