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Animal Fix: Found Cat and Wallace & Una conquer Snowpocalypse

by Prince Of Petworth September 3, 2010 at 3:30 pm 16 Comments

If you have a good animal/pet photos or news (including lost pets, pets for adoption, dog park news or any other interesting animal sightings) please shoot me an email with ‘Animal Fix’ in the title or upload to the PoPville flickr pool.

“Dear PoP,

I happened to be at City Paws this evening when a very nice man brought in a beautiful gray cat that he had found earlier today on S St., NW, between 14th and 15th. The cat had a pink collar, ID tags and was even marked as having a microchip, so you’d think it would have been easy to reunite her with her people, but no such luck.

Turns out the ID tags included a phone number that was disconnected, and the microchip that was supposedly installed wasn’t actually there. (The vet tech said she scanned everywhere, but still no chip.)

Since I happened to have my camera with me, I snapped a few pics (see attached) and told the man who found the gray beauty that I’d send them to you in hopes that you could help.

The cat really is sweet — even when surrounded by strangers — and, as you can see, she’s a real cutie.

Anyone who knows anything about the kitty should contact him (not me), since he went home with the cat. His name is Didier and he can be reached at [email protected] or 202.309.6724 (cell).

After the jump a blast from the past Snowpocalypse style.

“Wallace & Una conquer Snowpocalypse together.”

  • Cyberkitty owner

    Weird about the microchip. I had my cat chipped five years ago — the vet even ran the scanner over her after to show me it was there. But this year when I was getting ready to move again, the vet (a different vet) couldn’t locate the old chip at all and said that it must have never been there. He said it can migrate in the cat’s body but not get back out through the skin. So what the heck happens to them?

    • Original Poster

      We asked the same thing of the vet tech at City Paws. She said that sometimes, if the microchips are installed poorly, they’ll sit half in and half out of the skin, eventually working their way out.

  • WDC

    If the cat had a collar and tags, why did someone scoop it up? Some people let their cats roam. It’s not a good idea, but it doesn’t mean they’re lost.

    • engineergirl

      It’s a good idea if you have a cat that goes crazy if it’s inside all day. My old cat lived for those moments when he could climb trees and chase birds.

      I agree, the cat shouldn’t have been picked up unless it was hurt or something.

  • Eric in Ledroit

    are people seriously trying to argue that leaving your cat outside on S between 14th and 15th is a reasonable choice?

    outdoor cat zealots are nuts. cats don’t belong outdoors in any part of DC, but certainly not in the center city surrounded by major roads.

    • Anonymous

      much of dc is suburban and it’s fine to let your cats out.
      in the urban core, hell no.

  • Original Poster

    From what I understand, the cat was not just “picked up.” The cat was cowering in a corner outside near the man’s front door, and then when the man opened the door, the cat dashed in to the man’s house and hid. I think it was the cat’s anxious behavior that actually prompted Didier to pick the cat up and bring him to City Paws, hoping to find her owner. The lack of good info from the tags is what led to the problem. Otherwise, I’m guessing that he would have simply walked the cat to her home.

  • Dboe

    I think it’s great that this guy brought the cat to a safe place to reunite her with her person. I would be devastated if one of my cats was lost. People who let their cats outdoors should definitely put collars and tags on them so people know they aren’t strays or feral, but the information on the tags really needs to be up to date. This cat may simply be an indoor/outdoor cat, but there is no way for someone to know that when a cat shows up at their house and seems anxious. Good job to the guy who found her and good job to the poster for trying to help this cat find her person.

  • Anonymous

    Una and Wallace are cute though…

  • Florista

    I want that pretty kitty!

    • Amory

      A week ago, a VERY sweet cat started showing up in the alley behind my house. She is black and grey. She was clearly someone’s house cat. But she doesn’t have a collar. Sometimes she meows and pleas to come inside. I leave cat food and water for her. She is very sweet and likes to be pet. Clearly, this is not a feral kitty and is used to living inside a home. I would adopt her myself, but I just adopted another cat and he is extremely aggressive with other cats and would attack her. If anyone would like to adopt this cat, please email me ([email protected]) and I would be glad to send you pictures!

  • Nora

    Does CityPaws scan for all different types of microchips? Apparently, there are a couple of different companies that make them, and a scanner for one can miss the other kinds.

  • Petworthian

    My old indoor/outdoor cat (this was not is DC) “adopted” a second family down the street for a while. They fed him canned food and even gave him a new name. He would go down to their house for “second breakfast” and extra dinners. He was really good at acting like he hadn’t been fed and gained 2 pounds before we all caught on.

  • dog

    It looks to me like the blue tag is the microchip ID tag. Even if you can’t scan for the chip, you can call the microchip company and they can probably help you track down the owners or the vet practice or the place it was (hopefully) adopted from. Even if the phone is disconnected, they might have other details from their registration.

    This is also the reason why I recommend to all my adopters that every animal have an ID tag with 2-3 emergency cell phone numbers on it, and a physical address. Who cares if it has the animals name on it? Also, every year when you go to the vet for checkups please have them “check” the microchip. Sometimes they slip out or deactivate.

  • Liz Lostracco

    This gray cat has been hanging around all weekend. She is very sweet, but very thin. I live on Irving between 14th and 13th. She was in our front area because there was shade and hiding places. Neighbors said they recognized the cat as having been in the area before, but did not know to whom she belongs.

    I did not want to call Animal Control as I didn’t want her to be put down as is the unfortunate fate for most cats collected by Animal Control.

  • dittie

    I saw this cat on Harvard btwn 14th and 15th on Tuesday night!


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