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How is BestWay/BestWorld Supermarket in Mt. Pleasant?

by Prince Of Petworth February 18, 2010 at 9:05 pm 37 Comments


At first I was just gonna ask when it changed names but then I realized I’d never actually visited this supermarket (3178 Mount Pleasant St NW). So was just curious – any fans out there? Is it kind of like a Murray’s? Or is it like Panam International Supermarket on 14th Street, NW?

  • joe.

    Some of the cheapest produce in the city. It’s really great.

  • Anonymous

    i love this place for the cheap avocados and anything else that i’m jonsing for when i’m in a latin mood for food.

  • Irving Street

    Hit or miss in a lot of ways, but if you keep your eye on the fish department, you can get fish as fresh as Whole Foods at half the price. Far from guaranteed, but a regular occurrence, nonetheless. A good little neighborhood spot.

  • Anonymous

    Great, inexpensive bodega. Very honest…I once left my wallet on the counter with $100 inside and they kept till I returned several hours later!!!!!!

  • The snowstorm drove me to Bestworld – I couldn’t wait in the long long lines at Giant for just a few things. I found exactly what I needed, and no waiting.

  • AngryParakeet

    Could you please give its address? Then I will be there.

  • Anonymous

    I definitely agree with the cheap produce, and they also have a great selection of Asian foods. Not sure of the exact address, but it’s near the north end of Mt. Pleasant St, which is all of 6 blocks long. You’ll find it.

  • AW

    I miss it so much. Amazing store and great staff.

  • Josh

    Limited selection (it’s a grocery, not a supermarket) but what they have is cheap and good enough. I haven’t tried the fish or the produce, but it’s great for when I need something quick when I’m cooking (it’s around the corner for me). Definitely prefer going there to going to Giant most of the time.

    • To be fair, I prefer pulling out my own fingernails to going to Giant most of the time.

  • Anonymous

    The fish market rules!

    And everything everyone else already said.

  • Chris in Eckington

    Hands down cheapest limes, green onions, cilantro and bananas in the area.

  • Crum

    One correction, though. It’s not Bestworld, it’s BESTWO|-LD. Trust me, there’s a difference.

    • bestworld.way lover


  • JustJess

    I moved away from Mt. P a few months back, and Bestway is what I miss most! Cheap produce, cheap meat, cheap everything! 90% of the time, it has what you need, without the hassle and cost of a Giant or Safeway.

    It’s very much like PanAm — obviously a lot of the same distributors (at least the one in Michigan Park). Way better than a Murray’s.

  • schweeney

    They also carry a great selection of organ meats and the chicken feet are really cheap. The short ribs are big and meaty too. I really like this store, the cashiers are really sweet too. Many times in the dead of winter if you know where to look, you can find big bunches of fresh basil to feed that pesto jones.

  • Hurleybird

    I love that place. It beats Giant in almost every way, assuming they have what you’re looking for. The produce is generally much better, though the downside is you may have to buy a package of 20 jalapenos when you really only needed two, and the tomatoes don’t always look so hot. The meat is less than half the price and usually much better quality than Giant (though you can be sure there is nothing free range or organic about anything there). And you’ll probably spend less than 3 minutes in the check-out lane. I’ve always been intimidated by the fish counter, though, since all the fish seem to be whole. But does anyone know, do I have to take the whole fish home and skin and filet it myself? Or do they do all that for you? (Maybe that’s a dumb question.)

    • mphs

      Actually, they do sell organic milk. And, they even have a very small selection of organic dry goods like pasta and sauces, next to the cracker aisle.

  • Columbia Heights Boy

    10 limes for a dollar and 20 jalapenos for $2! I love it.

  • Denise

    Cheapest fresh produce in town! I refuse to buy scallions, avocados, mangoes, cilantro, or parsley anywhere else.

    The heads-on shrimp are also cheap, fresh and delish. I love to toss them on the grill with a parsley, garlic, “evoo” marinade.

    I’ve also done quite well with the chicken and pork. Very fresh!

    The trade-off is on atmosphere and appearance of cleanliness. The place is extremely dingy looking and, frankly, the shopping carts are FILTHY. I’ve seen rat traps under the shelves which I’m sure is common for any grocer. However, I always wash meat and produce no matter where it’s purchased.

  • Anonymous

    Wow – I’m pretty amazed at all the love. The produce is good but everything else fresh is questionable -. the coolers are old and overfilled so the food temperatures are not consistent, which is ridiculous in this day and age. They have a horrible bread selection and , bottom line – the store just isn’t well maintained or clean.

  • 14stbulletz

    Produce…across the board…

    Also they have a great whole sale spice collection…never again buy spices from Giant or any of those places.

  • CC

    Pains me to say it, but the Bestway in Huntington (Alexandria) is lots better!

    • super_b

      Yes! I used to stop by when I visited a friend that lived nearby. It was a pretty incredible shopping experience – getting a cartload of produce for $30, and listening to latin rap turned up to 11.

  • skeedattle

    it would seem to be 3194 Mt Pleasant St NW, though google says the address is approximate.

  • Pahbs

    This place is dope if you want produce and some other basics (not bread though). Its nice to have this as an alternative to Yes/Giant/Safeway.

  • dcdude

    I have a theory about why their procuce and perishable food is cheaper. Have you ever noticed how everything is pretty close to its expiration date? I think they buy old produce cheap so they can sell it at a discount. Nothing wrong with that, I guess, but don’t fool yourself into thinking you’re getting ‘fresh’ produce. As for non-perishable items, you’re likely to pay less at Giant or Safeway.

    • former Georgetowner

      I disagree about your statement how because their food is cheaper, it’s less fresh and therefore not as good.
      The quality of produce is not determined by how beautiful it is. Just because you’re getting a giant, colorful tomato doesn’t mean it’s a delicous tomato.

      I live a few blocks from this Bestway, but I also shop at Wholefoods and Wegmans regularly. Wholefoods is right by my gym, and Wegmans is right by my work. I probably shop at one or the other every other day, and at least with produce I don’t notice a difference in the quality of the produce between Bestworld, Wegmans and Wholefoods.

      When you’re buying produce, I think you want to get the ugliest smallest produce you can find. You don’t want to get produce that have been genetically engineered to be oversized to the point that they taste like shit.

      • bestworld.way lover

        Z, i can always tell when this is you. and i’ll eat your small, ugly produce.

  • dcdude

    I also think PanAm is better. Nicer produce and baked goods sections.

  • Its cheap. Latin grocery stores are the best for cheap basics, decent selection.

  • pinto

    produce is cheap- you will never want to pay for another 1 dollar avocado elsewhere. I can’t help but go there all the time because it is right around the corner, but it is kinda dirty. The chicken has an enormous amount of fat. I don’t know what kind of farm they get them from, but, … Anyways, I get my chicken from other places.

  • Sue

    It’s good and cheap for basics. You won’t find arugula or honeycrisp apples but you can get good prices for basic produce.
    I stay away from the meat and yes, the bread selection is not great. But it’s great for staples, they have a decent little organic section, and some of the prices cannot be beat. And there’s a fantastic selection of Salvadoran cookies.

  • Emmett

    Like this place a lot…shop here every other day after work. Becareful with the ground beef…other than that everything has been wonderful….the avocado’s and produce can not be beat….

  • Columbia Heights

    Have this produce and meats been inspected by the USDA? I rather pay a little more money for my food knowing it’s been inspected by the U.S. Government and not brought against the Mexican border illegally. Eating meats and vegetables not inspected could cause a person to become sick or maybe death. I am careful about shopping at many of these Hispanic Bodegas.

    • wow

      i’m pretty sure they don’t go out of their way to smuggle their meat across the border. i bet you got an A+ in geography.

  • Mt P Vegetarian

    The ice cream selection sucks. The whole store smells like raw meat. Things like canned tomatoes are super expensive. This is based on my final visit to the store about 6-8 months ago. I avoid the place and walk a little further to the Giant.


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