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New restaurant/Taqueria Coming to 1819 14th St, NW

by Prince Of Petworth July 12, 2010 at 9:39 pm 19 Comments

Back in April, we first noticed movement at this space. It had been closed for years. A commenter at the time thought it was purchased by the owners of nearby Masa 14.

We know that Masa 14 is already looking to expand into the second floor of their current location but has anyone else heard that they may be opening up a new taqueria as well?

The alcohol application says:

“New restaurant/Taqueria with entertainment serving Mexican cuisine. Entertainment to include
acoustic bands, Mexican style music. Restaurant will have Summer Garden with 99 seats and a
Sidewalk Café with14 seats. Total occupancy load is 274.”

Who ever owns it, it sounds like it’ll be pretty sweet!

  • Anon

    Sounds familiar- is this the same place that was slated for 9th and V?

  • Rick Shard

    I can’t wait till this place is cleaned up. A good start would be to remove the Hitler salute graffiti.

  • Jason

    Would it be too much to request a diner devoid of charred ethnic chicken?

    • ontarioroader

      Chickens are pretty proud animals, not sure they’d really be cool with you trying to deprive them of their ethnicity.

  • Anonymous

    I’m guessing it would be too much to ask for this place just to serve up tasty, authenic Mexican food and decent margaritas instead of some kind of fancy organic fusion tacos at $17 a pop and obscure tequilas at $12 a shot or something absurd isn’t it?

    • I agree – some real basic Mexican food with the queso blanco and I woul be in heaven! Have not been able to find the good cheese dip in DC yet!


    THere’s decent cheap Mexican right across the street at 14th and T.

    • Anonymous


      • Eric in Ledroit

        across the street at 14th and t.

  • Anonymous

    It is owned by the MASA guys

  • Steve

    As someone who grew up around Mexicans, and who goes to Mexico frequently, let me assure you that Mexican food in DC sucks ass.

    Taquería Distrito Federal is authentic but rather mediocre — it’s basically the food you would get at a random restaurant by the side of the road in some provincial backwater. Also, DF is overpriced compared to the quality.

    I’m definitely intrigued to see what this place turns into. If I could just get a decent taco al pastor in this town, my life would improve a hundredfold.

  • Jason

    I love how people who grew up around certain people become authorities on said people.


    • Authentic


      • Anonymous

        whatever jason. i can see alaska from my house.

  • Al

    what i heart is (from very reliable source) masa 14 people are opening an authentic mexican dirt cheap taqueria,
    one of the owner of masa 14 is mexican,
    you do the math!

  • Pancho

    “Taqueria El Poblano” in Arlington and Del Ray has great Mexican Food including Tacos. They are locally owned. Their take is CaliMex but that is a subtle undetected tiny detail to Washington starved Mexican devotees, the food is just really good.

    Agree most Mexican Food here is bad whatever the variation. But if I do see pupusas on the menu I’ll just order them cause I luv them too and know I’ll be spared the pain of the other.

  • Pancho

    Wish “Taqueria El Poblano” wud open a location around 14th, they would be a huge hit. Hopefully they will get the word !!

  • Hotness

    Pica Taco W st and 14th. stella

  • Anon

    Probably you mean El Paraiso.


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