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  • Dittle

    It would be cool if it were the same one!

  • Anonymous

    This is on Florida Ave NW, right? Near 13th St?

  • maiesenb

    I just used that grill at their house on Saturday. Amazing porch

  • F.A.R

    It is the same one that was offered for free a few blocks down. I think they wanted to give it a new life with a new purpose…

  • China

    oh, i just love that wheelbarrow — it looks so beautiful — just makes me happy each time i drive by it — whoever painted it is genius for recycling old materials into art!

  • anonymous

    great color schematic — whoever chose those paints really took their time and did a great job :)

  • Anonymous

    What will those ppl think of next?

  • Anonymous

    I’m surprised it’s still there…

  • May

    i love this.


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