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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this week?

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  1. Rave: Guided By Voices @ 9:30 in October!
    Rant: 110 heat index.

  2. Rave: Got my tickets to the Virgin Mobile Free Fest with no problems.

  3. Rave: Nice day, leaving work early today, going to see a couple of kickass bands with some friends tonight (at a venue very close to home.)

    Good gig tomorrow, and I just signed up to have Fios installed.

    mini-Rant: have to take a half day off next week for the Fios installation, but it should be worth the time off.

  4. Rave: I start my first semester of grad school on September 1st!!

    Rave: Dating — huzzah! Sometimes dating can really suck, but I dig it right now.

    Rant: 16th Street construction and Metro’s inability to run S buses in any type of reasonable timeframe. I’m going to drive to work for awhile and avoid all that B.S…

  5. rave: virgin mobile tickets, plans to go camping with friends in a couple of months (thanks groupon!), gentrification

    rant: heat, dogs with fleas, and houses without central air

  6. How did you get the promo code? I really, really, really, want to go!

  7. my bf got the code from a friend… he said it was ‘LOFT’, but i dont know what the ticket situation is now. good luck!

  8. Rave: Coolest Pet in Popville contest. I love all the pets, I just love some more than others (Lumpy you are still coolest in my book).

  9. Rant: my husband and baby left for vacation today and I miss them already.

    Rave: my husband and baby left for vacation today and there will be peace and quiet and no one else’s mess for the next week.

  10. Hooray for dads with the right stuff. You miss them, but think how many other moms desperately need a little time off, and don’t ever get it. Here in 2010, I still know dads who refer to time spent alone with their offspring as “babysitting”. (Not my baby-daddy… he’ll be taking ours on vacation in a couple of weeks.)

  11. Rant: Cat hairballs

    X-tra Rant: Dogs who eat them.

  12. TaylorStreetMan

    “Dogs who eat them.”

    shouldn’t that be a rave? No clean up for you! I wish we had one of those hairball-eating pups around here.

  13. clearbluewater33

    Rant: I had surgery yesterday to correct a bone problem. I’m not in any pain but the Vicodin makes me SO EFFIN ITCHY. But I can’t take anything stronger because it rips up my stomach.

    Rant2: I’m pretty wobbly on the crutches so I have to have supervision when getting up and going to the bathroom. Nothing says being an adult like calling your mom in the other room at 2 am to help you to the bathroom.

    Rave: I have an excuse to stay in out of the heat and be lazy for the next few days.

  14. you can take a benadryl 1/2 hour before the vicodin -if it doesn’t make you too drowsy

  15. Rave: Going to the beach in a few weeks. Getting comfy new couch.
    Rant: Is that dead mouse I smell? Ugh.

  16. Rant: 36 weeks pregnant and 110 heat index.

  17. Rant: imbeciles at work that can’t do their job and then get defensive about it when you call them on it!

    Rave: heading to the pool for some laps after work, bookclub meeting on Sat…love hanging out w/ the ladies eating and drinking…oh yeah and discussing the book

    Rave: my daddy is coming home after being away for a year…lucky old man he has been travelling for a year, will return for a few weeks and then depart YET AGAIN!

  18. Rant: Congress punting on global climate change legislation
    Rave: Friends of mine are pregnant (and letting me be ‘uncle’)

  19. That’s a fun feeling. My “fake nephew” turns 1 next month, and I’m going to spoil the shit out of him!

  20. Rave: Its Friday

    2nd Level Rave: Going to big-budget movies starring Angeline Jolie on hot days.

    Rant: Pedestrians [as usual]

    2nd Level Rant: Heat and failing A/C

  21. Feeling bad at the passing of Mr. Bill (last name unknown), who used to stand on the sidwalk at 4800 Ft Totten Drive nearly every evening that the weather was not too bad and say hello to everyone passing by. I came to look forward to the kind word and freindly wave from him every evening, though I could barely understand him. I will miss him.

    He passed away this past Tuesday from what is believed to have been cancer.

  22. Are you sure that Sluggo wasn’t involved in his death?

  23. TaylorStreetMan

    sorry to hear about Mr Bill.

  24. TaylorStreetMan

    rave: bbq with friends tomorrow!

    rant: we’ll be inside, huddled around the a/c window unit

    (minor) rant #2: I’ll be standing over the grill.

  25. Rant: I hate all of the negative comments that judge and insult others on this message board. Dumb stereotypes are being propagated. I love differing perspectives and debate, but many make incorrect assumptions about people’s race, class, family history, it goes on and on.
    It has made me hesitant to participate in this anonymous “community”.

    Rave: People who give eye contact and say hello to other people in the street, race, age, gender be damned.

  26. TaylorStreetMan

    “Rave: People who give eye contact and say hello to other people in the street, race, age, gender be damned.”

    ditto that. so, are you from the South or the Midwest? I’ll be surprised if you say you’re from the DC area.

  27. New England, actually. Maybe I get it from my old man. He grew up in Milwaukee.

  28. I don’t think you got it from Boston. Folks aren’t the most pleasant to strangers up there at times.

  29. I do not like saying hello and making eye contact with strangers on the street, especially strange men, of any race or age. I’m pretty sure it’s be cultural. Please respect my culture and do not get all up in my face.

  30. TaylorStreetMan

    saying hello is “getting all up in your face”?
    man, that’s a harsh existence.

  31. A lot of men will try to hit on any woman that makes any sort of eye contact with them at all. I think it gets old after a while.

  32. TaylorStreetMan

    no doubt. but referring to saying hello as “getting all up” in her face is nutty. I mean, does she walk around just waiting for some fisheyed fool to give her the stink eye so she can bussacap all up in his ass? whattup, G? Fool better step off!

    Wearing a permanent scowl will give you wrinkles, ladies!

  33. It gets really, really, really old! And fast.

  34. if you look me in the eye while on the street, i will say hi. and all i mean is “hi”.

    thats my culture and i’m not changing that because you’re scared of “the other”.

  35. TaylorStreenMan, indeed a man. You will never know what it’s like when strange men on a daily basis say “Hey Baby, Hey Beautiful, How u doing?” then “What, too good to speak to me?” followed by obscene names and graphic, often sexual, threats. Hm, strange that I get less “Hellos” on the street when I’m walking with my husband. I’m not a Muslim, but sometimes I totally understand wearing the hijab.

  36. to compare “hi” to ” Hey Baby, Hey Beautiful, How u doing?” then “What, too good to speak to me?” followed by obscene names and graphic, often sexual, threats.”

    is obscene.
    street pleasantries should be encouraged. street harassment should merit castration.

    also, muslims aren’t the only people to wear hijabs, despite what the evening news tells you.

  37. Rant (kind of) R.I.P Dan Schorr

  38. Rave: I managed to get enough money together to pay off two months rent + fees to get my eviction lawsuit dropped.

    Rant: I’ve been in DC nine months and I’m still not gainfully employed…Ughhhhhhh

  39. What do you do?

  40. Marcus Aurelius

    Rant: It’s almost August. Enough with the freaking fireworks!

  41. Rave: Work is almost over for the day

    Rant: Crimes committed by people disguised as the elderly

  42. TaylorStreetMan

    that made me laugh out loud!

  43. I’ll take my chances…

  44. Rave: The repointing on my house is complete and it looks like a brand new house. No more rain in my living room and replastering/repainting every 6 months.

    Rave: Sometimes you get caught up in the day-to-day BS of being in the epicenter of politics with it’s poorly thought out arguments, hair trigger reactions, and all around stupidity, that you need to take time out and clear your head and take a chill pill. Almost every problem we have in society has a practical solution and when they work, they’re rarely ideologically pure.

  45. Rave: How much for the pointing job?!?

    Rant: Wanna pay for mine?

    Rant #2: Where do people make all this money?! :)

  46. Rave: References for the dream job were checked and gave glowing reviews.

    Rave: One panel interview and two one-on-one interviews later and the second round interview is done!

    Rant: Now the waiting for “You’re perfect and I want to give you this job” call commences…

  47. Rave: My husband will be home tomorrow after a 3 month deployment overseas. I don’t think I will be able to sleep tonight with all my excitment.


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