• Anonymous

    Roof Ornaments Rock

  • Crin

    Gorgeous. Someone should knock it down and put up some condos or a CVS.

  • Brian

    Looks like a paint job is in order

  • Anonymous

    i actually met the owner when i was on a walk one day. he is really nice and an old time handyman. i’m sure it will look great soon.

    • Mt P Resident

      Is the owner a new owner of the property? I pass by this house often and it has such amazing potential, but looks like it hasn’t been kept up as well as it could have been. I would love to see it restored!

      • dcdude

        No, I believe he’s had that house for decades. Fun fact: A few years ago, the house was the subject of a mini “scandal” of sorts when it was featured on the cover of the Washingtonian. The picture was photoshopped to make it look like it had been freshly painted.


        • Anonymous

          It was news to me (aloof i know) but I’ve come to realize that every single image in magazines and most online sources (POP is a rare exception)are heavily photoshopped. Like EVERY IMAGE. Everybody gets a tan, every building gets a pint job, water and sky colors are always just right…

          We are living in some phoney ass times.

    • Brittany

      he’s a great neighbor to have when it snows, too, since he has a snowblower. but he’s lived there for years and the house is still in need of work, so i doubt its getting fixed up soon. however, i’m not judging him for not doing so. it’s not my place to tell someone to re-paint their house if they might not be able to afford it. and MtP isn’t the suburbs.

  • T

    Fantastic… I dream of owning a house like that one day.

  • Eric in Ledroit

    i dream of owning a house like that – but i nightmare at the cost of restoring it. no doubt there is serious structural damage going on here given the state of the building envelope.

  • MtPer

    Ack! This house makes me so mad! It has so many great features and is so poorly maintained. sigh…

    • J Ro


  • Denise Wiktor

    This is my house, we have been here since 12/2001, it was built between 1875 and 1885, before building permits were required. It was freshly painted in 2001, unfortunately for us, the people the former owner hire used latex over oil paint (which is heavily leaded) hence all the peeling. It will cost over 25K to properly remediate the lead so that it can be painted so meanwhile we are trying to control the chips and dust. Its age has required a LOT of work inside and out just to keep it going, the roof is the first order of business. I would be happy if someone wanted to paint it for us. Finally the only thing photoshopped on it for the cover of the magazine was a post on the front where we had tested one of many supposedly “safe” lead remediation. It has fallen into some more disrepair since then but I was also unemployed for two 1/2 years and used all of our saving just to keep the house. We are good neighbors, we know our neighbors, help our neighbors and yes, snow blow the block and the area around the park. I would prefer you stop and talk to us about the house, like many people do, rather than post anonymous nasties.



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