Random Reader Rant and/or Revel and Some Reader Questions

by Prince Of Petworth February 12, 2010 at 12:00 pm 36 Comments


Thanks to a reader for sending the above photo (from the key bridge this morning). So for this Rant/Revel don’t ever drive with your car looking like this.

Also a reader would like to know:

“Does anyone have any ideas of anywhere to watch the Olympics Opening Ceremony tonight?”

And given the state of WMATA some folks might be curious about how the taxis are running. A reader asks:

“I was wondering if you know if the DC Cabs are still running on Rate 3 or Snow Emergency rates. I have been in two cabs tonight. One was very upset that he was not allowed to use Rate 3, which was understandable when he picked me up on 18th down by Dupont Circle and the roads were in horrible shape. The second cab immediately charged me rate 3. I mentioned to him that the last cab driver was using the regular rate because the Mayor had not declared a snow emergency for cabs. He hesitated, and I told him that I do not care, but I would like to be charged the correct rate. So I said that I would take a receipt and it could be sorted out later. The cab driver immediately turned the rate back to rate 1. Later, he had another cab driver roll down his window and asked him what rate to use. The other cab driver said rate 3. Of course this made me feel bad, so I ended up giving him a more generous tip than normal for a short cab ride. When I got home tried to find out the rate status, but could not figure it out. Do you know where to obtain this information?”

Herb mentioned earlier today that he was charged a Rate 3 this morning since DC is still under a snow emergency. I’m not sure when DC will lift the snow emergency but I’ll keep my eyes peeled.

  • Eric

    Rant: Why does my water stink of chlorine? Everyday since the snow started I smell like a swimming pool after I get out of the shower. What the hell?

    • jamison

      i just wondering about this today! is there a reason we’re drinking pool water?

      • Tice

        What’s wrong with pool water?

        • tree spoonduck

          what’s wrong with your munt?

          • Tice

            “Your son just said hello.”

            Happy Valentine’s Day! Love, Tree

      • Ragged Dog

        It’s been that way all week, you just haven’t noticed. WASA jacks the chlorine content of the water to kill all the bacteria that leach into the water supply when we have heavy rains or heavy snows.

        We had to go with the brita for the cat and dog because they started to get constipated from the water.

    • Mal

      I noticed that too – I thought maybe my brita filter was going bad!

  • HollyGoSmitely

    Re: the photo, are you f**king kidding me? What kind of idiot drives around with snow on their car like that??

    Normally, I would advocate blurring out the license plate, but in this case, the asshole deserves to be outed.

    My rave: my commute was easier than expected — but it was a matter of lucky timing more than anything else. Got to Court House (sic) where a train was waiting. It sat in the station for at least 10 more minutes, but I was able to get a seat and made it to my office at Dupont within 1/2 an hour. But I realize I was an exception.

    • anon

      “What kind of idiot drives around with snow on their car like that?? ”

      tell me about it. what’s the use of having a cup holder and not using it?


  • I called 311 around 10:00 am the message said DC was still under a snow emergency. I may be assuming incorrectly that a DC snow emergency also indicates that the cabs may charge the snow emergency rate. I’m sure someone here will clear up this mystery soon!

  • Daniel

    Re: the chlorine smell

    Posted on Jan 28, 2010, 4:44 PM

    Temporary Disinfectant Change in DC’s Drinking Water

    Residents in the District of Columbia, Arlington County, VA, and Falls Church City, VA., (including portions of Fairfax County served by Falls Church City) may notice a slight difference in taste and smell in the drinking water. Beginning on February 1, 2010 and continuing through May 17, 2010, the Washington Aqueduct will temporarily change the disinfectant used in its water treatment process from chloramine to chlorine. The change is part of an annual program to keep water pipes clean and free of potentially harmful bacteria.

    Read more from the DC Water and Sewer Authority at http://www.dcwasa.com/news/listings/press_release427.cfm.

    • Ragged Dog

      This probably means the lead content of your water is very unsafe.

      • E

        This actually has nothing to do with lead in water. (Though yes, a change in treatment technique was at the root of the 2003 lead problem.)

    • DCster

      This explains why I had a dream that I was swimming last night (I put tap water in my humidifier)!

      Rant: my room is drafty
      Rave: finally got to check out a book I wanted from the library

  • mt p

    Rave: Called 311 yesterday to request plowing on my street. They showed up 12 hours later with a giant bulldozer and went over it 4 times (kind of impressive for a dead end street that slopes downhill). Did the same thing in December when I called 311.

    Rant: DC Parks Dept. did a nice job plowing the parking lot at their 16th Street headquarters… didn’t do squat about the sidewalk in front or the playground next door.

    • saf

      Call 311 and report that. Seriously. They need to know that we notice.

      • mt p


    • DC_Chica

      That was going to be my rant too! I took a pick of the sidewalk out in front of the Parks & Rec building b/c it was so ridiculously bad – I’ll post it in the PoP flickr pool once I’m home tonight.

  • Marq

    I took a cab last night and was charged the normal rate. I thought the Snow Emergency had been lifted at least a day ago.

  • reed

    Rave: Hispanic dudes are tackling my gutters so my dining room windows don’t leak brown water into a light fixture anymore, so no, I’m not going anywhere today by car or Metro
    Rant: Everything should have closed TODAY as well, private companies urged to shut to keep people off trains and roads till these individuals get their act together. Also, if any of these dudes falls off my roof, you don’t know me.

    • Djdc

      Serious question: why was it important to write they are Hispanic?

  • ontarioroader

    Cab drivers are a bunch of thieves – they’ll charge whatever they think they can get away with.

  • Ragged Dog

    Rant: 2.5h drive from CapHill to RKV (Shady Grove was closed on the redline) to find out that IT overwrote my files and the server is hosed. It will be a *very* productive day at work today.

  • Stephanie

    Rant: Well obviously Metro.

    Rave: Apollo Anton Ohno (more like Ohyes)….don’t judge me.

  • Warderite

    I’m working until 1am tonight and am worried about being able to find a cab at that hour. Have you guys had any trouble finding/calling for them, or is the volume getting back to normal?

    And ontarioroader, I feel you – I’ve been kicked out of cabs before for not allowing them to charge me some ridiculous illegal surcharge. I guess until the metro starts running normal weekend hours, I’ll just have to put up with it…

  • PetworthianStuckInSoCal

    Rant: Missed the blizzard of the century (Tuesday flight cancelled, rebooked to Saturday 2/13)
    Rave: Staying 5 extra days at Mom’s, warm weather, homecooked meals, tons of love from friends and family.

  • Rave: Neighbors got together and shoveled out the alley, snowplows came through my street, visiting friend spent an extra three days with me because of the weather.

    Kindof rant: He got on the second flight out of National yesterday. I was hoping for a extra day.

    Rave: His meetings this week were canceled so he’ll be back soon.

    Real rant: Metro

  • Rant: the moron I just saw standing two feet from a trash can, walk further from the trash to throw his bag in a pile of snow in the street. WTH?

    Rant: Community Academy PCS for not even touching your sidewalk, but your parking lot is spotless…

    Rave: going out of town for the weekend!

  • Rant: I was in the car that derailed this morning. Shook me up, took forever to get out of there and was REALLY late for work.

    Rave: Thank God it wasn’t worse and no one was hurt.

    Rave 2: No one in the office cared that I was late, enjoyed hearing the story.

    • anon

      yeah I’d say that’s a decent excuse

  • Grrr

    Rave: I can make up hours this week.
    Rant: But only if I work the weekend. I wanted to go spend some time with family.
    Rave: Monday is a paid day off.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: found my work advil! headache begone!
    Rave: work had treats for us today!

  • stinky

    It’s not me – my dog has bad gas. Really.

    Dang, she’s a stinker. But very cute.


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