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  • NE Groover

    I heard nothing.

    Anyone have any info on what happened on 7th and Hamlin NE on Monday night around 9:30pm? There were numerous police cars (8+) and Hamlin was completely taped off.

  • fetus

    from washington post:

    “A man was shot and wounded late Wednesday night in Northeast Washington, D.C. police said.

    Authorities received a call for a shooting at 3rd and Bryant Streets NE just after 11 p.m., said Officer Hugh Carew, a spokesman. Police found a victim who was shot in the “lower extremities,” Carew said.”


  • SF

    I heard distant shots at about 11 pm from around the Starburst Intersection– but I would think this is too far to be the same incident. Maybe not.

  • Elle

    I live a block from that intersection, was at home with my windows open at the time of the shooting, and didn’t hear or see a thing. Weird?

  • Trav

    I heard the shots there were a number of them, like 6. I live roughly three blocks away and they were pretty loud.


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