Washington, DC

Thanks to all who sent links. Washington Business Journal’s Michael Neibauer has the scoop:

…the bid features multi-family rental units atop street-level retail — a hardware store, perhaps, or a Yes! Organic Market — in addition to EYA-built townhouses on the western end of the 121,825-square-foot site.

Bruce Monroe was closed after the 2008 school year and subsequently razed. Graham secured $1.5 million in the fiscal 2011 budget to temporarily enhance the space with playgrounds, a tennis court, two basketball courts and parking.

…the city needs several weeks to vet the Neighborhood Development Company/EYA bid before deciding how to move ahead.

Sound like a good use of the space?

I gotta admit, every time I walk past the, now, park it makes me smile because people seem to be having such a good time. Though I haven’t forgotten that bad blood is still felt by many after the school was razed. Can YES! Organic Market save the day?

Maybe we should aim higher…?


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