Washington, DC

Thanks to a reader for the heads up. Creme’s Web site confirms:

“When we opened Creme Cafe almost 6 years ago, we had no idea the lasting impact it would have on our lives. We’ve made great friends, started lifelong relationships – and above all, created a restaurant where everyone was truly welcome – and able to call it their own.

Unfortunately, for Creme, the time has come that we must close… Our staff – both past and present – have accomplished every goal we set when we opened Creme. We are proud of the place we forged in our community as a locally owned, independent business where friends and family came together to share a meal. To all the regulars, friends, guests who came in the front door and to all the staff, purveyors and vendors who came in the back door, THANK YOU!!!!.”

We spoke about their brunch back in May ’08. Will you miss them?


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