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Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – Woodley Park

by Prince Of Petworth November 18, 2010 at 3:00 pm 14 Comments

This rental is located at 2610 Garfield St. NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Dapper Studio. One block from Woodley Park Red Line Metro. Fully furnished. Available Dec. 26. All utilities, high-speed cable modem, cable TV, premium movies included in rent. Private entrance (front and rear), private washer/dryer, queen bed, galley kitchen, microwave, garbage disposal. No smoking, no pets.”

Does $1295 sound reasonable for this dapper studio?

  • MJ

    It looks like a team of blind interior designers were in there.

  • A

    This looks terrible. It’s so tiny, and you could get something much larger in say, Adams Morgan or MtP (and not underground!) for that price. I can understand why someone would pay a premium to live in a HOUSE in Woodley Park, but for most renters- it’s sleepy, it’s on the Red Line- I don’t see the appeal. If anything, rents should be lower.

    • Tres

      It’s safer and near metro. Dupont, Logan, you want to live in the middle of those places. Adams Morgan? Not as much — during weekends at least.

      I’m always surprised that no one accounts for utilities being included. Cable with HBO, and internet is $140. Say utils average $125. This is effectively a $1000 rental with bleh furnishings included. Not too bad.

      And for the record, nothing in Adams Morgan is this cheap.

      • A

        Well for a lot of commutes to downtown it’s better to be near 16th st for the bus access rather than Red Line (most unreliable) metro. And parts of MtP are near metro. And if you’re looking at places this small, they’re def that cheap in those neighborhoods. If you want something larger, true you’d probably pay 1300+ utils, but not have to be underground.

        • Tres

          I’ve never seen so much disdain for the Red Line. The Red Line is a major selling point. Proximity to any metro is.

          Keep in mind that there’s a strong positive correlation between neighborhoods the Red Line services and high rental prices. I suppose you have your reasons for anti-Red Line bias, but I don’t know anyone who shares that opinion.

      • Anonymous

        I live in a much bigger studio in Adams Morgan and pay $1050 with utilities, so yes, there are places in Adams Morgan that are “that cheap”…and cheaper!

        • Tres

          You’re an outlier. If you do a search for Adams Morgan right now at $1050, you get 1 hit — a rent controlled apartment that 100+ people are going to apply for.

          95% of people who rent a studio in AdMo or anywhere are going to be paying close to the average rent. 2.5% are going to be paying far above average, and 2.5% (people like you) luck out and find that needle in a haystack, a rental that’s priced far below market.

  • Greta

    This is definitely overpriced. I’m paying about the same for a full one-bedroom basement apartment with a huge kitchen right around the corner. No way is this dinky hole with the ugly paint worth that much in rent, even with the furniture.

  • Itchy and Scratchy

    In this day and age of bedbugs, who would want to rent a furnished place, or rent out their place furnished?!

    • Kim

      Bed bugs can live in walls, as well, so renting a furnished place doesn’t really up your chances of getting bed bugs.

      • Anonymous

        of course it does.

  • mattallen

    Does $1295 sound reasonable for this dapper studio?

    No way.

  • kdc

    So glad a bought a condo versus renting. I am not saying its not a good deal, but i have sticker shock.

  • Blech

    Run away! Run far, far away!


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