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PoP Mini and Menu Preview – Beau Thai

by Prince Of Petworth — August 12, 2010 at 11:20 am 23 Comments

Since this photo was taken, a polished concrete countertop now adorns the half wall you see.

Earlier in the week I mentioned that Beau Thai a new restaurant will be opening up at the corner of R and New Jersey Ave, NW. At first we thought takeout would open Monday, then Thursday, now I’m hearing on twitter and elsewhere that it is now looking like a Friday opening. But I was able to get my hands on a menu which you can see in a pdf below:


If you can’t open the PDF and have a magnifying glass:

And here’s a bit more info from a Shaw resident working with the new restaurant:

“Beau Thai will initially operate as a fast food establishment due to zoning restrictions. Earlier this year, we submitted an application for a special exception to change the existing nonconforming use (fast food) into another nonconforming use (restaurant). Last month, ANC2C voted unanimously in favor of supporting our application, as did the Convention Center Community Association. We have a hearing before the Board of Zoning Adjustment on September 21, 2010 about our application. If all continues to go well, Beau Thai will be able to operate as a sit down restaurant soon thereafter.

I have sampled many of the items on the menu; the food is FANTASTIC! It’s so fresh, tasty, and authentic. Additionally, the space is really beautiful, with exposed brick walls, crystal pendant lights, dark hardwood floors, etc. As a Shaw resident myself, I can say Beau Thai will be a true asset for the neighborhood and I’m very excited about its opening!”

  • Anonymous

    It can’t open soon enough.

  • Brice

    Having served in the USAF in the early 70’s at U-tapao RTAF in Gulf of Siam, I experienced authentic Thai crusine. I did not go to the restaurants, but I tell you the best were the roadside stands where ‘mama-sans’ cooked dynamite dishes. I remember the spicy ingredients, and the people were so freindly. It is right around the corner from me, and I am very anxious to eat there.

    • Nikki

      My mother is from Rayong and worked at U-Tapao during the early-mid 70s. It’s a great area, still the nicest people in the world.

  • Danny Shicklesby

    Sounds great, but these Thai joints REALLY need to chill with the corny names. What’s next? Thai One On? Thai Me Up? Thai Coon? Thai Land?

    • Nikki

      The farangs love the cheesy names.

  • Anon

    Not to be a wet blanket, but the menu looks to be pretty standard Americanized Thai dishes. That is absolutely not to say that the food will be bad (basic Thai dishes done right are delicious), but I was hoping for something a little different. Maybe like Thai Xing without the byzantine logistical issues!

  • Anonymous

    Thai a yellow ribbon ’round the ol’ oak tree…

  • Polytasker

    So excited about this place – I live right around the corner. If the food is good (and boy, does the menu look promising) I’ll be there all the time. Can’t wait to try it out!

  • Brice

    Anon 12:49
    You hit the nail on the head. I hope the place turns out to be fine. When I arrived in country, I swore that I would not eat from the road side stands, however, that changed quickly. Thai food is very tasty, even the way the fried rice prepared with lemon and lime and other spices. Can you believe an order to go of fried rice served in a large sandwich bag with a rubber band on the corner for trying to your finger cost 5 baht (25 cents). Back then, that was a lot of money to the locals.
    It was a meal in itself. I want to taste that hot , spicey fish sauce over veggies. Probably the place will be quite crowded in the beginning, I will go when the excitement dies down a little.

    • PG

      The best (and cheapest) chicken satay I’ve ever had were cooked on a little sidewalk grill in Bangkok. I ate it many times and never got sick.

      • Anonymous

        back here in america guys….. what thai food do you like?

        • PG

          I like Sala Thai in Bethesda, but I’m a bit biased since I have a regular, once a month acoustic Blues gig there.

    • Nikki

      My mother is Thai and I’m a regular visitor to Bangkok, Phuket, and Chiang Mai. The street food is out of this world, and there is nothing here that even comes close. Not that Americanized Thai food sucks or anything, but it’s really not the same. The closest thing I have found is at Po Siam in Del Ray.

      • Jaynuze

        Great beef noodle soup!

  • jt$

    I love that you can’t swing a dead cat around without hitting a Thai restaurant in DC. My most recent discovery is the Panang Curry at Mai Thai on 19th near M. Best I’ve had in the city.

    Also an update on Teak Wood on 14th, they’ve been doing lots of work and it looks like it wouldn’t be more than another month or two before it opens to hopefully show Thai Tanic how it’s done.

  • Brice

    Anon 2:00,
    I prefer noodles and vegatables w/ spicy shimp. Add some chili sauce on the side. I also like chicken w/ eggplant, garlic and basil. And as stated, Thai Fried Rice w/ egg fried over easy. I like to rinse it down with an ice cold BECKS !! What about you?

  • i’m really looking forward to this place!
    thanks for posting the menu PoP.

  • Trust me, this place is going to be amazing: all of the curries are made from scratch, you can expect daily authentic Thai specials, they use only high quality and fresh ingredients, etc.

  • Muttly

    Bring it on! I’ll spend many dollars at this place for sure.

    And if they ever get that huge area out front that is made to be an awesome patio, turned in to an awesome patio… this place will be really sweet.

  • Anonymous

    i’ve been told real thai food differs from the american thai stuff in that here they dump a lot of sugar into the sauces and cooking to satisfy american sweet teeth. i can’t know if that’s correct or not having never been to Thailand.

  • Allyson

    I think my favorite corny Thai restaurant name was “Three Bow Thais” in Brooklyn. Sadly, the food wasn’t much better than the name though.

  • Anonymous

    i had the sala thai that was (is?) in cleveland park was was pretty unimpressed. so unimpressed that i never tried the one on u street even though i live closer to it.

    there are 15 thai places between me and bethesda so i probably wont ever make it to that one.

    • Anonymous

      sorry, i was trying to reply to someone.


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