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by Prince Of Petworth November 22, 2010 at 12:00 pm 53 Comments

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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this weekend?

Any fun Thanksgiving plans?

  • Anonymous

    Rant: Last year it took me 2 hours just to get out of DC the day before Thanksgiving. Any ideas on how to avoid this?

    Rave: The rest of the drive was great! I know of an alternate route going up north that’s beautiful and has no traffic.

    • M

      I always leave Thursday morning instead. After 10 yrs of living in DC and commuting to Philly for Thanksgiving, I’ve found it the only tolerable option. Still lots of cars on the roads and some traffic but not nearly as bad as leaving on Wednesday. Leaving super late Wed nite works too, if you want to leave at midnight.

      • p’worth

        How bad is it at say, 9pm?

      • Anonymous

        How early on Thursday morning? Or does it not matter?

        • M

          9pm is still not great. I usually leave around 9 or 10 saturday morning.

          • M

            Oops, Thursday morning I mean. Any time Thursday is better than any time Wednesday in my experience.

    • TaylorStreetMan

      what’s your route? I have to head north next week, unrelated to T-Day, obviously.

      • dreas

        Since the Post published this, I have no qualms about revealing any secrets. If you’re going up to NJ or NY via the Delaware Memorial Bridge, take 50 across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge to 301 heading north. At Middletown, get on Rt. 1. Either take Rt. 1 to 95 North, just before Wilmington, if you want to stay on the PA side (i.e., going to Philly). Or get on Rt. 13 to 295 if you’re heading to the Delaware Memorial Bridge.

        It’s several miles longer than 95, but the stretch in MD is a total clusterf*ck anyway so it’s usually worth it. And the drive is much prettier than the scenery on 95.

        If you do take 95, the Post also has a tip for skipping the toll in Newark, DE.

        • Anon

          I’ve done this route many times and it’s great, EXCEPT for getting over the bay bridge. There’s no way around that, is there?

          • Anonymous

            I’ve found that getting over the bay Bridge is fine. It’s getting out of the immediate DC area that is a nightmare no matter which way you go. It’s like a black hole– you can’t get out!!

      • Anonymous

        Get on 50 West.
        After the Bay Bridge get on 301 North.
        Get on 1 North in Middletown, DE.

        This will dump you out right before the bridge into NJ. It takes about half an hour longer than the direct route, if conditions on 495/95 are ideal, but during the holidays it’s a lot faster. Just make sure you have a relible car and plenty of gas before getting on 301– it’s not an area you’d want to get stranded in.

        • Anonymous

          Dreas beat me to it. :) How recently did the Post release this information?

          • dreas

            They re-published it this past weekend, but we first saw the 50–>301 route suggested in the paper maybe 2 years ago? We’ve been skipping the Newark toll for almost a decade thanks to my brother, who went to University of Delaware.

            I was worried that the Post article would result in terrible traffic both ways, but haven’t seen much difference. I guess everyone likes complaining about 95 too much.

  • ‘Nonmiss

    @Anonymous: Are you heading north or south bound?

  • Kardinal

    @Anonymous: Leave now.

    • Anonymous

      Not an option. I refuse to burn a vacation day just to avoid traffic!

  • 11th

    rave: redskins win. ugly, but at least not humiliating. winning is good.

    rave: mexico hosting cop16. two weeks in cancun.

  • 14th St Heights

    stay in DC. It’s awesome here when everyone else has left.

    • 14th St Heights

      oops, meant this as reply to first post.

    • Anonymous

      if we all listened to you, then it would not be awesome.

      • 14th St Heights

        there is that ; )

    • Anonymous

      I would but I like to be with my family on major holidays. My grandmother turns 90 in a couple months, and although she’s in great shape I realise I might not get too many more Thanksgivings with her.

  • @14th St Heights: totally second your experience. My Mom has traveled from out of town to see me for the last three years and, other than Saturday and Sunday at any Smithsonian Museum, this town is dead. It’s great.

    Rave: staying here for Thanksgiving and not getting patted down by a stranger.
    Rave: we’re going out for Thanksgiving dinner=no cooking and no neverending leftovers.
    Rave: Christmas is right around the corner.

    No rants!

    • 14th St Heights

      I love happy people.

  • Anonymous

    Rave: My folks are coming here for Thanksgiving, it’s my first time hosting!

    Rant: I’ve never cooked a turkey before.

  • Jim Ed

    Rave: Officially 6 months Cancer free!

    Rave: Redskins won!

    Rant: have to work full days wednesday and Friday. So much for an extended trip to the parents.

    • Fellow Petworthian

      Congrats on being cancer free for 6 months! That is most definitely a rave!

  • Rant: I usually don’t mind jury duty but I was planning on leaving town this afternoon. Maybe I’ll serve for one day this time, not one trial.
    Rant: Dog has digestive issues, hoping it clears up soon.

    Rave: Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday – looking forward to an extra long holiday weekend.

  • Rave: Staying here for Thanksgiving. I have a smaller than small family (just me and my dad) and don’t really like turkey, so driving in crazy traffic up to PA is dumb, and I haven’t done it in 20 yrs. Instead I’ll float around to friends’ houses (or maybe just blow them all off and hang out on my couch).

    Rave: Friday night was the Hillys and it was so much fun, if as an organizer, I do say so myself. I love that my neighborhood throws itself a big party every year to celebrate our local businesses!

  • PG

    Rave: Smoked turkey and booze on Thursday!

    Rant: Working Friday. And I might get up really early and brave Black Friday at Best Buy because I need a new computer.

  • Perkins

    RANT – To the person who parked their car in front of my house three weeks ago and hasn’t moved it once – I understand that it is a public street and parking is first come-first served but COME ON move the car already. Oh and by the way, there is no need to park half a cars length away from the no parking sign. Its the last spot on the street, please pull all the way up so you don’t waste half a parking space. If you don’t need to move your car for three weeks why incur the expense.

    RAVE – Only four more months until said cars registration expires!

    • It might be stolen. That happened in front of my house during the second blizzard and it wracked up all these tickets b/c it was in a snow emergency lane, but it turns out it was stolen. You should call 311.

    • Tania

      THIS. I can’t stand it when people do this. I live on a major thoroughfare and it drives me insane when people not only park for the duration but also screw up the inline. DAMMIT! I hope the offender moves …

    • Anonymous

      Anyone know how to track the owen via tags? It might be worth knocking on the door and asking them to please move.

  • grumpy

    rave/rave/ideas? I’m going to a coworkers’ for thanksgiving and I’d like to bring a vegetable-based side dish or salad – I don’t like the usual side dishes (mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, peas/carrots (blech)) – does anyone have any ideas or favorite recipes?

    • Anonymous

      I don’t like the usual sides either (too heavy). The NYT just put out a list of vegetarian recipes that look great– I’m going to test drive the celery root and chestnut soup tonight:

      • grumpy

        some of those look fantastic – thanks!

      • Tall E

        I made the sweet potato/apple/pear dish with walnut oil and fresh orange juice from the NYT collection yesterday and everyone loved it.

        rave: bikeshare was perfect transportation for a quick errand today!

    • Cait B

      I made an apple salad that was a huge hit at a pot luck this weekend. It is nice and light, but still has a bunch of interesting flavors and is a little off the beaten pot luck path.

      – chop three to four apples (I used a combination of gala and granny smith);
      – add 1/2 cup pomegranate seeds;
      – add 1/2 cup walnut/pecan pieces;
      – add 1/4 cup shaved romano or parmesan cheese; and
      – dress to your liking. I used a ratio of 1 Tbsp orange juice to 1 tsp. honey, no oil or vinegar needed.

    • PG

      German style potato salad! It’s served warm, with a vinegar-based dressing and bacon. There are probably tons of recipes for it on teh googles.

  • Rant: As a non-native English speaker, I sometimes can get away with saying some things.

    Rave: I saw beaver on Saturday.

    Rave: I went to Kenilworth Aquatic Park on Saturday

    • PG

      The animal called a beaver or something else? :)

  • Anonymous

    Rant: The dreaded sinus/ear infection is back. Ugh, can’t stand the grunk. Wonder if it’s the oak leaf mold!?

    Rave: Short week, and holiday bliss around the corner!

    • Have you tried the neti pot?

      • Anonymous

        Good idea, but no, I should! Gotta do something, it’s just lingering, ugh…

        • Something happened to me when I used it like 4 years ago, I don’t have allergies anymore!

  • Drfoqui

    Rant: sorry if I’m getting boring on metro etiquette but when you are using your smarttrip card don´t rub or slap it repeatedly on the reader, just place it on the reader and have the extraordinary amount of patience that is required to wait for about 1/2 of a second until it reads the card. Half a second is only about 4.6 billion periods of the radiation corresponding to the transition between the two hyperfine levels of the ground state of the caesium 133 atom and it will make everyone’s life nicer.

    Rave: I only work 2 days this week! Yay!

    • Anonymous

      If you bend it slightly it will read better. I was able to eek another month out of a dying Smarttrip after discoving this trick.

  • DCster

    Rave: Got new windows installed, they look much better, and should be much less drafty!

    Rant: I wasn’t able to oversee installation as much as I wanted, and so didn’t ensure they were perfectly level, had the right shims, had insulation (and all of the other tips Ragged Dog posted a few weeks back – thanks for those, RD!).

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Great weekend with Aunt and cousin!
    Rave: Going to Florida to see Grandparents (& my parents will be visiting as well).
    Rant: Too young to live in my Grandparents AMAZING community. Can’t wait to turn 62!

  • AreaMan

    RAVE: I’m moving back to NYC!!!!!!!!!

    That is all.

    • Anon

      Buh bye.


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