• BungieBoy

    Skateboarding is indeed not a crime.

    Apparently, neither is dressing like Madonna’s mentally disturbed cousin.

  • Marq

    Skateboarding may not be a crime, but skateboarding in those tall boots certainly might be.

  • hotness….

  • BungieBoy

    Desperatley Seeking Chantelle.

  • Mal

    I think she looks cute! Why not look good while skateboarding?

    • dmf

      because then you fall on your face. however, perhaps she’s planning on cultivating some choice ’80s rips in her tights. rad.

  • hohandy

    very cool picture!

  • Jenn

    If she was on U st. 30 years ago she would fit right in.

  • Fantastic work!


    Damn, I wish I was that cool when I was her age. Props

  • WestIndianArchie

    That girl isn’t a skateboarder, the deck is part of her ensemble.

    She’s over by the Portrait Gallery on F-Street (gallery place/chinatown) where many a poseur hang out.

  • I agree. As a skateboarder myself I can tell you there is no way she can skate with those boots. I have tried to skate in a dress and flats, even that’s hard. She is clearly holding that board for a friend. Come on now!

  • gucci

    Those wheels are at least 59MM huge! She’s clearly on a retro tip fools. We needed more of these girls in the 80’s / 90’s.

    • Bitter Elitist

      we were there…sans outfit though

      recaptcha: emailing perpetrators

  • gucci

    and a riser! Sheeeet.

  • Hope she doesn’t break a nail. Literally. Those things are huge and green and acrylic and will take the real nail with ’em.

  • Kyle Butler

    She’s cute, but waaaaaaaay too young for me (and probably the rest of you – shame on you!)

  • 8 and H crew

    She is in training to be a future “street walker,” I bet she grew up in a single family home.

  • Lizzie

    @ those who are calling this black teenager a prostitute, SHAME on you. Just goes to show what a sick and twisted head you have on your racist shoulders. Very offensive and it would not be happening if she were white.


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