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by Matt Dunn February 17, 2010 at 11:00 am 15 Comments

More from the 2010 WHNPA awards.  The Feature Category awarded 7 photos.  Which of the seven photos is your favorite and why?  Third Place went to Michael Williamson of the Washington Post for the photo titled “Bin Boy”. 

BIN BOY © Michael Williamson / Washington Post

Daverena White’s young son, Milique White, 4, sits in a plastic storage bin as he plays a video game at the apartment in Germantown, Md., Nov. 24, 2009, where the family now lives. His family had been homeless for months but got housing through a special county program.

  • JTS

    Cute photo, but the accompanying story about the photo couldn’t be further from the truth. The family had purchased a home that was incredibly expensive, considering their income (something like a 900,000 home on a 30k income), and were foreclosed on in six months. They were never ‘homeless;’ the county had been paying for them to stay in different places until something suitable could be found. Your tax dollars at work. It was an article in the washington post, but I can’t find it. I’m a pretty liberal guy, but the irresponsibility at play here royally pissed me off.

  • former Georgetowner

    yeah I agree. That article completely disgusted me. I know the kids are blameless, but their mom is a leech. Here is the article: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/11/26/AR2009112602511.html?sid=ST2009112602517

    She bought a $700K home on like $30k income, never made a payment despite getting something like $50K cash from the sellers (who are also fraudulent), live for free in a fancy house for something like 2 years, get kicked, but then get a brand spanking new apartment for free from the city. Woman can’t spend $100 on a battery for her car, but she apparently has enough money for new furniture, a flat screen tv, and a computer.

  • Link to the WAPO article.


  • Mal

    I’m sorry but people who were this irresponsible in taking out a mortgage (she KNEW she couldn’t afford the mortgage payments) should go to jail. I don’t understand how so many people got away with this, and now they’re being subsidized by the taxpayer’s dime? I work my butt off to pay my rent, utilities, etc. If I get kicked out, there are plenty of other apartments I can move to. I’m not going to buy a house that is at LEAST 400k over what I can afford. WTF.

  • Anonymous

    Reading that caption with a TV that’s at minimum $500 is ridiculous. That’s food for a family for months.

  • quincycyclist

    I mean, really dumb of her for signing the papers after she knew what the monthly payment would be and that she couldn’t possibly afford it.

    But who the f$#& approved this loan for her? The story shows you how screwed up the whole system was. A loan with no proof of income?

    Mistakes were made on Ms. White’s part in that she shouldn’t have signed the papers when she found out how much it would really cost her, BUT the story makes it sound like the realtor knew what her income really was, knew she had no money (hence why the realtor’s husband deposited money into her account) and took Ms. White for a ride anyway to get the profit out of the house.

    This is why the economy got hosed: the people making the big bucks had basically no reason not to continue doing things that would eventually screw over the economy (other than their consciences I guess). They built a house of cards based on money that didn’t exist, and it all came crashing down. Shame on them.

  • Anonymous

    These people should be put in jail for fraud. Isn’t it fraud to sign a contract when you know you cannot fulfill the obligations. Further what up with the expensive televasion and video games.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am very sensitive to folks trying to scratch out an existence in the world, but this is just shameful, if not criminal.

    I hope they do end up homeless. Poor kid.

  • jaynuze

    My sentiments exactly … flat screen television, PS3?, window dressings, accent rugs, etc and, “We’re so poor”. Give me a break. It is evident that this family has lacks any sense of financial responsibility. Glad to see that they are taken care of by the hard work of otehrs, but are still able to enjoy some of the finer things in life that most responsible taxpayers cannot. Sickening.

  • its the system. Some people will do stupid things… and if it is legal, they will continue to do so even if it bankrupts them in the future.

  • annon

    what is funny is the kid has toys that my bro and i only dreamed of when we were growing up. my parents made combined 30k/yr and we never managed to go homeless. given we had nothing and everything was used/hand-me-down stuff that we owned. yet we both finished college thanks to subsidized loans and are all doing quite fine. issue here is prioritization!

  • 8thQ

    I get the same feeling when I see digital TV receivers on subsidized housing…C’mon. You can’t afford “normal” rent levels, but you can afford digital TV? So basically, my tax dollars are supplementing their expanded television channel selection.

    I own a home and haven’t had cable TV in six years. Like annon 1:12 said, it is about priorities people! I am not socialist, but part of me wants people’s spending habits to be controlled when they are on the public dole.

  • Putting kids in front of the television (especially with video games) is a direct ticket to ADHD.

  • Anonymous

    It is legal to sign a contract you knowling cannot fulfill? Hey lawyers, can some one answer that question? I know it was legal for the companies to offer it, but is it legal to sign it knowing that you cannot possibly live up to the terms. That seems like fraud to me.

  • Divine

    Maybe it was a birthday gift from grandma? We’ll never know.

  • Marion B must go

    Another example of the under class placing no importance on education. Why the hell is this kid playing X-Box. He should be reading a dam book. Although you are poor, it does not mean that you can’t stress education to your kids. We should photo shop a jail house, that is this kid’s future if someone does not step in and changs his focus from Xbox to School Books. Now wonder these people cant afford to buy homes in DC. No Education=No Jobs=No Money=Crime=Out of wedlock kids=permanent underclass=stay mad for life=Gilbert Arenas mentality


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