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by Prince Of Petworth February 19, 2010 at 12:00 pm 45 Comments

Snow Couch
Photo from PoPVille flickr user JosephLeonardo

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this week?

What’d you think of the Tiger apology?

  • schweeney

    Rave: DPW picked up trash both in front of the house AND in the alley!

    • ah

      Rant: But I dragged my supercans all the way to the street!

  • first name, last name

    rave: snow melting

    • ah

      Rant: The apartment buildings in the area that plowed their driveways into the main street, creating impenetrable berms that reduced it to one lane. With added chicanes!

      • first name, last name

        there have been some serious snow fouls through all of this. I saw someone today shoveling their snowpile from beside their car onto Upshur. right after the storm I saw someone shoveling snow onto their neighbor’s car.

    • anon

      rant: snow melting and then reicing on the sidewalks. I fell twice on my way to the metro this morning! (Seriously, made it all the way until today without falling. Boo!)

    • ah

      Further rave: DPW/DDOT staying at it with front loaders and dumptrucks to clear away some of the massive snowpiles inexplicably left on major routes. Even though Barry’s solar energy is working hard, the trucks are doing it faster.

  • rg

    Good morning commentariate. Greetings from Maryland. Its good to be back. Its been a while, but I wanted to share a few things I have learned over the last seven days. Sorry to be so serious guys.

    You can furnish and entire apartment with a truck and an amex card in 48 hours. Everything. This can be done really cheap. I would like to thank the Chinese and the Norde’s. I still consider Ikea one of Dante’s circle’s, and I hate them, especially assembling this crap. But ya cant beat a $19 coffee table on a tight schedule.

    People in Maryland are nicer than people in dc. It freaks me out when people would say Hi, good morning, and are pleasant for no reason. Still getting used to it. They have something here called “customer service”. The local services and shops are happy to take your money, and not pissed that you are bothering them. It’s a strange place and strange culture, I hope to adapt. The language seems similar to my own.

    If you spend every night with someone who doesn’t like you, who doesn’t want you. Then one night you go to sleep and wake up alone.
    It’s an improvement.
    That strange sensation is a lack of anger.
    If someone loves you, and you neglect them for years. That person will hate you. Immensely. And probably forever. If they realize that the neglect was intentional, purposeful. Was done to inflict pain, even when it could have been undone easily, its permanent and un-repairable. That’s cruelty. And if they enjoyed doing it, that’s sadistic. So how can someone maintain civility for years in the face of these things without tearing themselves apart from the escalating internal conflict between loving and hating someone?

    They cant.
    They tear themselves to pieces. Then the day comes and all the pieces move out.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Take care of yourself and try to heal.

    • Mal

      Oh man rg. I’m glad that you are out of that place. Best of luck with the future proceedings.

      • rg

        thanks guys.

        • Matt G

          Being alone is not so bad when being together is not so good.

  • Sunny Florida Avenue

    I plan to use my buddhist faith to melt the remainder of the snow on my sidewalk and driveway.

    • Sunny Florida Avenue

      And apparently i’ll need to lean on Buddhism once again to get over the fact that I don’t live in the friendliest little place on Earth, the great state of Maryland.

    • TJ


  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Friend gave me some yummy homemade potato leek soup.
    Rant: I’m never confident that I spelled potato or tomato correctly. I’d like to thank Dan Quail for that.
    Rave: Happy hour with the gang from work tonight.
    Rant: In Virginia.
    Rave: lots of cake at work today.

    • Tree Spoonduck

      Add “Quayle” to your list.

      • ah

        Oh the (intentional) irony

      • Emmaleigh504

        Just shoot me now.

  • skeedattle

    Rave: That is one awesome snow couch.
    Rant: I am getting fat.

  • ET

    Rave: finally chipped of the ice cycle/ice blob off the side of my house.

    Rant: some fell on me – ouch and the other big section was HEAVY.

  • Rave: Sunshine, snow melt, able to get out on my bike for the second day in a row, appreciating my wonderful yoga teachers, happy to have adopted a great new dog (after being dog-less for eight months).

    Rant: Serious back ache and facing two eight hour flights starting this afternoon. Hoping new meds give relief.

    captcha = pervert leaders (?)

    • Mal

      ahahaha what a great captcha. I think PoP rigs them so they’re purposefully funny.

      On another note, where do you do yoga? I went to a few classes at 14th & P (Flow Yoga), but I wasn’t that ecstatically happy that it made me want to return.

  • dreas

    Rant: Some jerk has been taking up two fully clear parking spaces in front of my house for 24+ hours. I don’t care anymore that s/he took “my” space, but why take up two spaces when parking is limited?

    Rant 2: The right hand lane of Park Rd at Klingle/Walbridge is unplowed and full of parked cars during the morning commute, and has been all week, screwing up traffic all the way back Park Rd. It shouldn’t take me 30 minutes to get to Connecticut & Tilden. Ever.

    Rave: The damn snow is melting. And I’m thinking about a vacation, all by myself, to someplace warm and quiet.

    • victoria

      dreas – try taking Upshur down into Rock Creek, (veer right on (?) Matthewson then left on Blagden AV, left on Beach drive and it will take you to Tilden.

  • Anonymouse

    Rant: It’s time to reel in the chairs. Seriously. When 90% of the street is plowed, you can’t keep your “chair spot” any more (regardless of whether you think you this was acceptable to begin with). Especially when said chair is in front of MY F’ING HOUSE.

    • TaylorStreetMan

      If you dig out the space, you should get to save it with a chair… I know it ain’t DC law, but it’s just fair and good common sense.
      Stealing someone’s shoveled out space: super-mucho bad karma – and you might find your car buried by whomever did all the digging work in the first place!

      But what’s your situation? Is the snow gone and regular spaces available? Then the chairs need to go.

      • blah

        yeah yeah we had this fight a few days ago…

        If I see a chair on a public space, I will call 311.

        In any case, I’d like to point out that even in Boston, this only goes for 2 days after the snowstorm not until the freakin snow melts.

    • ah

      Yeah, putting aside right after the snow, there are plenty of spaces on our street at this point, but people are still using chairs etc. to save the one in front of their house.

  • t.f.

    Rant: I can’t remember if there are 57 states or not. I’d like to thank Barack Obama for that.

    • I just finshed counting the stars on the flag–apparently there are still only 50 states.

      • ah

        Your flag is outdated.

    • Or are there 57 varieties of states?

  • Almost dead pedestrian

    Rant: I am so pissed that DC government didn’t clear the sidewalks along New Hampshire Avenue at the 2 triangular parks that I presume it’s their responsibility to clear. Walking from Grant Circle to the Metro, I was forced to walk in the street due to their (or someone’s) negligence and was nearly runover by 3 separate commuters driving very fast down NH. I even saw lady with infant stroller going down the middle of the street. Clearly the city doesn’t value its pedestrians, Muriel and Fenty should be ashamed of their lack of serious attention to this problem. The same can be said of the sidewalk along Upshur in front of the High School ball field. Come on DPW!

  • Rant: Due to a badly angled walk sign at 11th and Harvard, walked right out into traffic. Saw several others doing the same thing. Crazy.

    Rave: Snow couch! That’s awesome!

  • Anonymous

    Rant: managed to avoid hurting my back through all of this snow–including pushing a car up the side of a mountain, quite literally–only to bend over in the shower this morning to pick up a shampoo bottle and throw my back out.

    Rant: Thrown out back and this is the first weekend in a month that I’ll spend alone with my long distance boyfriend. Going to impact plans, for sure.

    Rave: At least I get to see him . . .

  • DCster

    I didn’t see the Tiger Woods apology as I was accompanying my partner to get LASIK… by ‘the guy who did Tiger’s eyes’.
    Rave: partner’s surgery went well
    Rant: saw schoolgirls getting into a fight on my way back home

  • celedon

    You are not kidding. Enough with the chairs already! I came home tonight to many, many empty spots, all taken with chairs, cones, plastic rabbits (no kidding) and buckets. Come on y’all! Problems with this:

    1) It’s no longer a crisis situation.

    2) It is selfish and illogical. (Empty spaces that no one can use.)

    3) It looks tacky and does nothing to add to the neighborhood.

    There. I feel better now.

    • that snow couch is so effing rad!

  • Amsterdam

    If you’re pissed off by the chairs, just f’n throw them into the (ever depleting) snow drifts. Some people in DC are so passive with this kind of crap, the same people who allow young young hooligans who make up 2% of the population in Chinatown unsafe for the other 98%. Show some fortitude people.

  • rg

    I see no problem with the chairs. When i see a nice one i put it in the truck. One more snow storm and I’ll have a free dining room set.
    /just cant help it.

    • anonymouse

      yeah, rg…i’ve been considering renting a truck just to drive down the street, pick up every chair left, and head straight to fort totten.

  • rg

    easier than ikea. On the 13th street a few houses are using dining room furniture. not lawn chairs or plastic but real furniture. stay classy dc.


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