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Judging Restaurants – Etete

by Prince Of Petworth February 23, 2010 at 12:00 pm 28 Comments


Etete is located at 1942 9th Street, NW. I recently heard someone mention that this where the Ambassador of Ethiopia sometimes eats. Not sure if that is true but Etete definitely got some love when we judged nearby Dukem back in June of ’08. You can see Etete’s menu here. Any fans?

  • jaynuze

    Still the best Ethiopian option in DC … just don’t go on Monday or Tuesday; the food and service are pretty week on those days.
    I’ve tried Dukem, but I find it to be way too oily for my taste.

    • Anonymous

      Interesting trivia fact: Dukem was originally called Duke Nukem, until they ran into copyright infringement issues with the video game’s publisher.

  • BBD

    Excellent food — my second favorite Ethiopian restaurant in the U Street corridor (after Queen Makeda, across the street). The seating is pretty cramped — last time I was there, we ended up having to share table space with the neighboring table.

  • jaynuze

    err … “WEAK” … not “WEEK”

  • YUM! I went there once and loved the food, but MAN my head almost exploded from the heat – I think I chomped down on the wrong pepper. Then it was kind of a bummer because I wanted to eat more because it was so delicious, but I couldn’t because of the fire in my mouth… Dilemma! Anyway, yum. And also, we had a really nice waitress.

  • JB

    My favorite place for Ethiopian in the city. I do wish they had more seating.

  • smax

    it’s no queen of sheba, but you can score khat.

  • I LOVE Etete.

  • Petweezy

    I haven’t eated at queen of sheba or Queen Makeda, but it’s my fav ethiopean place in the city.

  • Bob

    Am a big fan of the Lega and the Zilzil Tibs! They just melt in your mouth.

  • vikcy

    I heard great things about this place but was totally underwhelmed. I ordered the veggie sampler and my friend ordered lamb. The injera platter came with some tiny blobs of veggie stuff, then the waitress dumped the lamb in the middle of it. This meant meat juices all over the veggies. The portions of veggies were tiny, too. I actually left hungry which has never happened to me with Ethiopian food!

    • NoLuv4Etete

      Agreed – nothing special. Underwhelming. Disappointing. Blah.

  • Khat?

    I’ve been there a few time and didn’t think it was that great. I don’t get why this place is so popular. I much prefer Axum a few doors down.

    I’ll have to try Queen Makeda across the street

  • Nofiction

    I’d rate is so-so. On par with Dukem, but nowhere near as tasty as Queen of Sheba.

  • eva

    Best Ethiopian in the city, but I have not yet had Queen Makeda and every cab driver in town seems to swear by it. It’s next on the list.

  • Anonymous

    I love this place! I always order the veggie sampler with a side of fried fish. I think the portions are fine, I’ve never been able to finish anything there.

  • JustJess

    Also the best Ethiopian I’ve had.

  • fomer Georgetowner

    I think it’s delicious. Whenever I’m in a cab, I make it a point to ask cabbies where they are from. And then my next question is where the best ____ ethnic restaurant is.

    That’s how I heard about Ravi Kabob and Kabob palace.

    Etete is the clear favorite among Ethiopian cabbies. So I know it’s good.

  • queen of sheba

    Genuinely curious — are you folks being serious about liking Queen of Sheba? I quite like Ethiopian food (and love Etete, the subject of the post), but I have never had a meal I’ve enjoyed at Queen of Sheba. I want to love the place, as I live very close. But I recently resolved never to go back after my fourth or fifth truly disappointing meal in a row. If y’all are being serious and do like the place — what should I order? What am I doing wrong?

    • jaynuze

      Out of curiosity, I went to Queen of Sheba last night and I have to somewhat agree with you. We ordered the veggie sampler, kitfo, awzaze tibs, and Dulet. The veggies were good, some better than the selection at Etete, but we prefer Etete’s cabbage more; kitfo was very nice, a little lighter than Etete’s; the tibs were nice, but were not as flavorful as Etete’s; and the dulet was good … a bit dry, but a fantastic taste. We also though the injera was a little better than Etetes. Overall though, Etete seems to be the winner. Though my gf will not return, I’ll try and switch it up from time to time as QoS is only a few blocks away. Plus the kitfo sandwich sounds intriguing.

  • Hoodrat

    very tasty! portions are smaller and a bit less greasy than dukem. i resolved at some point to try every ethiopian place in u st area. but i fail because i keep coming back here.

    • Anonymous

      IT is so true. I too want to go to other places, but end up going there just in fear of getting disappointed elsewhere. Disclaimer: I am an Ethiopian.

  • Stanton Park

    +1 for Etete.

  • Shawn

    So delicious, so amazing. The best dish to get is the vegetarian platter and $1 extra for a fish. YUM!!! Share it and it’s so good.

  • Park&Park

    +1 for Etete. Also, those who think there’s not enough seating: do you know there’s more seating upstairs? Given the two floors, I’m not sure why people think there’s not enough seating. Maybe that just means it’s really good because it’s always full.

  • PatrickM

    Etete is AMAZING. When I have guests from out of town, this is where I bring them. Great food, good atmosphere, decent prices. We order the vegetarian sampler menu, which I recommend even though i’m not a vegetarian. It’s very good. Etete is not just the best ethiopian food in DC, but it’s as good as any I’ve had in NYC or anywhere else in the country. It’s also the best restaurant in the 9th and U area of town.

  • Shawn

    Best Ethiopian int he city.

  • Anonymous

    Best raw kitfo of anywhere. I won’t order it anywhere else.


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