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Creme Cafe Still Open at 1322 U St, NW

by Prince Of Petworth — October 4, 2010 at 9:59 am 30 Comments

Thanks to a reader for the heads up. Creme’s Web site confirms:

“When we opened Creme Cafe almost 6 years ago, we had no idea the lasting impact it would have on our lives. We’ve made great friends, started lifelong relationships – and above all, created a restaurant where everyone was truly welcome – and able to call it their own.

Unfortunately, for Creme, the time has come that we must close… Our staff – both past and present – have accomplished every goal we set when we opened Creme. We are proud of the place we forged in our community as a locally owned, independent business where friends and family came together to share a meal. To all the regulars, friends, guests who came in the front door and to all the staff, purveyors and vendors who came in the back door, THANK YOU!!!!.”

We spoke about their brunch back in May ’08. Will you miss them?

  • Anonymous

    I’m shocked. It always seemed to do great business. Does this have anything to do with the planned redevelopment of this location?

  • Lolita

    I agree, why are they closing? Their brunch is outstanding!

  • Anonymous

    “Our staff – both past and present – have accomplished every goal we set when we opened Creme.”

    So one of their goals wasn’t to not go out of business?

  • Oh, this is sad. I did not realize they’ve been in business for six years. I’ve only been to Creme once but really enjoyed it.

  • Faraji Whalen

    That’s a shame. While the service could be a little spotty, their brunch was nice and it was a great place to go for a drink. My understanding was that construction on the JBG hotel isn’t supposed to go forward until late ’11 so no idea whether the closing is related to that. I also have to wonder if anything will replace it given that any business would only be in there for a year or so before the digging starts.

  • Haven’t been since Chef T moved on…perhaps that’s part of the issue they’ve had?

  • This seems odd. I walk by the place frequently; it seems to do decent business at dinner, and there continued to be lines out the door every Sunday at brunch as recently as yesterday. One wonders if the closure is due to: (a) uncertainties about the future of the site (one can’t get a long-term lease at a place the developer hopes to knock down once it can get financing to build its proposed boutique hotel) or (b) conflicts among the ownership group (the talented chef who I always thought operated the restaurant was replaced about a year ago).

  • M

    This is way too bad. I agree with everyone’s comments. The food was always tasty, and there was almost always a wait for brunch. They had a great bottomless mimosa/bloody mary deal for $16, and great Southern food – eggs benedict with andouille, chicken and waffles, roasted chicken. I am really bummed about this! Will be interested to know if anything replaces it. It’s a shame – such a great location on U Street too. If I had know there were issues I would have patronized it more recently… took it for granted!

  • WB

    Good riddance! The food was bad and the coffee was worse.

  • JennyK

    They had the worst service ever. I have tried to go there for dinner and for brunch and ended up leaving without eating both times. A couple of months ago I called a few days ahead to see if I could make a brunch reservation for a party of 8. I was told that they don’t take reservations for any size party. So when we showed up for brunch I asked what the wait would be and the hostess said, “Well it will be a while because we have several large parties coming in that have reservations.” I asked how that could be possible when they don’t take reservations, and her response was, “Yeah, but if a manager answers the phone sometimes they will do it.”

    We ended up having a lovely brunch at Marvin – no waiting.

  • Anonymous

    Instead of pissing on their grave, maybe you can be classy and say “sorry to hear that, JennyK and WB. Just a thought…

    • Shaw Parent

      I’ll do a little more grave dancing because this is a WIN.

      My wife and I went here a few times when it first opened and everything was fine. Then we went when she was pregnant. She ordered club soda. It was a long night, and she wound up having five of them. When we got the bill, they charged us $4 per club soda, for a total of $20. When I pointed out to the server and the waitress that it was totally f&*^(ng insane to charge $20 for club soda that they were pouring off the soda gun at the bar, they essentially told me to get lost.

      So we boycotted the place ever since, and tried to encourage all of our friends to do so too.

      • Anonymous

        That’s insane!

  • Anonymous 10:40 am, are you new to this blog?

  • pls

    wow! I loved this place for brunch and reccomended it often (I was always thanked thereafter). Its sad to see a small and (from all appearances) successful restaurant close. more information regarding why they closed would be appreciated, PoP. I will miss their Mushroom Eggs Bene.

  • Anonymous server

    Yes, the food was good. It was always packed when I walked by recently… But I worked there for a month or 2 and will say that it was the most poorly managed establishment I have ever worked in. Food was good, brunch was great, service was terrible — I think that probably had something to do with its demise.

  • Kevin

    I liked Creme. Sorry to see them go.

  • gup

    the people who said their food sucks are crazy!

    this place was awesome! my mouth is watering as i think of their shrimp and grits and the American Meat plate or whatever it was called.
    Damn Damn Damn.

    this is a sad day!

  • molly

    Creme Cafe, have you considered moving to Bloomingdale? We’d love to have you.

  • Stoney_D

    I loved that place. Good fried chicken, delicious Belgian style waffles and unlimited bloody marys for 14 dollas, yes, it would make me holla.

  • Whit

    I just died a little!! My boyfriend and I had brunch there this weekend and I had no idea until I looked at PoP. I wish I would have made Saturday a full day of eating and not worried about calories and ordered the shrimp and gritz! Damn it!

  • andy

    chicken and waffles!

  • Polytasker

    Interesting. I’ve tried to go before but could never get in because the wait was so insanely long (and no, they wouldn’t let us make a reservation). Oh well.

  • erin

    I’m pretty surprised to see this place closed. The food’s good, but I always thought it was over priced and was turned off by constant wait to get a table. I never really understood why people waited upwards of an hour to eat here. Plenty of neighborhood places have just as delicious chicken and waffles (Tabaq), Shrimp and Grits (Marvin’s), and plenty of other places have better deals on mimosas/bloody marys than bottomless for $16.

    Overpriced food, and a constant line. They should be able to keep their doors open, no?

  • mt p

    Bummer – I always liked it.

  • Bummer, it was a good, reasonably priced spot. I just hope someone steals their recipe for coconut cake. That was one of my favorite deserts in D.C.

  • pru

    That’s really surprising. That place was always so busy, it doesn’t make any sense.

    I absolutely loved their chicken & waffles and their shrimp & grits, even though the service was sometimes downright mean. I haven’t been in a while because I couldn’t bother with the wait for brunch, and also because they never served Saturday brunch, which amounts to half the brunches I eat.

  • gk
  • esha25

    Wow. Looks like ownership fired the entire management team. Seems suspect that the website would still have the closing announcement up there, even though the restaurant is planning on staying open.

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