Update on Old Church at 10th and V St, NW – ‘Shame on Sorg’

by Prince Of Petworth November 3, 2010 at 1:30 pm 20 Comments

“Dear PoP,

I snapped this ad hoc typographic addition to SORG’s sign in front of the historic church at 10th and V Streets, NW, that they have been deliberately allowing to fall unto irreparable ruin for years. It pretty much sums up the sentiment everyone in this neighborhood feels toward this disrespectful, terrible neighbor: SOS: Shame on SORG! Couldn’t agree more.”

  • Shaw Parent


    SORG sucks. Everyone in the ‘hood should oppose everything they propose. Ever. Anywhere.

  • Jeffrreeyy

    SORG not only sucks in this instance, but most of their projects are also ugly as shit.

    • fl

      I’ll agree with the first part of that statement, but not the second. I think the beauregard is awesome – as is the building right next to this church.

  • EPF

    The Solea looks like it was designed by 8 year olds and constructed by 7 year olds.

  • NewShawNeighbor

    Hey SORG, Your neglect has done something I didn’t think possible: You’ve taken a blighted corner and made it worse. Now it’s probably too late to to save the structure. Thanks for nothing.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry, but as an architect I find it unlikely that it is Sorg Architects fault the project has come to a halt. It most likely is the a result of the developer or owner stopping the project. It IS their fault for leaving their sign up on the property however.

    • NewShawNeighbor

      Anonymous Architect, As I understand it, besides being the architectural firm on record for this project, SORG is also the owner and the developer. In my opinion, they are shamefully derelict in all three roles. Many members of our community have made repeated, friendly calls to the firm to get an update.
      In spite of a dozen promises to do so, they have not bothered to call back even once. Sorry members of the community and arrogant. I’m sure they DON’T represent all architects.

  • Ryan

    Point of information: D.C. property records indicate the property is owned by 2105 10TH STREET NW LLC 2101 MORNING BRIGHT LLC, which has the mailing address 918 U Street NW. The registered agent for 2101 MORNING BRIGHT LLC is SUMAN SORG, who is also the principal at Sorg Architects, which is also at 918 U Street NW.

    So yes, Sorg is the owner/developer on this site in addition to the architect, so feel free to direct your ire at them.

    What’s really sad and pathetic is that this is their own backyard, yet they still can’t manage to get to work on it. They’ve owned the property since 2003.

    • Anonymous

      Shame on Sorg! ~anonymous architect

    • Anonymous

      has anyone made an offer on the property? why don’t one of you buy it and renovate it? Could i blame you for not doing that? i don’t feel a property owner should feel obligated to do anything to any property he might own as long as he is paying the taxes…

      • NewShawNeighbor

        A pretty selfish viewpoint if you have to live with the garbage, rats, and creepy people who use the vacant lot to stage breaing into homes and cars, to rob people, etc.

        But at least they’re paying their taxes. Riiiiiight.

  • The property has not changed substantially since the mid 1990s, which was the last time I had the chance to walk through it. At that time, the windows were falling out, the stained glass window on the north side was barely attached to the building, and the entire structure was filled with birds and bird plop.

    It is not fair to blame Sorg & Associates for the condition of the building. The condition has not changed much if at all since 2003.

    And as with all stalled projects, it would be wise to find out WHY the project is stalled before condemning the owner. I’m sure Sorg just LOVES paying vacant property taxes and mortgage interest on the property.

    Maybe if you knew what was wrong, and why Sorg was unable to proceed, you could actually redirect your frustration at the roadblock and maybe help to move the project forward.

    Captcha: SUK2 — a good one!

    • NewShawNeighbor

      Repeated calls to SORG from neighborhood residents to make just friendly inquiries meets with stonewalling silence and unreturned calls. SORG SUCKS and their property is a blight on the neighborhood. AND it is widely believed that they are deliberately letting the building self-destruct until it CAN’T be saved, making it possible to raze it, then build a more profitable property. I don’t deny them the chance to profit, but the historic nature of that building is being completely disregarded for the likely cause of greed. SORG are horrible members of the community. The deserve all this scorn and more.

  • Anonymous

    Did you know that Nikki Sorg is on the Board of Zoning Adjustment? Interesting.

  • Anonymous

    SORG does for sure own the property and was planning to develop it. She has toyed with the idea of selling but has an unrealistic price in mind.

  • PSI

    Those Sorg clowns should be run out of town.

  • NewShawNeighbor

    The SORG sign is gone this morning. Good. I’m surprised that they were using their contribution to neighborhood blight as a backdrop for advertising in the first place.

  • m

    You have to admit: their logo is pretty sweet, though.

  • Ms. Suck

    Suman and Nikki Sorg are too busy buying Gucci shoes and shopping to fill their empty pathetic lives up with material things and crapping on their employees to do anything about this site. They register business after business in LLC’s to hide their money and names. Pathetic

  • Holy class war! You know how these people would make more money? By developing the property and selling the units. Why won’t they? Not sure, but it is a recession, and contracting with labor to develop would be a huge capital investment they may no longer have. But they can sit on it until they do have the cash or security they feel they need to make the investment. That’s not greedy, that’s just smart. If they develop the property without having enough to complete the project, just imagine how much of an eyesore it would be — or how awful it would be for all they people they’d have to lay off from doing work.


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