• hg

    Beautiful yard. I must work on mine. Guys, I need your help. I have a deck on top of my garage with standard size railings. Sometimes I feel like I am on a stage and everyone else is the audience. In an effort to create some privacy from the row houses all around me I would like to plan skinny talk trees on two sides of the deck. What sort of tree would be skinny and tall like bamboo, with 30′ or so height from ground? I am afraid to plant bamboo on the ground. I planted it in containers in the past, but didn’t make it over the winter. Any suggestions?

  • WDC

    Italian cypress (also called pencil cypress). Though it might be too wet here for them. I usually see them in southern France and Italy, where it’s hotter and dryer. But they’re tall and skinny!

    I put in 4′ leland cypress trees in my last house, and in less than 5 years, they were about 20′ tall. Cypresses are very fast-growing.

  • hg

    Italian cypress is nice, but I also want it to spread a little up top to give me some shade and privacy. I just want it to be narrow for the first 9′ or so then have some branches.

  • hg

    I saw tall fake bamboo trees inside of a building I think on 17 & Connecticut NW, where Morton is. Anyone knows how to get those? That would work great for my application.

  • PetworthRes

    If you have room to plant a tree in the ground (not in pots) and want something tall and columnar you could try an ‘Armstrong’ maple http://hort.ufl.edu/trees/ACERUBB.pdf

    My sister planted a row of these in her narrow backyard to screen her house from the one behind her.

    They should do well in DC – it says they like heat & humidity and are drought-tolerant.

    On your deck itself you could line it with a trellis and grow some vines…


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