Random Reader Rant and/or Revel

by Prince Of Petworth November 1, 2010 at 12:00 pm 65 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Josh.Louria

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this weekend?

  • MJ

    Rave: Awesome, cool, autumn weather.

    Rant: Awesome, cool, autumn weather means higher utility bills.

  • Rukasu1

    Rant: Okay, enough with the rally already…it was mediocre at best and only 53% of signs warrented a laugh

    Rave: Got my Capital Bikeshare fob, rode to work today in 40 degree weather!

    • Anonymous


    • Arnie

      +1001. It wasn’t a real rally anyway, it was more of a publicity stunt put on by Comedy Central/MTV Networks. Everyone who showed up were more or less pawns of Comedy Central.

      • Anonymouse the Cat

        Hey now, some of us just went to take photos and make sure our out-of-town friends didn’t get crushed to death in the metro. I haven’t watched Comedy Central in years.

        • Lizi


          It was a nice day to wander downtown, for sheez.

      • Rob Sheehan

        Well, if they didn’t bop their bishops, that was ok with Christine O’Donnell.

  • mouse

    Rave: Soup weather! Crunchy leaves! Reds and yellows and oranges everywhere!

    Rant: Frozen fingers at work. Time to pull out the fingerless gloves.

    • MJ

      Exactly how would “fingerless” gloves help with “Frozen fingers”?

      • Fred

        With fingerless gloves, you can pick your nose for added warmth.

      • mouse

        They warm up the palms enough for some warmth to flow into the fingers. Try it sometime and you’ll see what I mean. Gloves with fingers are greast but too hard to type with.

      • Anonymous

        “What’s” with the “randomly” placed “quotes”?

        • MJ

          It’s how you make a reference to specific portions of someone else’s statement. But thanks for a perfectly meaningless comment.

  • Marcus Aurelius

    Random question –
    What’s up with the park at 11th and Monroe?
    Is there really a lead contamination problem or is that just a somewhat plausible excuse to close it down because of other complaints?

    • I thought it was fake too. But I saw officials with mini hazmat suits in there last week. So at least they are doing something.

      • 11th

        it’s real.

  • Anonymous

    Rave: Fun, fun, fun weekend. Met an awesome guy that’s nice, funny, and has his shit together. In my experience, they don’t come along too often!

    Rant: Back to work.

    • Anonymous

      Another rave: just got my first time home buyers tax credit in the mail! Best day ever.

  • Rave: Taylor St. Halloween Block Party. Many, many thanks to the organizers.

    Rave: Rock Creek Church Market (RCC & Warder). On the way home from said block party to buy beer, I inadvertantly left my wallet. The people at RCC Market tried calling my home number but the line was busy…so they walked it over to my house and knocked on my door.

  • Rant: Too much Kid Rock!
    Rave: Too little Ozzy Osbourne!

  • slgdc1433

    Rant: My employer is violating labor laws by refusing to pay me overtime because they failed to do their job in a timely fashion and secure me paid leave as I had to be out of state to testify in a trial. As a result, I didn’t have any days off and was over my 40 hours. Now they don’t want to pay up for their mistake.

    Rave: I will be having a sweet check coming my way once my union is done doing their work for me!

    • Anonymous

      You union people… most of us salaried workers have never gotten paid overtime, so why should you?

      • WDC

        Sounds like someone needs to join a union…

        • Anonymous

          Sounds like some people need to be less greedy, that’s what.

          • slgdc1433

            Less greedy? Federal labor laws exist for a reason. If I am forced to work more than 40 hours a week because of my management’s failure than I am entitled to overtime compensation. It isn’t greed, it is standing up for what has been promised to me under a contract. I never wanted the overtime, I just wanted a freakin day off!

          • Anonymous

            Maybe you shouldn’t have been raving about getting a “sweet check” then, if you wanted to give the impression of standing up against exploitation. Sorry, but you just gave yourself away with that. :)

          • Arnie

            It sounds like Anonymous’s knowledge of unions is limited to what he’s heard at the country club.

          • Tres

            If the employer couldn’t meet the contractual obligations of their hire of slgdc1433 as hourly, then they shouldn’t have hired him or her as hourly. If there were no consequences to breaking contracts, we’d have anarchy. Is that what you want? We know you want to soapbox on about your pet political view, but at least present a rational front. Thanks!

          • ColHeights1

            Rant: Anti-union knee jerk reactions on PoP ALL of the time.

            Rave: Unions protect our rights everyday and ensure that employers follow the law.

      • slgdc1433

        I am not salaried, I am an hourly employee. That’s why.

        • Ragged Dog


  • WDC

    Who knew that trick or treating as a parent is even more fun than doing it as a kid??

    Good weekend, all around.

    • mouse

      I want a kid just do I can experience trick or treating again.

      • WarderSt

        You don’t need a kid. We had a very polite older woman come by without costume to trick or treat. I gave her candy. She thanked me and added it to her bag and continued down the street.

    • I went with my friend and her daughter and we had a better time than she did. East Capitol Street was, as usual, awesome – the first daughters (and their secret service detail) even got in on the action and Kathleen Sebelius was throwing candy from a window! Most of the houses also had treats for the grown ups (of the liquid variety). We did have to sit my friend’s daughter down and explain that you don’t say “no” if it’s not candy you like. We kept wondering why her basket wasn’t filling – it was because she kept politely saying no!

      We all had a great time – I agree it’s even better as an adult!

      • victoria

        Why not say no to candy you don’t like? Your daughter seems pretty smart.

        • Mostly b/c she was saying no to good stuff like peanut butter cups that we hoped to raid from her later! And I think she was also motivated to say no to stuff b/c she was already totally cracked out on Dum Dum’s that she devoured when she got to my house (she’s my friend’s daughter) so I think she wasn’t getting that she would want more candy later and she didn’t have to eat it all right then (she’s only 3). That, and you know – peanut butter cups!

          • pimping for peanut butter cups

            Ha – I suspected as much! What are you going to do when she isn’t cute enough to pimp out for candy anymore?

  • JR

    Rave: Holiday plans are finally made and I can’t wait for Thanksgiving, Christmas and NYE!

    Rant: Holiday plans require a lot of travel.

    • M

      Rant: The holidays are coming.
      Rave: Only 2 months until they are gone for another 10
      Rave: Skiing in colorado to celebrate the holidays being over!

  • Glenn Beck

    Rant: I can’t believe the MSM is concocting this “jon stewart” fantasy. They’re just advancing the secular progressive agenda.

    Rave: So happy that my 500,000 person rally swamped those hippies on the mall that could only get up to what Fox has estimated is 10-15,000. I mean look at the pictures – the place was deserted.

  • PG

    Rant: No Halloween parties this weekend, cold has gotten worse and I’m at work.

    Rave: Went trick or treating with the gf and her kids in my hometown neighborhood.

    Rant: Kids who show up after 9:00 with no costume for candy. Should have turned off the lights and drawn the blinds earlier.

    Rave: Going to Florida for a few days next week.

    • Anonymouse the Cat

      The worst (when I lived in SW) were the baby mammas that showed up without costumes on themselves or their newborns (who were too young for candy anyway). At least make an effort, people.

  • Anonymous

    Rant: Trick or Treaters wiped out my candy stash by 7:30. Based on my projections, ran to CVS and bought $15 worth of crappy candy (because it was all they had left), only to not have a single Trick or Treater stop by.

    • Arnie

      Save it for next year. Those little sugar-hungry heathens won’t know the difference!

  • Fellow Petworthian

    Rave: Great halloween turnout this year and all were in costumes!

    Rave: Beautiful weekend weather!

  • rooty tooty

    rave: great turnout of trick or treaters

    rant: solo ~10 year old kid who rang our bell at 11pm. THREE. TIMES. i opened it and he was standing there with no costume, and asked “candy?”

    “yeah, we’re out.”

    • WDC

      We had a couple of those. I think they were hoping to hit a house with a bunch of leftover candy they didn’t want. But I ran out in about an hour.

      Rant: folks who don’t know about the porch light rule.

    • saf

      Hey, we got that one. Pounded on the door and rang the bell over and over until we answered. Just said, “Candy.”

      We said, “Sorry, but we were done for the night a long time ago” and closed the door.

  • Gretchen

    A friend of mine actually made the effort to purchase individually wrapped prunes for those kids.

    • Arnie

      That’s wild! But kids already poop a lot, so I’m not sure it’s such a good idea.

    • pimping for peanut butter cups

      Rant – trick or treaters pooping in my bushes!

  • Herb

    Rave: The Rally!

    Rant: The letter I on my keyboard at work has stopped working. I don’t know why I wore out before any other letters–maybe there are a lot of I words in my industry? I dunno. I submitted a case to the Help Desk but I haven’t heard anything back. Running everything I write through spellcheck to restore the I isn’t a lot of fun. Maybe I should call the Hellpdesk and get a status? What am I to do?

  • hip-hop anonymous

    Rant: Had a Halloween party at the house…none of my friends showed up.

    Rave: Concocted an AWESOME dessert last night! Bottom layer is sweet potato biscuits, top layer is sweet potato pie filling. Bake in muffin tin/cupcake wrappers for approx. 10 min. FABULOUS!

    Rave1: After years of longing, I finally carved a ‘vomiting pumpkin’. ;o)

  • Josef Urintrinker

    Highlight of the rally: Yusuf “Cat Stevens” Islam

    Low point of the rally: Jeff Tweedy and Mavis Staples. Whoever thought this was a good idea needs to have their ears examined. Mavis Staples is a legend, and Jeff Tweedy needs to learn that it’s OK to quit while you’re ahead. Dude just jumped the shark this weekend, and that makes me sad.

  • Anonymous

    Rave: Friends in town from NYC for the rally prompted me to finally clean off the dining room table and use it for sunday brunch.

    Rant: My friend who is so completely clueless it’s mind boggling wants me to lend him even more money after he burned through his own hundreds of thousands in a matter of months, freakin’ maddening!

  • Anonymous

    Rave: Fear the Beautiful Life!

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I love “Fear the Beautiful Life!” I wish I had made a sign…

  • peter

    Rant: Leave it to metro to mishandle a busy weekend who ever had the idea to single track at Rhode Island ave needs to be forced to ride the red line on the weekends although I wish I could have seen the escalator that ran wild.

    Rave: It’s finally comforter weather!

  • Coffee Cartel

    Rave: Weekend in Durham, NC. Avoided all rally related shenanigans and crowding.

    Rave: that man o’ mine

    Rave: fallllllll!!!!

    Rant: fall will last approximately two weeks. Then evil, evil winter will come (I have no central heat)

  • MK

    Rave: Woman dressed as a witch in Mt. Pleasant walking around passing out wine to stressed out adults.

  • dynaryder

    Rave: went to my regular bar and noone recognized me in costume(which was basically a beard/mustache).

    Rant: idiocy level in Adams Morgan Sat night.

  • Anonymous

    Rant: Have a cluster of red bumps on my back and am now totally freaking out that I might have bed bugs. Please please please let me be overreacting (and bed bug free)!

  • lezzy

    Rant: This is disturbing. So grateful I don’t live in Uganda, but wondering if anyone knows of any organizations that are working to fight this culture of anti-homosexuality.


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