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  • Brian

    I’d like your readers to also read the following article about the Peaceoholics and the seedy dc politics behind it:

    Thank you

    • anon

      No Mission in Petworth. No affordable housing in Columbia Heights, No assisted halfway programs for Congress Heights. Such compassion from the people of DC. Lets just bus the poor, crime prime, people of color to the outter reaches of greater metro area. It’s a new age in Washington DC ladies and gents.

      • Brian

        I’m all for moving the crime prime category out of here. Are you saying you enjoy crime? How about let them move on your street? Poor people and people of any color are welcome anywhere.

      • Anonymous

        compassion comes in many forms. don’t dis peoples that perform their acts of charity in ways that differ from yours.

        many of us in DC have seen years and years of sustained poverty and ignorance enabled by groups that simply do not know how to foster strong independent people. groups that actually gain power as people they serve do not get any better.

        the new age we hope for is and age of accountability. and its well past due.

  • Anonymous

    Rant 1: Bloody mugging at the corner of Oak and Holmead last night. You know, one of the “nice” corners of CH.

    Rant 2: Why can’t the cops clean that shit up?

    Rant 3: I had always assumed those sidewalk splatters were wing sauce. I miss my naivety.

    Rant 4: Sucky weather this weekend. Though maybe the rain will wash the blood off the sidewalk.

    Odd observation on Spring and Holmead: a happy cat carrying something black and white and fuzzy in its mouth. Large hamster? Small rabbit? Pet rat gone feral?

    • PG

      Someday a real rain will come and wash all the scum from the street.

    • briefly

      This is kitten season, momma cats are carrying kittens around. Mebbe that…

      • Anonymous

        I can’t believe I didn’t think of that. Yes, of course it was a kitten! *facepalm*

        • briefly

          They also might lick the blood up? (just trying to be helpful) ;)

          • PetworthRes

            hee hee

            and sigh, kittens. If you are a cat lover and you like kittens please, please try to find someone who can trap and tame tiny kittens. For most kittens if they don’t have human contact by 10 wks of age they are feral for life, and that’s not a good life :(

  • clearbluewater33

    Rant: The man of my dreams who was supposed to be getting out of the army in a month decided to reup and now deploys in 2 weeks. Because of this he severed contact with me last night and doesnt want to talk to me again since long distance never works (his words not mine). Despite the fact we’ve been long distance since we met. I’m pretty much bawling at my desk and haven’t slept since he and i talked last night. I’m devastated to say the least. I think I’m done with military men…or really just men at all.

    Rave: I have the best friends who have been very supportive through the WTF-ry thats been the last few days hours.

    Rave2: I work for a social service agency. We always have lots of tissues.

    • Anonymous

      You ain’t alone in suffering. And please don’t let one (or a dozen) bad apples spoil the bunch.

      • DC

        How is he a bad apple, would it have been nicer to string her along. At least he told her the truth now.

        • Anon


        • clearbluewater33

          its very out of the blue and unlike him. We were best friends as well as in a relationship so to entirely cease contact is strange. I’m hoping when all the turmoil of staying in things will settle out and Ill get a better answer. Who Knows. All I know is that I’m very sad.

          • briefly

            He loves you and he loves his unit (the military one). The unit just needs him more. Hang in there and be proud of the good soldier, and give yourself some time (and heck, be proud of yourself too).

  • ET

    Rave: Gorgeous day!!!

    Rant: I’m inside (boo hiss) :(

  • Avant Fairfax.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: My adult, professional students are always late for class.
    Rave: They are mostly intelligent, so few stupid questions.

    • TaylorStreetMan

      But they don’t take their continuing ed very seriously if they are always late. That’s stupid in my book, especially if they paying for it.

      But, let me guess: Government Program paying tuition?

      • Emmaleigh504

        Update: Now some have quit showing up to class all together.

        I train new hires, so this is training they need to do their work quickly and efficiently. They work on production, so it’s going to hurt them in the long run. Their bosses also see my class rosters, so when they mess up the bosses will know why.

  • hip-hop anonymous

    Rant: I am totally burnt out at the job. As in, every day is like banging my head against a brick wall. At the same time, I’m pretty sure my boss is trying to push me out. If I quit, I don’t get unemployment…but I don’t have the energy to keep going. I also don’t want to quit because I don’t want to give the boss the satisfaction.

    Rave:…the weather? I don’t know. Not many raves these days.

    **Hey clearbluewater–where do you work, and are you guys hiring???

    • clearbluewater33

      Catholic Charities of Arlington and yes we have a few openings through the area.

      • Anonymous

        Catholic Charities? Isn’t that an oxymoron?

  • Brownie

    Rant: the term “people of color,” used typically to mean any non-white. So, my gripe is: white is a color. better yet, white people aren’t actually “white,” they’re a shade brown just like everyone else, which I was always told was a color.

    White people are not transparent or translucent. Skin color of any type is a color, so let’s stop using this thinly-veiled reverse racist exclusionary PC term for “all of us except the whiteys”.

    By the way, before you blast me, know that I’m not white.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Not to be argumentative, but some of us whiteys are pretty damn close to transparent. My veins are very visible. I also glow in the dark, and that’s when I have a tan.

      But I get what you are saying, all people are a variety of colors.

      • TaylorStreetMan

        Yeah, you right, baby!
        Just fyi, my bro is down in NOLA for Jazzfest and I’m actually thoroughly green with envy… so not white at all! :-)

        He rubbed it in about eating an awesome muffaletta out in Metry!

        • Emmaleigh504

          Now I’m green too! I hate your brother, but in the nicest of ways.

          • TaylorStreetMan

            Me too. I’m gonna punch him in the belly when he gets back. Twice. Once for each of us!

  • Charlie Jones

    rave: going to me 5 year college reunion this weekend!
    rant: it’s supposed to rain all weekend…

    random question: does anyone know the story behind the watermellon house on q and 11 or so? i’ve always meant to check whether its a private residence or some sort of business….

  • grumpy

    rant: melodrama – can’t wait until i can be free of it!

  • Lady

    Rant: I have a mad hankering for a lobster roll!!!

    Rave: I’m pretty happy about my life if that’s all I have to complain about.

  • ‘Nonmiss

    @Anonymous 12:29pm. Do you have any details about the mugging on Holmead/Oak?

    • Anonymous

      Yes, it was around 12:20am. Middle-aged Hispanic man was jumped by 2-3 men and beaten. The cop told a neighbor that the victim was “one of the regulars”, a drunk who is known to them from barfights. He also said “these kids are out of control”, referring to the attackers. So it seems to me that the attackers weren’t known to the victim. That’s an assumption, obviously.
      The attackers were long gone by the time the cops arrived, though I will say that they got there pretty quickly. The victim stood around talking to the cops for quite a while, then left by ambulence. Don’t know the extent of his injuries, but he seemed lucid and able to stand up for a half hour. There’s a lot of blood on the sidewalk, though.

  • matt

    This is really neither a rave nor a rant but just a question:

    Does anyone know of a vintage store that has a large stock of used, high-end men’s wear/suits? It seems like DC should be overflowing with nice used suits, but I really don’t know where to look.

    • opshop

      Try the Opportunity Shop at St Albans, 3001 Wisconsin Avenue.

    • briefly

      Georgia Avenue Thrift had some last time I peaked in, (202) 291-4013, 6101 Georgia Ave Nw.

      That’s also Salvation Army’s specialty in DC, call around to their stores. Lastly, there used to be a nonprof on Georgia that provided suits and such to needy guys, but they were closed down as part of the scorched earth nonprofit shutdown resulting from Barry’s shenanigans.

      • matt

        thanks for the tips.

  • Anonymous

    rant: i am so damn sick on my smartrip cards demagnetizing. they are making boatloads of money off of me.

    rant: when peds step into a cross walk and you are driving. stop. dont barrel ass right up on to them and blow your horn. because i will punch your car. and do not call me an asshole for doing it. just obey the law.

    • hip-hop anonymous

      Cars that sit in the crosswalk while at a red light – I HATE YOU. I WILL walk into your car while giving you the evil eye.

      • Anonymous

        I alwasy tap them with my knuckle loud enough so they know i hit them

        • TaylorStreetMan

          Pedestrians who walk EVEN ONE INCH outside the crosswalk – I HATE YOU. I WILL hit you loud enough with my car so you know I hit you.

          Gosh, you guys need to chill out! Sometimes you don’t exactly stop right on the line when the light turns red. So what?
          Throwing it in reverse so people aren’t tragically inconvenienced by being made to add four extra steps to their route is just plain silly.

      • briefly

        carry a paint pen and mark the car as you walk behind it. nothing like petty vandalism to get that feeling o’ vengeance!

        (or step up on the front tire and walk across the hood, as I saw a guy do once)

        • PFL

          Be careful with walking on the hood. If it’s me I’m quick enough to get out and throw you off the hood before you get off :-)

  • MK

    Rave: Joined Washington’s Green Grocer after reading comments on PoP’s April 9th story on CSA’s and got my first delivery. I love it!!

    Rant: The pollen is making me crazy. I literally have not been able to venture out much since last Saturday and it’s one of the most beautiful Spring’s that I can remember. There are no meds on earth that work. Forget kleenex, I just walk around with a toilet paper roll. Yeah, it looks strange but who cares anymore.

    • WDC

      Have you tried local honey? I’ve heard quite a few people swear that their pollen allergies magically disappear when they eat locally-produced honey. Which makes a certain kind of sense.

    • abby77

      I knew I couldn’t be the only one walking around with some TP! Solidarity!

    • Anonymous

      while its like a self induced water boarding, the netti pot has helped me tremendously.

    • a cure

      Tapeworms are supposed to help with allergies – I heard it on NPR (so it must be true)

      • Emmaleigh504

        hook worms, not tape worms. Tape worms are for when you want to look skinny and malnourished.

  • Melanie

    Rant: The goddamn jackhammering, pounding, revving of engines, and general construction noise around Georgia Ave at ALL HOURS this week. I woke up at 2:45 the other morning and it was still going on! Calling 311 did nothing. I hate.

  • Enos

    I expect no sympathy from anyone here, but this is what bothers me.

    Fed Income Tax rate (after elimination of Bush cut)= 39%
    DC Income Tax rate = 8.5%
    DC Property Tax = another 3% of income

    I barely qualify for the highest tax bracket and I’m paying over 50% of my income (not counting Social security and other fed taxes – perhaps a wash with interest deduction for home)in taxes.

    All this and I get no Fing representation in the House or Senate. It really pisses me off. Have you seen what Richard Byrd has done for WVA? We have nothing like that here in DC.

    Additionally, I get really tired of folks feeling entitled to the remaining 45% of my income. Meanwhile, the Cops don’t come when you call them and people are getting beat up all over the area. I really like it here, but I wonder sometimes why I am paying the premium to live in DC. Arlington ain’t so bad and I could keep another 5-10% in my pocket — especially after my child is born in a few months. Jack Evans tells me the city wants to attract young families like mine, but I just don’t know some times. They like my taxes, but they don’t want to have anything to do with me. I’m just a nuisance when I call the city about the numerous city code violations in my neighborhood…

    • Enos

      … Robert Byrd…

      • aNON

        The Grand Wizard!

    • mmm

      1. Major federal tax benefit to having a child. This applies equally in DC or Arlington, of course.

      2. 39% marginal tax rate is pretty different than paying 39% of your income in federal tax.

      Not that your complaints aren’t broadly valid.

  • PG

    Rave: Found some great bread near work. The bakery stand at the Union Station market (Lyon Bakery) has amazing baguettes for $2 and bigger loaves for $3. $5 spent there has taken care of all of my bread needs for this whole week.

    Rant: None right now, but if it starts raining before I get home and I can’t bike tonight, than I’ll have something to rant about.

  • Dog walker

    Rave: New alley, new alley, new alley!
    700 Rock Creek Church and Quebec.

  • Rave: got new boyfriend one year almost exactly after last guy I was going out with blew me off by cutting off all communication from one day to the next –literally one day talking the next nothing. New bfriend is lovely and adores me…yah! I adore him too.

    Rant: on the exact night new bfriend and I decide to make this legit/monogamous the jerk that blew me off emails me “thinking of you…maybe we can see each other soon”. The guy hasn’t reached out to me since Oct?!!?? WTF!!!!

    • PFL

      that should be another rave. PERFECT opportunity to return the favor and blow him off! :-)

    • Anonymous

      Where did you get him?

  • Liz

    Rave: Moving tomorrow! And I was smart enough to start packing/getting rid of stuff a month ago so no last minute throwing clothes or junk in trash bags.
    Rave 2: Hired movers so I don’t have to carry really heavy objects. (I’m a wimp and a horrible mover)
    Rant: Movers are coming at 6 am so I have to get up at 5 am.

  • Everything still smells like black bean sauce.

    • TaylorStreetMan

      Is that why the gas mask?

  • MK

    @Smile, don’t even think about answering that A-hole. Just hit the delete key. Somebody just treated him like he treated you and he thinks you were devastated enough to wait for him. If he insists on contact, email me and I’ll come wipe my nose on him.

  • megan

    There is a very large air conditioner(?) behind my building in columbia heights. I think they are doing construction on a building in the shared square/parking lot between the buildings. It’s behind the Pete’s Apizza. It’s loud and disturbing and I intend to contact the councilman though i’ve never done that before, so i’m skeptical anything would get done. I hope some other people have also complained because the really nice apartment building balconies face the air conditioner.

  • soulshadow55

    If you want to help the stray cats and kittens, contact Alley Cat Allies. They trap, spay or neuter (while they are asleep, they clip a corner of the ear) then release the cats back onto the streets. They really cut down on the kitten/litter population. These cats live pretty bad lives so if we can prevent lost more of them being born, all the better. Hey, I love cats but the population of strays in DC is way too high. Also, please feed them if you can accord it. A large bag of cheapo cat food from Giant is about 15.00 – it will last about 6 weeks.


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