Washington, DC

asian tiger mosquito

Come on, really?

In between throwing down pearls of wisdom yesterday, I went outside to mow the lawn. (I am truly a renaissance man, aren’t I?) While I was clearing out the mower, I looked down and saw about eight mosquitos enjoying a delicious lunch on my tab, so to speak.

Now I’m willing to live in a mosquito’s world during July and August, but it’s May, give me a break. Already?

Over the years I have spent untold bundles of cash on containing/killing/distracting/confusing the little bastards, yet my arms and legs always end up looking like a teenager’s face all summer long.

Despite all my efforts, I’ve only tapped the tip of the mosquito battling arsenal.

So now, I turn to you. Organic, chemical, thermonuclear–doesn’t matter. What are your best/favorite/most effective mosquito battling techniques?


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