Rendering for the Corner of 14th and Florida Ave, NW

by Prince Of Petworth November 8, 2010 at 4:00 pm 24 Comments

Rendering courtesy of R2L:Architects

From a R2L:Architects press release:

“Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1B approved the recommendation of its Design Review Committee on November 4, 2010 to support the design concept of a proposed new development at 2221 14th Street, NW. The six-story, 30-unit apartment house with ground floor retail and one level underground parking garage will be located on the southeast corner of 14th Street, NW and Florida Avenue, NW. The owner is Douglas Development, and the architect is R2L:Architects, both of the District.

The concept design features a contemporary palette of glass, metal, brick and terra cotta panels. Angular projecting bay windows will provide views from the apartments down both the 14th Street and Florida Avenue corridors. On the ground floor, large glass shop windows could accommodate a café, restaurant or other retail establishment. The project is located within the Greater U Street Historic District, and will seek concept approval from the Historic Preservation Review Board later this month.”

Here’s what the corner looks like now:

A couple more renderings after the jump.

  • John

    Pretty deceiving rendering…Where is the context?

  • 3rdStreetDesign

    Um, this will totally BLOCK the views of the apartment building directly across Fla. Avenue that is marketed as “The View 14” or something. Too funny. Maybe they should call this one the new view 14.

  • Anonymous

    kind of matches view 14. I like it. 14 and Florida will be anchored with modern style buildings on three corners.

  • DCKid

    maybe we should work on filling the retail spaces in both the Solea and View 14 buildings before we start building anything else that offers retail space. Both of those buildings have been sitting pretty vacant for many months – although, fortunately, the residential component seems to be filling up (or have filled up?) in both buildings.

    • CT

      I would think that bringing more residents to the area would attract more retailers to fill those spaces. Yes, the residential part of Solea has been sold out for months.

  • carn

    Sigh.. why resist anymore. If it makes more people support the new taco joint a little down Florida from there then why not.

    • 10th st

      +1. Love Pica Taco!

    • Moose

      Resist what? I guess a slight smaller building would be better, anything beats an empty car lot.

  • Anonymous

    How long till groundbreaking?

  • super_b

    Build a beer garden instead!

    • Moose

      Awesome! Do it.

  • colewoman

    It appears the units in this building with large glass walls will be facing directly at large glass walls of View14. Awkward…

    • Anonymous

      or hot.

  • Imchav

    Well, what about the empty lot just north of the Solea on 14th? Can we do something with that? Developers took away our laundromat (and other services) year or so ago, to build condos there and nothing so far…

  • The lot on the NW corner of 14th/Belmont is owned by a company named UDR and they say they’ll break ground by the end of the year. It will be an apartment complex with ground level retail.


  • 14th Street Resident

    come on, not a single “why must all these developments look the same??” Where are the haters! It has glass walls, horizontal banding, bay windows, terra cotta brick, there’s a goldmine right there!
    Anyways, I think its swell and that corner is going to have some serious massing and density once this, the UDR development and the YMCA open; holy smokes!

  • Ace in DC

    This is great news. Don’t worry about the windows – just make sure to pull down the shades before cooking in your underwear. This is a great addition to the neighborhood and I am tired of looking at the Latino Auto Sale. More heads in beds = more filling out of existing retail locations, I promise. Thank you ANC 1B for supporting this project.

  • cookietime420

    Good – fine – I’m cool with it. A bit of context about this corner: I used to volunteer in the 80’s at Martha’s Table (which was and still is a wonderful org) and this corner was a hub of DC’s heroin trade. Day and night, there were junkies and dealers crowding each corner. In those days the Nehemiah Center and the Reeds Center was viewed as amazing progress. I love the redevelopment of 14th St. but, like everyone who knows what it used to be like, can’t shake the images of the old days and wonder where all those people went.

  • Anonymous

    Boring. But better than a car lot. Developers really do need to start getting realistic about prices and filling in those retail spots.

  • Anonymous

    I only worry that bringing in more building like this will significantly raise the rent in the neighborhood, forcing the young, non profit workers like me further north. SUUUCKs.

  • DCster

    Yeah, I used to live around there and revel in the cheap rents, but it looks like those days are over. Though I can’t say I dislike the improvements.


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