Dear PoPville – Any Haitian Restaurants in DC Area?

by Prince Of Petworth March 28, 2011 at 12:30 pm 37 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user elliotmitchell

“Dear PoP,

I’m just wondering if you know of any Haitian restaurants in DC. I remember reading about something in Hyattsville, but that place has since closed.”

Hmm, I know there are many many Caribbean restaurants but I’m not familiar with Haitian specific ones. Anyone know?

  • Salaban
    • Prince Of Petworth

      Those are not Haitian restaurants cool guy.

      • CP

        HAHAHA…go PoP!!! :D

        • Anonymous

          Somebody is still a bit put out for not winning the best blog of DC, methinks…


  • there was one on georgia avenue too, before the DC/MD border. it was called “Chez Mimose”.

    i say “was” because most of them don’t stay open long, and i wouldn’t be surprised if it closed down. not sure though.

    maybe i’ll open my own someday.

    • YuppieHell

      I wouldn’t want to try food from Haiti. Based on my knowledge of the country I am sure it has caribbean flavors mixed with despair.

      • aww, someone always has to make a mean comment. well, to each their opinion. it’s pretty good though. a lot like cuban food.

      • That’s What She

        That comment reminds me of when I briefly lived in southern Florida (where there was amaaazingly great Haitian restaurants everywhere).

        I asked people if they knew any good Ethiopian spots (as I was homesick for DC!!), and I would explain how great their cuisine is. So many ignorant jackasses made comments like,
        “Oh, you mean a restaurant where you sit around a bunch of boxes of rice with US flags stamped on them?”
        or “So maybe that’s why people are starving in Ethiopia, because they send all their food to US restaurants”….stupid shit like that.
        It made me really angry, but there was such a prevalence of stupidity and narrow-minded conservatism in Florida, that it was not all together shocking.

        However, YuppieHell, I will say that in DC, I expected better.

        • Anonymous

          Your mistake was thinking there would be Ethiopian food in Florida.

          • That’s What She

            It’s crazy, but I did find one. The problem was it was a bit too fancy and expensive ($50/person with a small amount of alcohol) for me. I was the only one in a group of seven eating with my hands!! (They all ignored my telling them to ignore the white tablecloths and do what the cuisine calls for) Too weird.
            Fork and knife Ethiopian? I don’t think so.

            The food flavor was spot on though. It went out of business after almost two years. People in Miami are too high-fahluting (sp??) for Ethiopian, I guess.

        • Anonymous

          This must be your first time reading a YuppieHell comment. Thankfully, I think the Prince removes a lot of his stuff since he gripes about getting deleted. YH tries and tries and tries so hard to be clever & funny, but pulls up lame every time. Sometimes offensive, but mostly lame to the point where I almost pity the guy if this is a reflection of his offline personality as well.

          • YuppieHell

            I don’t really try that hard as I barerly put the thought of spelling or using proper grammar when posting. It’s good to know that someone is keeping track of my mindless dribble. Some peoples humor varies as people find south park or family guy or more rectnly Gilbert Gottfried tweets about Japan offensive. Some people find it funny some poeple don’t but at the end of the day when I see people actually reacting to my “Stupid” comments. It makes me giggle and gives me a distraction to this boring desk job. Thank you for cracking me up.

          • Yeah you got it right anon-

            I love a commenter that can make non-PC comments that are funny and creative (e.g. Monkeyrotica), but morons who make lazy comments that get banned or that just aren’t funny in the first place are a waste of all of our time. And there are three quick ways to know that a troll has “jumped the shark”:
            1. They post complaining that their posts keep getting deleted.
            2. A non-trolling post followed by another post that states “See, I don’t just troll all the time!”
            3. The long self-pitying post that “explains their motives” and states that their posts are “just for their own pleasure.”
            Has Yuppiehell hit all three points? I do believe he has. More then once? Perhaps!

          • YuppieHell

            Monkeyerotica just quotes the simpsons 9 out of 10 times. I’m putting up orginal material.

        • Anonymous

          I got similar comments when I would try to get people to go to the Ethiopian restaurant in my college town (in New Jersey, where people are generally more open to different culutres).

  • Petworth Res.

    Haitian food is amazing, and quite distinct from other Caribbean cuisines. That’s one of the things I miss most about Boston — they had five or six really good Haitian restaurants. If anyone finds one nearby, please post!

  • Anonymous

    Mmmm… mud pies and sacks of US grain!

    • That’s What She

      See the above reply to YuppieHell…

  • He got me thinking when he

    Haitian food probably is “amazing,” but are there any countries out there whose food is just not good? Be honest.

    • Anonymous


      • Anon

        Scottish food is awesome. watch your mouth. Fried fish and haggis. Eggs and salmon for breakfast? beer? scotch? mashed turnips? what is there not to like?

        • Anonymous

          Is “American” food really all that great?

          Also, I’d say Canada’s gotta be pretty bad, I can’t really think of anything they are known for. I just think of rabbits, and moose..

          • Anon

            Again, watch your anglo-hating mouth.

            Canadians eat big game and snow cones. You get major points for that.

            As for Americans, I cant think of a regional specialty in America that I dont love.

            Biscuits and gravy, crab cakes, lobster rolls, low-country south carolina food, burgers, texmex, bbq, brats and cheese, bison meat, pizza, bagels, the list goes on it. Its all awesome.

        • Angry Parakeet

          Mashed turnips

    • Anonymous

      With 7 billion or so people out there, you’re probably not going to find a universally hated cuisine, but Inuit might come close. Mmmm, raw seal meat and blubber.

  • Washington

    Ever since Chez YonYon closed a few years back, I have not had a Hatian go to spot in the area.

  • Anon

    Ethiopian. Its just not good. It appeals to a certain sensibility that longs to be different and enjoy eating with their hands because they’ve thrown off the constraints of forks and knives, besides utensils are so mainstream. Fact: Moroccan food accomplishes both of these things but is awesome.

    Also, Azeri food could be better. Also, I hear the mushrooms in Belarus are hot with a glowing aftertaste.

    • Anonymous

      That is entirely untrue (and I’m speaking as someone who does prefer Morroccan slightly to Ethiopian, but I love both).

      • Anon

        Ethiopian seems to be seasoned without any care and attention and it often comes out with way too much going on with the taste. The bread is the worst, though. Just terrible.

  • mainstream

    you failed to recognize the mainstreaming of the non-mainstream and it’s effect on the constraints of the mainstream.

  • don

    Kojo aired his show from Haiti last fall and did an entire segment on the food tradition. Lots of local fruits, rice, beans, starches. Meat is more expensive and not part of most daily diets. From what I gathered, the average Haitian diet relies on staple foods and isn’t very exciting. It’s what you’d expect from one of the poorest nations on earth.


  • Anonymous

    Judging by the comments here, I guess it’s safe to assume you can’t get Haitian food in DC?

  • Angry Parakeet

    How can one hate injira?

  • jt$

    Desperate Haitians Survive On Mud Cookies


    Tradition of this long before the earthquake

    • victoria

      Back to the siege of Leningrad – people also bought scoops of dirt that had been dug up from under a sugar factory that had burned because there was the hope of some sugar in it. Also peeled off the bindings of books to eat the glue for protein.

      • caroline

        Ok, you’re really getting me interested in this book now. What’s it called?

  • Agnes

    This is just pure ignorant fuckery on here


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