Medical Marijuana Clinics a Good Fit for Lower Georgia Ave, NW?

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A reader forwards the issue as posed by an ANC commisioner from the Columbia Heights Listserv:

“Over the last several weeks ANC1A commissioners have been getting calls and emails from persons interested in opening Medical Marijuana Clinics in the area. One spot of interest was near Georgia Ave. and Kenyon. In general commissioners are very leary of having the first clinics open in our area, primarily because of fear they could have a negative impact on the current drug trade. The current drug trade involves both illegal drugs and prescription drugs, the clinics may spawn spinoff trade. Comparisons have been made to the methadone clinics which have impacted the area. There are also concerns about the clinics being overseen by ABRA instead of DOH, locations next to schools and etc..

There has not been much community dialogue on this issue.

William Jordan, ANC1A05”

ANC commissioner, 1A08, Cliff Valenti was able to send me the recommendation ANC1A passed at its last meeting.

“Regarding the location of dispensaries, ANC1A recommends that they be located in medical facilities such as
Washington Hospital Center. Section (g) of the law states that a dispensary or cultivation center shall not be located
within any residential district or within 300 feet of a preschool, primary or secondary school, or recreation center.
ANC1A believes that the radius in the law should be changed to 500 feet. Additionally, the rules need to state that
• Are not located within 500 feet of a substance abuse treatment center.
• Are not located within 500 feet of a halfway house
• Are not located within 500 feet of a day care center”

You can read the full recommendation below:

ANC1A MM Recommendation

Cliff writes:

“I knew when this law passed that Georgia Avenue would be a contender for this “experiment”, and sure enough its the first location they have chosen for consideration. I think a more stable area, like Wisconsin Avenue, would help insure success of the program and the law. There is too much addiction, criminal behavior, and mental illness on Georgia Avenue for something new and controversial. The law is written without much consideration to the Pandora’s box it opens for law enforcement.”

What do you guys think – would lower Georgia Avenue be a good spot for a medical Marijuana dispensary? If not Georgia Ave, where do you think would be a more appropriate location?

Lower Georgia Ave at Euclid looking north

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