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  • Bram

    …’Cuz when I see Cooper Black that makes me think of Italian sandwiches

  • R

    No prices on the menu… any idea how much these paninis cost?

    • Kim

      Mine was $6.49. IIRC, they ranged from about $5.00 to $6.49. The soup/salad combo was $6.99.

  • Kim

    I just finished eating my panini from Amorini Panini. The sandwich itself was pretty good. The meat and cheese were good quality, the bread was fine (but nothing special), and the sauce was good (but there was a little too much of it for my tastes).

    My only complaint is that they really were not at all prepared for the volume they did today. The line to order moved quickly, but I had to wait, and wait, and wait for my sandwich. Eventually, after a 20-minute wait (and after they were 10 numbers after mine, i.e. I was #34 and they were on #44), I asked about my sandwich. It came up about five minutes later, but they still didn’t call my number and just asked if anyone was waiting for a 9th Street Club. Of course, of the 20 or so people waiting, several of us were waiting for a 9th Street Club, which only caused greater confusion as we tried to figure out to whom the sandwich belonged. Then, I got a coupon for a free soft drink and chips on my next visit (which was nice of them). However, other people who had to wait about the same amount of time as me (or less time) got coupons for multiple free paninis, so it kind of annoyed me.

    All in all it was a good experience and I will likely be back, but I am going to wait a month or so to give them time to iron out their issues.

    • Kim

      *F Street Club, not 9th Street Club

      • PG

        The first rule of F Street Club is you do not talk about F Street Club.

  • Dan

    I went later in the day (didn’t realize until I asked that today was their first day). By then, the crowd had thinned out, so the wait wasn’t too long.

    All the servers were very friendly. The interior was cool and the panini was fine, but nothing to rave about. It’s a nice addition to the neighborhood (this block of F Street is starting to look really smart now), but the sandwich seemed like something you could easily make at home. Guess I’m spoiled by places in NYC that have better ingredients. I’ll probably go back again when I get bored with the selection at the nearby Pret a Manger.

  • Excited to be in the neighborhood. Kim, we want to make sure you are taken care of the right way. When can you come in for your Panini on the house? Ask for Jim and we’ll get you set up.

    Keep the feedback coming so we keep attracting the #1 customers in DC.

    PS. We had a pow wow last night and took everything we learned from our opening day and implemented it today and the numbers were spot on and the wait time was only 5 minutes. See you soon.

    Amorini Panini


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