Washington, DC

“Dear PoP,

What’s the deal with the school on Sherman Circle (Kansas & Buchanan)? I’ve lived here over two years and have never seen much of any activity at the building. It isn’t listed on DC’s school website. Recently, there’s been heavy construction activity there. This has to be one of the ugliest school buildings in the district. But, it’s on a perfect site, and the adjoining ballpark is underdeveloped, but heavily used, and could be a fantastic asset to the hood. So, what’s the scoop?”

Construction started here back in March. At that time we learned from Wayan that the school will become:

“E.L. Hayes public charter school will soon start their construction and remodeling of the Clark School [4501 7th Street, NW] in Petworth. This will soon be the home of elementary and high school classes for E. L. Hayes students in fall 2010.”

E.L. Haynes has a current school building located at 3600 Georgia Avenue, NW.


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