• Anonymous

    the side wall of that house collapsed into the ally one day. That was probably 3 years ago. They have been working on it since! damn

  • hungeegirl

    i live a block from here and walk my dog by it daily – the house is pretty but i’m not a fan of the walkway. you can’t really tell from this angle but the stones look very fake and almost like an entry way to rainbow brite’s house

    • That’s What She

      yeah, now that you point it out, the walkway does look a lil disneyesque.
      what threw me off was the neon green bracket/support-thingys right under the roof….what’s up with that? is neon green going to be their accent color? yuck :-P

    • mister bluffy

      I KNOW! Everything was going great until they did that walkway.

      The fake rocks are tragically tacky.

  • DCster

    I’m not sure what’s up with the lime green supports, perhaps they thought the color would turn out differently? Overall, though, I think it looks rather nice. The owners should plant a small tree out front to distract attention from the walkway and the alley.

  • Eric in Ledroit

    this looks “ordinary”?


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