Washington, DC

On Friday I headed down to Penn Quarter to follow up on a reader tip about a new Panini place coming to town. And indeed Amorini Panini is coming to 906 F Street NW.

But I also happened to stop into the storefront next door, 908 F St, NW, announcing an antique sale:

At first it looks like a standard store front but when you walk to the back (see first photo) you can see it is gigantic. The guy running the antique sale said that a group from California had recently visited the space to determine if it would be a good spot for a gym including a huge indoor climbing wall. I think an indoor climbing wall in this huge location would be fantastic. What do you guys think – would it be successful at this location?

I’ll be sure to update when/if a deal is signed at this location (and of course, when the panini place opens.)


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