Garden of the Day

by Prince Of Petworth May 8, 2011 at 10:01 pm 7 Comments

Thanks to this weekend’s awesome weather I really got to see some proper gardens shine. It was also fun to see folks in their yards planting in nearly every single neighborhood I passed through. This one is from Pleasant Plains/Columbia Heights. Tiered gardens like this are among my absolute favorites. I believe these gardeners are true artists.

  • caballero

    Where is this, exactly? I’d like to take some photos and notes, and perhaps work some of these ideas into my own garden.

  • ws

    wow! love this.

  • Anonymous

    on the surface, it appears nice and all, but i don’t see any basil, tomatoes, or hot peppers, therefore it sucks.

  • Beautiful garden! I would love to get over there.

  • andy

    I cannot guess the exact spot, but judging by the Wardman style rowhouse and the yard slope, plus PoP’s hint that it is in Columbia Heights/Pleasant Plains, I believe it is between 11th & 13th on either Euclid or Fairmont.

  • anon

    so pretty!

  • CHLifer

    Wow, this is def a beauty!


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