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  • alison

    I believe it’s a suspicious package situation.

  • david

    well that is better than a mugging/murder/rape/

  • ed

    Where’s the Crime Dog when you need him? Maybe he will figure out what it is.

    Oh wait, McGruff doesn’t like DC–he might get punched again!

  • Pat

    That’s a pretty suspicious place for there to be a suspicious package.

  • dmf

    i popped out of my basement apartment to walk the pooch and i notice a freakish lack of traffic. and then the cluster of cops and lights half a block away on first and rhode island nw.

    and THEN i realize one of the cops is screamin’ at me to “get back in your house”. which, i must admit, made me want to not.

    i was confused because no one had protection, helmets, jackets, or anything that indicated a dangerous situation. and then maybe a half hour later the big red hazmat truck rolled up.

    and then they were all gone.

  • RI Ave

    I live on this stretch of RI Ave and we have suspicious packages scares on the regular. This is atleast the 3rd or 4th one since I moved there a year ago. My guess…drug drops b/c really who wants to bomb a bunch of houses?


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