Random Reader Rant and/or Revel

by Prince Of Petworth November 8, 2010 at 12:00 pm 29 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Edward Hoover

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this weekend?

Rave: I managed to cover 16 miles by foot on Sat. (close to my one day record). This weekend was perfect walking around weather.

Rant: I hurt my knee from walking. How the hell can you hurt your knee walking? Well, I also once hurt my knee after a nap so I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised…

Rave: My knee feels fine now. And thanks to all who left awesome suggestions on the FQotD for where to get a birthday dinner.

  • Anonymous

    rant: where is the dc9 news you promised pop?
    rave: short week

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I incorrectly assumed that a press release would be sent out. As others have noted charges were dropped on Friday. I’m looking forward to learning the full story.

    • Coffee Cartel

      The Post put an article on their website about this. Not a ton of details but interesting nonetheless. Wonder when/if DC9 will re-open? Article says that the liquor license is suspended now until Dec. 1, not indefinitely. When they do re-open, wonder if people will go?

  • Anonymous

    Laid off for the second time in two years. Done with politics and probably done with this fucking town.

  • Anonymous

    Rave: Fun weekend with the girls in Philly, looking forward to a first date with a pretty great guy this week.

    Rant: Feel like I’m getting a cold, so might have to postpone :(

  • Anonymous

    Rave: Got to spend some quality time in Baltimore with some transplanted DC folks who moved up north, and nice to see DC representing well at Johnny Rads! Check out their nice new pizza joint and bar next time you’re up in Fells Point.

  • PG

    Rant: Picked up a nasty piece of spyware (ThinkPoint) yesterday and my home computer is kind of screwed. Fortunately, I’ve been reading up and printing out stuff about removing it today. Should be able to fix it.

    Rave: Leaving for vacation in three days.

  • DCster

    Rave: had fun biking around DC this weekend – the harbor across from Haines Point at night is very peaceful/beautiful.

    Rant: Saw at least one biker going the wrong way in a bike lane.

    • PG

      Last Friday I almost got hit by a cyclist who was riding through a crosswalk (right by Union Station) and ran the red light at Mass Ave. I see cyclists do this at least once a week.

      I haven’t been biking in over a week because I had a pretty bad cold. I hope to get a few more rides in before I put the bike on the trainer for the winter.

  • Laura

    POP, do you just leave your house and start walking and come home when you’re tired? or is there some kind of pre-determined route that you take? Just wondering about the 16 miles.

    Rant: Still tired from this weekend.
    Rave: long weekend in Philly next weekend!

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Sometimes it’s like that. Some times I have places in mind that I want to check out and I sorta meander over. Sometimes, I just wander and stop when I get too tired. On Saturdays I’ll usually do anywhere from 4-6 hours then on Sundays I’ll do another 2-4 hours or vice versa.

  • Kalorini

    Rave: Had an incredible date with a guy in Baltimore on Saturday. Can’t wait to see him again Thursday :-)

    Rave: Had the new roomie for a week and it is working out really well!

    Rant: I’m behind on schoolwork. Ack!

    • Ghost of Your Free Time

      Great news, congrats! And Baltimore is a really fun town. Have a drink at Ale Mary’s for me…

  • Drfoqui

    What part of “please move to the center of the car” is so hard to understand? Seriously. I know you’d love to read your book or kindle comfortably near the door, possibly leaning against the pole so no one else can get a hold of it but you’re making people’s commutes worse.

    • Anonymous

      for real. Anyways, that’s asking for a grab and run

  • clearbluewater3

    rant: i love my best friend with all my heart but her engagement makes me feel sort of sad and left out. she promises nothing will change but we all know thats not the truth. So while I love her and her hubby to be I am sad for our 15 year friendship to change. (I might also be bitter since i’ve been single for quite some time)

    rave: i bought a brand new red pea coat that both keeps me warm and makes me feel gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    The comment about the pea coat reminded me of a question I had for anyone who’s done this before: What’s the best way to wash a wool winter coat at home? Last year I found one that I love (after 10 years of searching!), and I’m scared to take it to the dry cleaners because they’re infamous for losing and/or destroying things. Normally I hand wash clothes in the sink and let them air dry on a rack, but it seems like it would be hard to get the water out of a thick wool coat.

    • PG

      Take it to the dry cleaners. If they lose it, sue them for $100 million.

    • coffee cartel

      Totally. Gotta dry clean. I’ve never had success hand washing wool at home. It’ll get all mishapen, or shrink, and you’ll be pissed. Especially after searching for that long! I take my clothes to Amsterdam on 14th at Fairmont. If that’s at all convenient for you, I’d recommend them. The owner is super nice and sweet!

      • Anonymous

        I’ve had the dry cleaner shrink some things, so I don’t think I’m taking any more of a risk by washing by hand (which shouldn’t shrink it, anyway).

        I’ve also had dry cleaners break buttons (regularly), ruin a skirt, misplace a jacket and lie about it, and accidentally give the pants from an expensive suit to another customer. These experiences happened at four different dry cleaners in various states, so it’s not just one bad one. No way am I taking any chances with my coat.

        As ridiculous as the pants lawsuit was, I’m glad someone tried to stand up to the dry cleaners!

    • WDC

      Well, if you’re definitely not going to take it to the dry cleaners, then what other option do you have? Use the machine, delicate cycle, minimal detergent, cold water. The spin will get most of the water out, and is less damaging to the fabric than hand-wringing. Then hang it on a sturdy hanger in your shower for a day or two. Wool is sturdy. It’ll be fine.

      • Ragged Dog

        They used to make wool drying racks. They’re big square nets.

  • djdc

    Moroni & Bros’ new storefront looks really nice.

  • Kris

    Rant: someone in our office lit some scented candles so now it smells like a Hallmark store and is giving everyone headaches.
    Rave: No work on Thursday!

  • coffee cartel

    Rave: second the no work Thursday vibe. Nice little break.
    Rant: stupid boss who looked disappointed when I sadi I wouldn’t be coming in. Is she freaking kidding me? If she wants to waste her 30s sitting in this office, she can go right ahead. I have a boyfriend to roger!

  • b

    rave….found a house we adore
    rant….waiting very impatiently to hear back from the seller! they were meeting several hours ago.

    • mouse

      Good luck! I was in that sitaution last month and was outbid by 4 other people. Demand in DC is still as insane as ever!


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