• mfaust

    sweet! i love that place; i got a great table, bookshelf & desk from there.

  • PG

    Goofy cover, but I’m pretty sure that’s the legendary Smokey Robinson all the way on the left.

  • gardyloo

    1. That’s Smokey all right. One of the best cuts on the album is “A Purple Cummerbund and Two Big Letters.”

    “My darling sits up in her room
    And lets the day fill up with rain.
    I know that I will see her soon
    And bring her smile back out again
    ‘Cause you know sad eyes dry up
    When I tie my bow tie up

    A purple cummerbund makin’ me stand so tall
    My big yellow letters shout ‘Hey, Hi y’all!'”


    2. If they had let just four more members join, they could have been holding up “We’re the” also.


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