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  • Tres

    This is making me hungry. I’d pay for some grapefruit juice if they had it.

  • Tulip

    Ohhh Rustik. Such a nice neighborhood addition. If only it weren’t so deafeningly loud in there, I might go back. Somehow, it seems that people can stand it, so maybe it will have continued success…

  • Eric in Ledroit

    they really need to turn the music down and vent the pizza oven so you don’t smell like a campfire after eating there. great place however, and I will continue supporting them!

  • Anon

    Sounds amazing! I can’t wait to check it out!

  • Matt

    Those prices are pretty high for breakfast food.

    • Anonymous

      what are you used to paying for brunch?

    • Kev29

      Welcome to DC – are you staying long?

  • 3rdStreetDesign

    Big bear opens so late too. 11am? I have to trek over to Starbucks on Ga. Avenue to get my morning coffee on because no one else is open yet…

    • Anonymous

      is that usual? I thought it opened around 7. windows opens around 9. and dunkin donuts is open early too.

    • Chris in Eckington

      What about Windows at 1st and Rhode Island?

      • Anonymous

        they sometimes open by 9. but its iffy.

  • NLM

    The last time I was in Rustik (a few weeks ago), it seemed that the sound and campfire issues had both improved somewhat.

    • Anonymous

      the sound also gets bad because the place is tiled. bars should have wood floors. ceramic tile is an acoustic nightmare. the walls must be great, because it can be banging inside,and you don’t hear anything till you open the door.
      they dropped a the few decent beers they had off their happy hour list, so now it’s just miller light, yuengling, and some other undrinkable thing. shame.
      still, the food is excellent. the staff is awesome. and for me, the location is hard to beat.
      their patio is going to be killer too, i guess if the whacked out anc approves it. it will almost double the size of the place.and by then, Boundary Stone should be open.

  • I think the menu looks really fun and unique (see Tylenol AM reference … hilarious)! I haven’t been there yet, but am definitely planning a trip for pizza soon. Can’t wait!

  • katesmash

    man, I used to live on this block and as soon as I moved away, this place opened. I would have been there ALL THE TIME.


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