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  • I want to see both hands out there, mister.

    And it’s nice that MPD is recruiting superheroes.

  • Melissa Gilbert

    Councilman Graham has given up on trying to get the whoopie pie vote.

    • TaylorStreetMan

      thank you for telling me what the hell that thing is. Now I can say this:

      “Whoopie Pie shot in face. Suspect escaped on foot. Last seen wearing bow tie and loafers.”

      • I thought it was a pancake! It was part of the entertainment of the opening of IHOP this morning. Mr. Graham was passing by on his way to the event.

  • Anonymous

    Oh sweet jeebus. The top picture DEFINITELY merits a caption contest.

  • shermancircle

    While the intent was for people to get excited about the pancake, well, sometimes things have a way of getting turned around

  • ET

    That Councilman Graham one could generate some interesting caption of the day comments.


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