Stabbing Outside Petworth Metro on Georgia Ave, NW

by Prince Of Petworth April 13, 2010 at 10:23 am 45 Comments

“Dear PoP,

Around 10:30 tonight in front of the elevator to the Georgia Ave metro station there was a stabbing. Apparently a fight between several people broke out and 2 guys were stabbed. Seemed to be targeted and not robbery, but I’m not positive on that.Judging from the amount of blood we saw I would assume the victims are in bad shape. Hopefully they will catch whoever did this quickly.”

And thanks to @BuckRogers25 for sending me numerous twitter updates. I’m trying to find out if anyone was arrested but haven’t heard anymore this morning.

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  • Prince Of Petworth

    Just in from MPD:

    “Yesterday evening, around 10:15 pm, a stabbing occurred at the Petworth Metro Station. 2 adult victims received stab wounds and were transported to an area hospital for treatment. This case is being investigated by the Metro Transit Police Department. A press statement from the Metro Transit Police with additional information is forthcoming.”

  • petworthian

    I rode the 70 bus up Georgia around 9:50-10:00 last night and saw a group of teens (7-8) fighting on the west end of the station by the new condos. Two groups were going back and forth and a couple of guys seemed to have their belts out trying to whip each other. I guess it obviously escalated.

    • Anonymous

      Did you call the police?

      • Anonymous

        I might not have done it from the bus. Doesn’t DC have a text/SMS ‘tipline’? I would have used that, probably.

        • Prince Of Petworth

          You can text 911

          link is in this post:


          • ontarioroader

            You can not text 911. There is an MPD “tip line” that you can text at 50411, but it is not for emergencies.

            from MPD’s website:

            “Neither of these anonymous tips lines [50411 or 1-888-919 CRIME] is an emergency number. If you witness a crime in progress or have an emergency that requires the police, please call 911.”

        • Anonymous

          man up. you’re on a damn bus passing by – not standing in front of the kids fighting.

          • UrbanOtter

            “Man up!” sternly intones … the anonymous commenter. Priceless, lol.

  • Very Smart Brotha

    Two questions:

    1) Why is this news?
    2) I find it interesting that you only really report on areas going through gentrification. You really don’t cover what’s going on in Anacostia on daily basis, as you do Petworth, Adams Morgan, Columbia Heights, even Cap Hill.

    This will probably get deleted, like most of my other posts, because PoP seems to be scared of defending themselves. I need to come out to one of your happy hours and ask you these questions in person because I find a lot of the happenings on this site to be quite elitist, gentry-centric, and down-right racists. Yet, because the majority of the site is white, and for that matter, did not originally grow up in DC, it seems to be shoveled under a rug.

    • The top of the city is a looooong way from Congress Heights. How is a stabbing on two majors roads and the metro station in Petworth not news on a site called Prince of Petworth? Frozen Tropics and And Now Anacosita are two great blogs covering the non-gentrified areas; as you so put it.

    • Anonymous

      This is a blog dedicated to those areas. You shouldn’t be surprised. That’s why most posts are on Petworth and the surrounding area. This is news because there was a stabbing last night at a metro stop.

      If you have issue with someone, try a major paper like the Post. That’s legitimate. But this is a blog.

      • And a very good blog at that.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I’m happy to answer all questions at the Apr. 29th Happy Hour at Social!

      And a bit more about the site…


    • Smarter Brother

      I never post on here, but in response to “Very Smart Brotha”… I think most of the news on this site focuses on the areas closer to Petworth because the site is mostly dedicated to Petworth and the surrounding areas. It is called “Prince of Petworth”, but I am sure you saw that, right? I know that there are posts about DC in general, but more often than not it focuses on the areas closer to Petworth. And while I understand your point of view, I think you are way off on this one.

      The real point is: I hope the people injured are OK, and all parties involved are found and properly punished and assisted with getting on the right track.

      Good talk.

    • Not very smart


    • anon

      The site is called “Prince of Petworth” for a reason (notice the “Petworth”). I live in the vicinity and I want to know what’s happening in my neighborhood. I also don’t understand why you wouldn’t want to know if people were being attacked or murdered down the street from where you live!!! Do you not care about your neighbors?

      Stop trying to be divisive and join your neighbors to make our neighborhood more safe for EVERYONE.

    • Geographically-challenged Brotha moonlights as Morally-Challenged Brotha. Together they make a great case for gentrification. Now you’ll please excuse my while I care.

  • Very Smart Brotha

    Thank you for your response. I appreciate that. I’ve read “And Now Anacostia” a few times and it seems to come from a very gentrified point of view. You can tell the blogger hasn’t really been living there too long. I’ll check out Frozen Tropics. Thank you for the recommendation.

    It’s really not news because it doesn’t affect the people that live in Petworth. A scuffle happened, a targeted issue and I’m sure it will never affect anyone under the umbrella, if you know what I mean.

    Do people in Petworth/CH actually fear their surroundings? I grew up on Hanover Place & Randolph St in the late 80’s all the way through the Mid-90’s. This type of stuff is absolutely nothing to most people who have been living in a non-sheltered (sheltered being Woodley, Cleveland, etc) area of DC for 20+ years.

    So yeah, not sure why this would be news? We know we have a crime issue, we always have, but to inform people about the ‘dangers’ almost on a daily basis is a bit much, imo.

    I understand I only speak for myself though, so who knows. I could be very off base, but as a long-time resident, we’ve pretty much done and seen it all.

    Cap Hill is far from Petworth too, yet, it’s reported on through this blog.

    • Anonymous

      If you don’t like the point of view that these blogs are written from, start your own from *your* point of view…or at least the point of view you think they should focus on.

      One could argue that the entire purpose of these blogs is to discuss and encourage the gentrification of these neighborhoods. You could surely start a blog that is anti-gentrification, discussing how to preserve a historic community (though i can’t promise that hipsters won’t latch on to it :) Some will surely point fingers at both as being “racist” or “classist.”

    • saf

      Have you read the Congress Heights blog yet?

      And I don’t fear my surroundings. But I do think it is important to know what’s going on. The fact is, you may be used to the level of violence, but it is not and never has been acceptable.

      (And I suppose you could call me a gentrifier, but I have been here a very long time.)

    • Steve

      What the heck is a “gentrified point of view?” Like any one likes to see sabbings or gunfights.

      • White people are bad because they drive up property taxes and push minorities to other areas.

        • saf

          And buppies?

          • Buppie?

            Why bring buppies into this? I’m just trying to prove that a brother can make, while maintaing my street cred. AND getting the benefit of gentrifiers moving into the hood.

    • briefly

      VSB, just out of curiosity, what would your blog be about? You know you can make one easy on blogspot/blogger.com or wordpress.com. Then you can rant about all the white people taking your city away. Do you own your home perchance? Just curious again.

  • Smarter Brother

    Wow… everyone beat me to it. Good talk.

  • Informing people of the “dangers” of crime isn’t the point. This is a site with a focus on news items in Petworth. If you truly think that “Doors of the Day” and “Album Covers of the Week” are newsworthy and appropriate, yet a stabbing outside the main commercial and transportation thoroughfare of our community is not, then let’s just agree to disagree.

  • Anonymous

    Hmm, I’m a single female considering buying a house just a few blocks from here. Are these types of incidents common at this metro? In the opinion of the locals, is the crime problem getting better or worse? or stagnant?
    Thanks for any advice! I’m so excited to embrace this neighborhood, but I want to know what I’m getting into first.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      These incidents are most definitely not common. Feel free to email me directly if you have specific questions.

      • Detective

        Anybody have any clues who did the stabbing??

    • Ross

      Not common at all and increasingly less so. And the incidents that do exist, while totally unacceptable, are like this — targeted. It really is a fantastic, safe, and fun neighborhood.

    • statistical weenie

      MPD has a great website for you to see the data yourself.


      Any data that you get from people who live in the neighborhood will be anecdotal. While that’s great to get a sense of the “feeling,” there will be a lot of bias in that. See the actual data for yourself.

      My anecdotal evidence says that robberies (with or without force) are still pretty common in the neighborhood (ie: several per month).

      Thankfully, the site above helps level those perceptions. For example: compare a 1000ft radius from the GA Ave metro station to 1700 Corcoran St (Soviet Safeway, a pretty “safe” location), you find the following:

      Total violent crimes:
      Soviet Safeway: 39 for past year, 5 in past month
      Petworth Metro: 47 for past year, 4 in past month

      One can argue muggings vs stabbings, etc…but the stats aren’t really all that drastically different in my mind.

    • saf

      I live a block and a half from there and have for quite a while.

      Not common.

  • Hokie in the Hood

    yes i am scared that people are stabbing eachother and murderring eachother within blocks of where i live.

    no i don’t think it’s unjustified that i fear violence

    yes i was raised in a affluent suburbian household


    btw – people like me are pretty equally represented if not the majority in the are around the Columbia Heights metro, we invested in the area by buying property, and we will make sure the area continues to change for the better by getting drug dealers, prostitures (almost gone), and gang bangers out of our neighborhood and continuing to embrace all hard working people of any ethnicity who want to build a community to live, work, and raise their children in.

    • PFL

      Even targeted violence can have unintended victims. Just ask the family of the young boy who was shot and killed (through the wall of their home I believe) not long ago.
      Furthermore, when violent activity erupts, nobody tells the bystanders: “Don’t worry, this isn’t a robbery” or “we only have knives this time, not guns”.

      “Very Smart Brotha”: go read the thread from yesterday about advice from MPD http://www.princeofpetworth.com/2010/04/dear-pop-interesting-advice-from-mpd/

      It is news, it is relevant, and it is sad. Just because some of us have been doing s**t like this to each other for years, doesn’t make it ok. In fact, it’s f***ing embarrassing…

  • PetworthRes

    This incident is both uncommon yet typical of what tends to happen in Petworth. It’s uncommon because there are few serious crimes (such as a stabbing or a shooting) around the metro, and few muggings – compared to other areas like Columbia Heights or U Street. There are also much fewer property crimes compared to the more affluent parts of DC (Dupont, Adams Morgan, etc). When I lived in Adams Morgan, where I felt very safe (because so many people were out on the street) but there were probably daily muggings or crimes along my walk from the Woodley Park metro whereas I think there are only a few per year along my walk home from the Petworth metro (north on New Hampshire Ave).

    The part that is completely typical is that it sounds like people who knew each other got in a fight – the victim knew his attacker. Almost every single violent crime that happens in Petworth follows this pattern. The amount of these crimes is decreasing because many of the houses that used to be drug nuisance properties have sold – it’s gotten very quiet and peaceful in my part of Petworth (north of metro, south of Upshur).

    I feel very safe in Petworth…have lived here for 5 years and have not had any problems.

  • astrange

    @ Very Smart Brotha. Unfortunately it does affect us that live in Petworth. Tell the poor bystanders who had blood all over them trying to help the victims that this incident didn’t affect them. If something happens to my neighbors, whether it’s targeted or random, it does affect us.

  • Anonymous

    I lived in CH for 8 years and since I have been here for all the development that has been taking place around the metro I can appreciate the huge positive progress for me, but I still know what it used to be and find myself be cautious walking around at night, more so than newer residents. I am amazed when I see newer residents walk around late at night taking on cell phones, etc. Maybe it is truly safer than before, but I want to hear from new residents how they feel about CH in comparison to other metro accessible hoods such as Cleveland park, Woodley park, u street area, etc and why they moved here?

  • David Tumblin

    This incident occured within the ANC single member district 4C06. As several posters have stated, this is not the kind of activity we expect in our neighborhood, and the many neighbors, whether born here or recent arrivals, object to the activity and the conditions that lead to such incidents.

    If you are considering moving nearby, you will find close neighbors working together to better our community. And you will find individuals who respect long-term neighbors and welcome new community members.

    Please feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] if you are considering a move to our neighborhood, and I can give you more information.

  • Anonymous

    Publicizing criminal activity is one step on the path to eradicating it. So, yes, no matter how common or uncommon a type of crime, it should be publicized.

  • Anonymous

    agreed. also, if the public is made aware of the crimes that are taking place, they can pressure the police to increase their presence (eg: walking the beat, patrolling vs. sitting, etc), which will also help drive down these occurrences.

  • Petworth Neighbor

    I also agree that publicizing these kinds of events is important. Why? because it brings awareness and helps unify folks to make efforts to solve the problems. These events impact those involved, and bystanders.

    Downplaying these events with a “that’s just the way it is” attitude is not acceptable to me or many of the neighbors I know, newcomers and longer time residents, folks here since the 60’s. Of course we realize these things happen, but knowing the details and what efforts are being made to stop it is important.

    I’m glad this blog exists. VSB should start his own blog and post about his ‘real’ news.

  • PW neighbor

    Very Smart Brotha, you say you have lived here for a while and crime is usual, well on my block in Petworth (very close to the Metro stop) we have 3 neighbors who grea up on the block and their parents were the original owners of the circa 1913 homes. Have you been here that long? They tell me of the original times when the neighborhood started out and was VERY mixed. The original owners of my house were Italian, my neighbor knew them personally. So stop with your bad-mouthing Petworth, it hasn’t always been bad. You haven’t been here long enough to know the good times, but there were many good times here. It was a normal middle/working class neighborhood which has gone through hard times. I will not feel badly for movning into the neighborhood, no matter how much you complain.

  • pworthit

    Back to the stabbing…any new information? Are the victims okay? Has anyone been arrested?

  • WarderResident

    I live in Park View and I enter/exit the Georgia Ave/Petworth Metro Station quite often, so yes, this is news that is fairly important to me.

    However, Very Smart Brotha does make a very good point: this blog is somewhat biased and I think the blog could benefit from “non-gentrified” viewpoints, particularly from the criminal element–kind of like NPR’s “This I Believe” except essays could be like “Why I Shot that Guy on Quebec Pl.” or “Why I Can’t Seem to Put Trash in a Garbage Can Ten Feet Away.”

    I guess part of this interest comes from the fact that MPD stopped publishing narratives with their crime reports. It’s kind of frustrating to read about a “Robbery (Strong Arm), 3pm-1am” which is not very useful, especially if you want to figure out what not to do. More helpful would be some criminal commentary like “saw distracted middle-aged women walking down street with iPod, followed for 2 blocks before stealing.”

    Perhaps PoP could offer guest posting opportunities for the criminal element?


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