• Crin

    Awesome slate roof.

  • Anon

    I love this place, too. There’s even a fountain in the front yard. I thought it was a B&B.

    • Anonymous

      there is a bloomingdale inn, a bit north on first st.

  • Anonymous

    beautiful beautiful house. definitely the best in bloomingdale.

  • Devoe

    Yes, gorgeous house. Notice that the fence on the terrace directly above the front porch has been destroyed. I think this was during a storm. The owners do a great job of keeping it up though.

  • BDale Res

    The railing has been in poor shape for over a year now. Half of it was dangling off for a while, and a few months back they just took it down instead.

  • LisaT

    That house is just lovely. Beautiful details.

  • KD

    Fantastic corner home with many nice details. The iron fence around the lot alone is the highlight of the neighborhood. I always walk my pooch through crispus atticus park and exit on that end to take a look at this beauty.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Qzie

    It is gorgeous–yet sadly, right across the street–it’s sister house is literally falling apart day by day, occupied by a family of opposums and maybe a squatter or two. It is heartbreaking.

    Why does the city not enforce the “unoccupied” tax on this house to encourage resale? Well, according the scuttle, the owners (who have money) are connected politcally to DC govt and escape pressure–but honestly–it is a crime to let such a beautiful Victorian house fall derelict.

    Does anyone know how to put pressure on City Council or the Mayor’s office to get them to enforce vacant property laws?

  • CSnDC

    I beleive this house is nicknamed “The Fireplace.” Several community events/discussion have been graciously held here by the home owners. They have done a lot with it. The enterior which can be seen in the evening with prying eyes, is equally impressive. I like that they have restored and stuck with and restored the Victorian-style of the home. I am not a purist, but it is great to have folks who are.

  • CSnDC

    Also, see the great Victorian restoration at the house at Flagler and U streets in Bloomingdale. Also very impressive restoration. Another good restoration going on in Bloomingdale at the grand Victorian at Bryant and 1st streets. This is not a high-end restoration but not bad either, and at least now it is not deteriorating.


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