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  • SDC

    Rave: Ohio Drive lanes are finally all open!

    Rant: What exactly did the crews do on Ohio Drive? It feels as bumpy as ever.

    Rave: Great crisp autumn weather this weekend — hoping to try a bike share bike!

    • ah

      They’re putting on a final topcoat of pavement next weekend. It will be closed for the whole weekend.

      They’ve totally rebuilt the roadbed and drainage. The bumps you feel are the manhole covers (etc.) that are above the current pavement level but will be (or should be) even once the final coat of pavement is put on.


  • andy

    Piney Branch baby!!!!

    • Anonomi


  • WDC

    Rant: that egomaniac Pablo Raw, throwing his compelling, skillfully composed pictures in our faces day after day. Take it down a notch, dude!

    (Kidding, obviously. Love the above, love the zoo pix.)

  • Kim

    Rant: Great Lakes Christmas Ale is available in Cleveland now, but won’t be available in D.C. until November 15!

    Rave: Great Lakes Christmas Ale will be available in D.C. for the first time this year!

    I suppose I can wait a bit, but I don’t want to!

  • lei

    Rave: My sister and I opened our clothing store last week and did double our projections!

    Rant: I wish I could open one in DC but I just don’t think it would survive……..

    • Prince Of Petworth

      If the store is in the DC area – shoot me an email and I’ll share the details!

      • lei

        Nope it is in KS. Trust me if I were going to do something in the DC area – you would be the first one I would hit up with the details….

        If anyone knows of a not too large place with reasonable rent in the Petworth/CH area – let me know!

  • MAR

    Rave: Best friend got engaged! Birthday fun times coming up this weekend!

    Rant: Seems like everyone I know is getting all married up and its kind of weirding me out…

    • briefly

      Wait till 55% of them get divorced, then you’ll feel better.

  • Anonomi

    Rave: Buddies in town this weekend for good times.
    Rant: Suspicious packages f’in the flow.

  • MJ

    Rave: Packing and delivering food to the needy tomorrow.
    Rant: John Boehner is a tool.

  • MK

    Rant: Yesterday while I was happily sitting right in the living room answering emails my next door neighbors were getting robbed and I didn’t hear a thing! Now I’m too freaked to leave the house until I get a security door. I guess an alarm is not enough.

    • anonymous

      In what area do you live? Those living nearby might want to know and be on the lookout for suspicious activity.

    • Anon

      How was the alarm bypassed?

  • Anonymous

    Rant: Started my period today. Spent the morning hunched over in pain at my desk, fighting dizziness and watching everything spin around me.

    Rave: Advil’s finally kicking in but my body feels like it’s been through a war. Thankfully it’s a slow day at work.

    • Anonymous

      You should change your bc pill schedule around so that you start on Saturday. That way you can be curled up in bed at home.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks, but I don’t do bc pills, and being curled up at home on Saturday doesn’t improve the situation much. It’s just as debilitating in bed.

    • Anonymous

      Mirena is now approved for women who haven’t had a baby– they cleared up any concerns that it might impact fertility. And it really helps on the Aunt Flo front. It takes some time, but after a few months, everything gets drastically better, and then you’re set for 5 years.

    • A

      I feel ya. I try to pre-emptively take Advil as soon as my period starts to ward off the cramps. The pain is much more difficult to combat once it’s well underway.

  • Anonymous

    Rant: Horrified when I googled Godleski and found footsoldier references. Ugh.

    • briefly

      I love the footsoldiers. 10,000 black men killed by other black men every year in the US and they’re ranting about whitey. C’mon, its almost funny its so pathetic.

      *10,000 is an educated guess at best

  • Prince,
    I thought your readers should know that the Pug is giving 10% of tonight’s ring to the family fund of fallen Metropolitan Police Officer Paul Dittamo, who was killed in the line of duty. Who knows, maybe Vincent Grey will even show up since he missed the funeral.

    Thanks for your help,

    • slgdc1433


      Rest in Peace Officer Dittamo.

  • MK

    For @Anon 1:49, I live in Brightwood. The front door had those little glass panes on the upper part of the door. Whoever came in broke out one pane, reached inside, unlocked the door and just walked in and helped themselves to the electronics.

    • Anon

      So the front door wasn’t alarmed?

  • Cait B

    Rant: Still battling bronchitis and still feel like I have an elephant sitting on my chest.

    Rant: Work event tonight will run until 10 PM. I’m not sure that I have four hours of schmoozing in me today.

    Rant: Tomorrow’s work event starts at 8:30 in the morning, and no amount of coffee can cure that.

    Rave: Even though I’m missing it since I’ll be at work, we’re having a RiverSmart home audit done tomorrow and I can’t wait for a tree (or two!), new landscaping, and rain barrels, even though I’ve already entered the season of feeling like it will never be summer ever again.

    • C Money

      If by any chance you have GERD/Acid Reflux, that could be contributing to your bronchitis not going away. Doctors tend to forget about it, but it’s worth discussing because it can be an easy fix.

    • Ragged Dog

      I had the feeling of 5 elephants standing on my chest last month and it turned out to be 5 blood clots in my lungs, not bronchitis.

      I’m sure you’ve already seen the Dr. , but if not, give her/im a ring.

  • and also

    Rave: new job offer I am going to take!

    Rant: going through the “I’m leaving” process

  • Brian Kraft

    Rant: My boys are at the Kansas Ave campus at Haynes. I coach the 2nd grade soccer team. Wednesday afternoon there were some stray dog poop bags left on the field. When I got home I noticed a rather large gift attached to the bottom of my shoe. At this point I speak only for myself and I do not mean this as a threat, but rather what seems to me to be a simple statement of the obvious: If dogshit is a regular problem on the field, I cannot imagine a result other than parents pressuring the school to keep dogs out. I love dogs and I’m sure everyone wants everything to be copacetic, but I cannot have my babies smeared with your dogs’ shit. Dog owners must share the space responsibly.

    • Ragged Dog

      Completely agree.

      I just don’t support “Only kids can use these fields, even when kids aren’t using these fields, because in the 1990’s we had a problem with kids selling drugs at these fields.”

  • Anonomi

    RAVE: Charges dropped against DC9 employees!!
    Rant: Lanier and Graham f’in up!

    • Anon

      In the words of “Law and Order”, charges were dismissed *without prejudice* which means that they can be refiled at a later time. Like say when the medical examiner’s report goes through.

      However, if there’s ever any better evidence of the long financial arm of Englert Industries LLC, I’d be surprised.

  • Anonymous

    For @Anon 5:02: I don’t know if the house is alarmed or not. I don’t see any signs out front saying that it is and I haven’t seen my neighbors to ask. I do know that they didn’t stay in the house last night. I was too freaked and forgot to ask the cop about the alarm but it was the cop who told me that my door had the same configuration and to watch it. Nothing has happened on my street in 15 years but Xmas is coming so…


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