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900 Block of H St, NE Getting a 7-11. How long till Construction Begins?

by Prince Of Petworth April 13, 2010 at 4:30 pm 8 Comments

A couple of weeks ago DC Mud reported that:

“The H Street Connection, a 433,000 s.f. residential and retail project that will fill two full blocks along H Street, cleared a major hurdle in its path toward District approval. Developer Parcel Seven Associates (a.k.a. Rappaport Companies), has been given approval recently by the Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC), an event that is certain to make its stock go up when the project goes before the Zoning Commission (ZC) for review.”

When walking by that strip on the 900 block of H St, NE I happened to notice that there was a sign saying that a 7-11 was coming soon to 957 H St, NE. I wonder if that is an old sign or if a 7-11 really is coming before major construction begins. It actually got me thinking about how long it takes many of these projects to kick off after we’ve heard about them. When do you think this section of H St, NE will likely get developed? 5 years, 10 years? More, less?

I started thinking about it after I passed the old Kelsey Gardens spot on 7th Street, NW and realized there has been no progress there after hearing about all the plans. And also the nearby O St. market for that matter…

  • Oh thank heaven! I can’t wait to shove a 1/4 pound Big Bite between my lips, washing it down with an ice cold Slurpee.

  • c

    Thank goodness. The H Street Connection is an eyesoar

  • And a 7-11 is an enhancement? (Funny spelling of eyesore, c)

    • Ronald Fricken Reagan

      Yeah, sorry the new check cashing place you were hoping for never materialized.

  • lou

    There’s a lively discussion going on at Frozen Tropics.

    There’s a 7-11 only four blocks from there at 8th and Maryland so I don’t know why there needs to be another so close. Especially since there are also a lot of mom-and-pops in that area, too.

    Construction is supposed to begin in 2012 now that most of the hurdles have been cleared.

  • I think it’s going to be a minute before construction starts. I’ve heard 2012 tossed around as a potential demolition year.

  • At last, the long-rumored H Street supermarket will become a reality.

  • Fat American

    Clearly, some of you don’t have an adequate appreciation of the 1/4 pound Big Bite with cheese and chili.


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